RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I have decided I really love the "Retro TV" category on Netflix.

Last week, I learned that Power Rangers is on Netflix. All the Power Rangers (or at least the eras I care about; I didn't check how far it went). There are episodes I've never seen in my entire life, namely from the Zeo era, and now I can. (and by episodes I mean scenes. personal scenes featuring Kat and/or Tommy, specifically). I of course used this newfound power to immediately punch myself in the face about The Letter, but we can't always make good choices in the face of unprecedented freedom.

Needless to say, I needed an immediate break, and while browsing around I found that the Goosebumps TV show is also on Netflix! I watched the first episode just to test the waters, and then randomly jumped to a title I recognized, Say Cheese and Die, which brought me Surprise Teenage Ryan Gosling! Excelling at acting since always, apparently. I'm impressed. I don't have as many concrete memories of this show as I expected, but it was a pleasant diversion for a bit.

I also found out BeetleBorgs is on Netflix. I don't know why my brain says GO WATCH IT when that same brain knows darn well we merely suffered through that inferior product waiting for Power Rangers every afternoon, but I guess it's part of the nostalgia package. Aaaand...there I go, watching it. Verdict: the theme song remains the best part, but it was kind of entertaining in its ridiculousness. Not that I think i will be able to tolerate more than this one random episode I half-watched (1x05).

Also, interesting note on the psychology of my childhood: 11-year-old Me only had eyes for the teens (or, you know, actual young adults) on PR, but the blond boy my own age on BB is clearly my exact elementary school crush type, straight blond hair in an aesthetically pleasing center-part cut. How did I not notice him? Also, this girl is sassy and I like her, not least because her long blonde braid + bangs resembles my hair at that age.
Tags: power rangers

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