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Goodreads Meme

made by [personal profile] verdande_mi; brought to me via orangerful and the LJ homepage, about to be answered in a most unwieldy fashion by Moi.

Disclaimer: stats in this post do not technically match my GR account because I have actually finished the one on my currently-reading shelf, I just haven't decided how to rate or review it yet.

1. What are the five newest additions to your to-read list?
(I went with in terms of date-added rather than publication date, though now I am curious about the other way!)

The Other Side of Lost - Jessi Kirby (theoretically accessible through interlibrary loan...someday...)

The Lost Husband - Katherine Center (on its way from the library)

Emma in the Night - Wendy Walker (might check out from library later)

Castaways - Brian Keene (is SUPPOSED to checked out as an audiobook right now, but CloudLibrary is a bitch and won't load it or let me try checking it out again after returning it. Also, now that I've investigated further, it sounds like it might be too gruesome for me. "The author I go to when Stephen King gets soft" is not nearly as encouraging as "Survivor meets Lost")

Head On! - Jack W. Thomas (would have to buy to read it, though, and apparently the current going price is $20?!?! bro, I just thought it might be a fun Penelope Garcia scenario to try)

These date back only to April 26, btw.

2. What are the five oldest additions to your to-read list?
Midnight Moon - Dorothy Lyons
The Wishing Spell - Chris Colfer
Blind Beauty - K.M. Peyton (technically on here as a reminder to reread this, because I don't remember enough to know why I rated it 5 stars 15+ years ago so I am reluctant to add it until I do)
Alpha Dog - Jennifer Ziegler
Walking With Sausage Dogs - Matt Whyman

These all date back to 2012, the year I joined Goodreads, and I own all but the last one.

3. How many books do you have listed as read?

4. How many books are in your to-read-list?
163, but at the rate I add them, I'm sure that number will be higher in a week.

(and of course, those are just the books I would actively like to read in the near future. doesn't include all the unread books I own, the ones that caught my eye in a passing fancy, or were scribbled down in notebooks at out-of-system libraries and bookstores to look up later)

5. Are there any authors who are more heavily represented in your read list?
Marguerite Henry and Lynn Hall are rocking around 2 dozen apiece

6. Are there any author who is more heavily represented in your to-read list?
I have two apiece from Amy Harmon and Jo Coudert. I usually don't add whole back catalogs, though, even when I have them in the back of my mind. Like Nina LaCour.

7. How to do you sort your books?
Default is date read (newest to oldest), but I also routinely sort by publication date, rating and average rating to amuse myself with stats.

I also organize them like this (first 5 are exclusive shelves). I've never been totally happy with these -- some are too broad, some probably too specific, I still think there are probably some trends I should round up (dual timelines, maybe, or something about fixing up/inheriting old houses), and too many books aren't categorized at all -- but this is what I've got so far.

8. Are you participating in the 2020 reading challenge?
I will. I was vaguely thinking I might lower it to 52 this year but I wanted to discourage myself from seeing how fast I could get there, so I didn't enter the challenge right away. Now I'm on pace for my usual 100, but I don't want to commit to that, either.

9. Do you participate in any discussion groups?
Just What's The Name of That Book?, where I kick ass and give names.  I can't find any other interesting ones that are active.

10. How many books have you read so far this year?
36. That number will also be higher in a week.

11. How many books are in you currently reading?
I'm sort of drifting between 3 -- one on OpenLibrary which is my favorite but hard to focus on due it being stuck on a computer screen, one Val McDermid book I'm trying to pace myself on because it's the last one before The Last One (for at least 1.5 more years, so it's not even like I can look forward to the relief of an ending), and one I haven't started yet but will before I finish either of those.

12. Do you write reviews? Do you read reviews?
Yes to both! That is what makes Goodreads so great. I prefer the ones that are like mine, all about Feelings instead of the boring semi-professional ones from book bloggers that recap the plot and discuss it in largely objective terms.

13. Any other goodreads feature you use?
(I probably should have answered this as "what DON'T I use," but too late.)

"Compare books" is the greatest feature I have ever seen in my life; I love making friends that way, or even just scanning down a nice sample from among my hundreds to do a snapshot side-by-side comparison w/ another random person's feelings about it.

Obviously, I love stats and Your Year In Books.

I enjoy the official Goodreads blog posts, even if they are super-corporate.

Occasionally I like the quotes feature, though I do not use it much. Not big on remembering quotes from books.

I use the General Status Update option like a Twitter account (I do not use Twitter).

The algorithm-curated recs used to be a lot better for me -- apparently adding too many books to a shelf confuses the algorithms as much as adding too few? -- but I still enjoy checking those.

I don't find Listopia very useful, since people clutter it with self-published Amazon and/or porny crap and/or all the books in a series, but I occasionally vote on a distinguished list.

14. Do you follow any interesting authors or other people worth mentioning?
I don't follow authors. Everyone on my list is pretty curated for me, so because I'm too lazy to add links or look up exact usernames I'll just give a general summation:

I've got a few people who read old books, a couple I followed from Tumblr because they're neat people, a couple of LJ friends (curiously, mostly no more active there than they are here anymore), a couple of high school classmates, and a couple book bloggers from Top Ten Tuesday who read more contemporary YA. Also one person whom I was delighted to see added me as a friend first, because she's as relentless as me at finding lost books for people (especially older juvenile books), and she also has "rainbow" in her user name so I was like, serendipity!
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