RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Double flist attack!

I must really not want to write this lab report.

Anyway, my MP3 player just ran out of charge, thereby depriving me of my favorite songs, and it got me thinking about my current favorite music.

Does anyone here listen to Keri Noble and/or Raining Jane?  Because they've both been to campus in the last month (in fact, the latter was here about three damn hours ago), and both times I have thought "Hey, they look like they might be sort of cool," but then forgotten to go to their performance.  Then, shortly after missing it, I've actually looked up their music and after about, um, 30 seconds of one song gone "OMG RS, WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU THEY ARE AMAZING!"  

Just curious to know if anyone else considers this as big a tragedy as I do.
Tags: music

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