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A Long and Disorganized Post of TV & Film Thoughts

It's been kind of a weird, sad week of screen-staring for no conceivable reason, so I might as well try to explain what I've been doing in that realm.

1. CBS has made its renewal/cancellation decisions. I don't know if they even mean anything, given that no one knows when TV shows will be able to go back to filming as usual, but basically everything I care about is renewed (so...NCIS: LA, and SWAT on principle; Evil was already renewed. Oh, and Mom), but Man With a Plan and Carol's Second Act are canceled.

I thought CSA was already renewed and was mad about it, but now that it's been canceled I've realized somewhere along the way, I kind of got accustomed to unwinding with it every week. Obviously, I am semi-devastated about the other one. Mostly because I can't believe these two are getting cut when the two comedies with deeply unattractive men have been renewed (Bob Hearts Abishola and The Unicorn). Broke is also canceled, but honestly, as much as I understand why Pauley Perrette tried it, and as glad as I am for her that she had a nice experience making it, it was blatantly bad, so bad that it made Carol's Second Act look good. I still preferred watching it over the renewed comedies tho.

2. As you can see from the movie list, I have been soaking my brain in (mostly awful) movies this spring -- I pick them out based on specific actors, and I figure I might as well watch the whole thing and count it as "seen" instead of just trying to skip to their scenes -- and getting super frustrated that I can't seem to land on anything good.

I also realized I am in a bizarre state of mind where Matthew Gray Gubler is the only actor I really enjoy watching right now -- there is a whole club of Handsome Men on the roster, and they're on standby, but they temporarily are not doing it for me -- so I switched over to women, and realized that A.J. Cook is the other person I really want to see (is this partly because I've been saying to hell with nationality and using them as templates for Tony Hill & Carol Jordan? Of course it is, but that's okay).

Anyway, long story short, I found Back Fork, which honestly looks perfect. Incredible how my certainty that JJ & Will have no chemistry* flies right out the window when I have the opportunity to watch their faces be married in a whole different context.

*SIDEBAR: to be fair, I became a real big fan of Will this year when Criminal Minds threatened to screw him over, and what I have seen of 15x02 just amplified that defensive feeling. Let me quote you my Deluxe Transcript: Back in the waiting room, Reid has dozed off in a chair when he's abruptly woken by a delighted shake from Will – Will the Kind, Will the Trusting, Will the Goodest Man who has never for a second been made insecure by or suspected anything untoward about the intense bond between his wife and her straight male best friend because WHY FUCKIN' WOULD HE – announcing that JJ is up. “She's awake and she wants to see you, come on! That's good!” He practically pulls Reid to his feet, despite the latter's grogginess, and seizes him in a bear hug (I AM CRYING WILL IS SO GOOD. I HAVE NEVER CARED ABOUT HIM LIKE I DO TODAY).

Anyway, the trailer sent my heart over the moon -- honestly, right now ALL I want to read are women's-fiction books set in small Appalachian towns so I can cast her in them -- and while it's not on any free streaming services, I'm pretty sure I am going to take the plunge and pay to rent it from Amazon at some point. The fact that it started out on Kickstarter only endears it to me more. I mean it can't be as terrible as Billy Boy, right? For one thing, this man has so much more class (and experience).

Scanning further down her IMDB page and cross-referenced w/ ReelGood, there is not a whole lot that is available to me, BUT then I saw Goosebumps ("Don't Wake Mummy") in her history. To Netflix! Where I had the absolute best time watching her cute baby teenage self play a wickedly amusing older sister who revels in tormenting her wimpy little fraidycat brother. I FELT A KINSHIP.

Also, this isn't available, but I cannot BELIEVE she is yet another future TV staple in Tru Calling I didn't yet know at the time. (you know who else was on it a bunch? Matt Bomer. And Liz Vassey. In addition to the ones I already rediscovered, Eric Christian Olsen and Lizzy Caplan and Zach Galifianakis, who somehow transitioned to movies) Cursing again that I don't have season 1 on DVD.

Speaking of things that are not available to me, boy would I love to get my hands on Higher Ground, "in which Cook played Shelby Merrick, a rough-around-the-edges teenage girl dealing with abuse and heartache at a wilderness school for struggling kids."
3. Also I started watching Great News because I stumbled over it on Netflix.

I was aware of and ignored this show when it aired, because apparently watching sitcoms produced after 2015 on networks outside CBS is against my religion (yes, despite how notoriously bad most CBS sitcoms are), but in that moment it just really felt like that was the type of 20-minute sitcom hit I need when I wanna sit down and watch something new, pleasant and amusing while eating a meal, and it is. I have few to no specific thoughts, but I'm 6/23 episodes deep now and I will be happy to watch more next time this mood hits.

Oh, wait, I did promise "thoughts about this" in my cut text, so um: I like that Katie is hot and has a slammin' bod (not my words, just quoting the truth) while being curvy and bigger than a size 4? And by hot I mean very girl-next-door and relatable way. I like that Nicole Richie's character has thus far not made any kind of dig at her looks. I love Chuck a.k.a. Hey, It's That Guy, which I petition to become his real name because he is the archetype of it. I also love Hey, It's That British Guy, as I have loved him since Harper's Island while still not knowing his name.

I feel like I should comment on Katie's mom, whom I neither especially like nor dislike (she's fine), but I have nothing to say. I will say, the sight gag of never seeing Katie's dad's face was funny in the pilot when I assumed they just didn't want to cast him yet, but now it's the one thing that kind of annoys me. Only super, super slightly, though.

EDIT: *looks up the rest of Katie/Briga Heelan's resume* I don't think I've seen her in anything else but she's really charismastic, so let me just -- Cougar Town?? (Holly) How can I not picture her on that show?? Also, Ground Floor, as in that one with Skylar Astin?? Well, now I have TWO reasons to be mad I can't find that.

4. Speaking of 90s shows + Netflix, there are a dozen episodes of The Magic School Bus on there (original version), so I randomly watched the first one, and ahhh yes. That's the good stuff. That show does not get old.

EDIT: New thing I wanna discuss!
5. After the aforementioned string of bad movies, I just gave up and put "horses" in the Netflix search bar and let it carry me over to the realm of children's movies, where I selected Albion: The Enchanted Stallion.

I chose it on a whim based on a combination of the pretty poster + fantasy realm (which usually works for me much better on screen than it does in books) + Jennifer Morrison & Debra Messing, two women I generally trust to make good viewing choices for me.I was not only NOT disappointed, my socks were kind of knocked off. THOUGHTS:

-The movie starts in the real world, and if I hadn't known better I would have thought I was looking at a film adapation of The Outside of a Horse, so strongly did the "girl who loves horses and has a dad who is depressed and in a wheelchair due to war injuries" vibe jump out at me. On another note, guess who is a) gonna reread a thing with mental casting in place next time, and b) mad she decided it wasn't a high enough priority to buy last time she saw it for $1

-The dad is played by Stephen Dorff, who played the lead this year's short-lived Deputy, a show I never got a chance to mention because I didn't really watch it, but my dad really liked it so I saw a few episodes. The best part of that show was the lead's scenes as a father to a teenage girl.

-In said real world, this 12-year-old works under the table as an all-purpose stable girl, which means ALL THE PRETTY HORSE SHOTS even though they're only in roughly 1 scene.

-The lead horse in this film is the most gorgeous Friesian you've ever seen. Or two Friesians. Look who found some info about them!

-The aforementioned 12-year-old, Evie, played by Avery Arendes, is instantly the most impressive young actress I've seen in a while. Super cute, great screen charisma, and the ability to sell her lines like nobody's business.

-The film was apparently directed AND co-written by one of its stars, Castille Landon, who plays Eriu.

-Eriu is super pretty and wonderful and I could listen to her voice all day. My internal monologue, in fact, has temporarily decided to be her.

-Everyone's costumes are the best.

-I chortled at the hints of romance between her and the bumbling fool with the inflated ego tagging along on their quest (Lir, as I just learned).

-JENNIFER MORRISON PLAYING AN ETHEREAL GODDESS ABBESS (though I also enjoyed her when she was split into 5 different versions, each obsessed with a different thing)
"#this has Emma Swann energy #could have been an episode of Once Upon a Time"

-Also the hunky guylinered mercenary-for-hire and his Captain Hook energy with her. *eyebrow waggle*

-And his tragic backstory of a dead wife and daughter.

-THE SCENERY IS SO PRETTY. Also everyone wears cloaks and it's great.

-I love a good "hey so your dead mom is actually an alive queen of another world" reveal

-Do I technically recognize how much Acting is going into Debra Messing's scenes and how ridiculous it must look while actually being filmed? Yes. Do I care? NO. This is exactly the kind of movie magic I loved as a kid, all this mystical and ethereal stuff. The only way this movie could have been more Me would be if it also had a unicorn.

DRAWBACK: The super disgusting evil king, so nauseating to look at that at a certain point, I couldn't do it anymore and switched over to another tab to work until the scene played out. Like, why? And like, don't.

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