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Criminal Minding

Me on my nightly Criminal Minds bedtime routine: Let's try season 7. I haven't hung out there much for some reason.

Me, seeing Reid's short hair: THAT'S WHY.

I thought that tragedy was a season 6 exclusive, but no, it continues, and I'm in the middle of the season here. Do I have to wait for season 8??

Anyway, as you 1 or 2 remaining longterm readers know, everything pre-season-8 is kind of hazy except where Reid is concerned, and sometimes even then. I've been jumping around in random order to whatever strikes my fancy, because that's the closest I can come to recreating syndication for myself, and that's the way I used to orient myself with shows and frankly kind of prefer, vs. a dedicated chronological binge. I honestly haven't even heard of most of the episodes I've been watching the past few nights, which means they've been pretty fun to peruse as brand-new episodes (RS has her groove back as far as watching for the case, at least temporarily).
Behold, 4 days' worth of viewing. Episodes chosen mostly on a whim if there was something interesting in the summary, and/or nothing objectionable enough to skip the auto-playing next episode. (Example of objectionable content: 7x10. *Dean Pelton voice* "Oh, Hotch is in this?")

7x07, There's No Place Like Home
"JJ faces pressure on both the work and home front" = me running for it at top speed with my new Will/JJ-shippin' flag, and that whole storyline was super sweet. ...and I am now realizing that I didn't watch this one straight through, and only ran it to cherry-pick those scenes, OOPS! But more fun for me later.

7x08, Hope
I cannot BELIEVE I never heard about this one before, because what a great Garcia feature! I waited on tenterhooks to find out where the storyline was going, and kudos to them for managing to shock me with the reveal that the missing daughter had been alive until a few months ago, when she killed herself...because Creepy Jailer had managed to get her pregnant. And then decided he could replace her by siring her sister (and then...what, he just really wanted to be a dad, or was he gonna raise said child to be his new child bride? Would he want another baby from her eventually? UNCLEAR WHAT THE PLAN WAS AT THAT POINT, because pretty sure incest babies are not a desirable outcome. Not sure incest is either).

ANYWAY. In conclusion, Garcia. I haven't quite let myself put all the pieces of her backstory together in chronological order/order of reveal yet, but I am looking forward to the day I can. Meanwhile, every new thing I learn just makes me love her more.

7x11, True Genius
(changing font color so you can tell when you get to the next episode, if you wanna scroll. I would. THIS PART IS SO LONG, FOR NO REASON)

We need to talk about how hard I cringed at the guy coming up to talk to Reid, sure he was about to embarrass himself by asking him out or something, only to smile at how Reid lit up at finding a fellow list-memorizer, and then my brain immediately got ridiculous and was like, "AU WHAT IF." I mean, it's not like his phone has been ringing off the hook. If someone was interested, what if he tried it? A few harmless dates. Just to see. Maybe he simply defaulted to straight in the absence of any opposing evidence, because statistical probability.

Anyway, that's where my brain will be at with season 7 Reid for a while, who looks so ridiculously young that I won't even have to work very hard to cast him in YA novels, which happen to be very rife with options of young people exploring their sexual orientation.

Oh, okay, I've twisted my own arm and I will talk about this episode properly, because I didn't even finish the first scene, and it's cute and/or devastating that Reid is so excited to be The Cool Adult for once only to be immediately outshone by someone 2/3rds his age.

I do love Baby McBroodface and his dismay that he is all of THIRTY*!!! without having had an amazing breakthrough/invention/medical cure. (*"We missed your birthday? Why didn't you tell us?" maybe because you are BAD FRIENDS for needing to be told. although this does pay off beautifully in the closing scene. All the hugs and cheek kisses! And one manly handshake, which is fair but also one of 1600 reasons I am glad we drummed Hotch out of town and replaced him with more affectionate people).

I also really enjoyed getting a glimpse into his & Emily's friendship in the Before Times, because I absolutely adore their relationship in season 12-on, but I never quite had a sense of what they were like before.

His hair is also gradually getting better. I can finally see a difference.

Lastly: I need someone who was there to explain to me where the general idea to cameo Patricia Cornwell came from. what fandom response was like, etc. Probably I could get an answer from the season 7 DVD that happens to be among the wealth of seasons I have from the library right now, but I'm lazy.

7x12, Unknown Subject (did you mean: Piano Man?)
Extremely good and terrifying case concept. Could have done with a little less time in the Victim-Takes-Revenge house, but I like that I wasn't quite sure whether the guy she had captive was really the villain or if she was confused, and I got it wrong.

7x13, Snake Eyes
This is a terrible case; absolutely no one asked for ridiculous camera tricks and unflattering closeups on Dean Cain's boring face, but I enjoyed everyone wheedling Rossi for $50k of poker buy-in money for justice...and then also apologetically informing him he doesn't even get to play because Reid is a human calculator.

However, ALL OF THE THUMBS UP to the story of Morgan coming over to console drunk!post-fight-with-boyfriend!Garcia with popcorn and a presumably bad movie on TV until they fall asleep, after which he ends up crashing on her couch and casually showering* there in the morning. Especially if Garcia cannot remember how they got from point A to point B and spends the entire episode running around like IF I DON'T MAKE EYE CONTACT WE DIDN'T SLEEP TOGETHER, to Morgan's bafflement, until she finally lets him clarify. (That being said, "Baby, you had a little too much to drink the other night" is a line that fits right into a dating context and you can't take that away from my ears)

*This is mostly an excuse for someone to have their "I would like Shemar Moore to appear in a nothing but a towel, literally glistening" fantasy come true, and I for one am proud of what they accomplished.

Also, Garcia's sleep mask is so cute. Everything about her groggy don't-bother-me-on-Sunday-morning-ESPECIALLY-when-i-am-hung-over wake-up scene was cute, including her call with JJ.

Finally: I too have questions about "Plum Sauce."

P.S. Hold up. Have Garcia and Kevin been dating since season 3?  They've been together this long?? I knew they didn't stay together forever and I guess that's the right call since the show managed to keep getting renewed into apparent eternity, but also...ouch, that is a long investment for what I am assuming comes to an end in this upcoming episode where Penelope "fears a proposal is imminent."

I was going to watch that one next, but I decided it looked 2 sad and sort of accidentally started watching the next one, which turned out to be the wisest possible decision.

7x18, Foundation
This show: You there! Girl! Wouldst thou like an entire episode of Morgan being very gentle and patient and compassionate with a thoroughly traumatized young male victim of sexual abuse? And sharing about his own experiences? With JJ as support sidekick as needed?

Me, who thought nothing could ever equal when JJ & Reid tag team in hospitals as the least threatening faces for victims: BOY, WOULD I!

I can't believe I didn't know about this one either. I've been watching SWAT and the terrible bush beard to get my fix of this man being an excellent law enforcment agent, when this was right here??

All right, that is all I can handle tonight. Signing off.
Side note: I know I should have feelings about Survivor, at least the winner, but I have had so many feelings about this season every week I can't find a way to articulate them, and the finale is no exception. Maybe next week.
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