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Great News update

I am halfway through season 2 now, and while I still don't really understand why Greg and Katie suddenly had chemistry at the end of season 1 -- literally no part of their scenes together in the pilot suggested even moderate fondness for each other -- that WAS an extremely good hug that turned Suddenly Unexpectedly Intimate and I may have had to rewind it 6 times. Their faces looking at each other, as if about to kiss? Eh. SHOW ME HOW THE HUG TIGHTENS AGAIN.
Ahhh, that's the stuff.

Some other things about the end of season 1:
* SUPERB mini-arc with Greg's Ice Queen/Evil Corporate Grandma, formerly Mrs. Gellar on Friends. She would have been great on her own, but the reveal of her true evilness, tied in with Biscuit Brigade? Unexpected and A DELIGHT.

* I had a lot of feelings about Katie's face when he upheld Grandma's decision to fire her.

* I also had some feelings about his face lighting up when he saw her entering his hospital room, given the hostile circumstances of their last conversation. "I didn't think you'd come."

* AND ALSO THIS PART THAT KATIE* NEVER HEARD BECAUSE SHE WAS TOO BUSY TALKING OVER HIM: "I screwed everything up at the office and it's not the same without you."
*or deaf people, considering I turned on the CC to verify and it literally only says "I screwed up at the office" for his part. are you kidding me.

* Oh, and I died laughing at Katie's "How's it going? Amazing. Not having a job is the best. My DVR is at 0%!" because...current mood.

Loved Tina Feys' 3-episode arc, which I've been waiting for ever since she was on the thumbnail for this show. Didn't realize until today that she is the EP of this series. Died laughing at all the tropes they inverted, including but not limited to sexual harassment.

* Really starting to warm up to Carol (Katie's mom, for Future Me). I love their relationship. My mom doesn't act like her at all, but somehow it still really reminds me of how close she and I are.

* VERY OVER MR. NEW YORK TIMES MCBORINGFACE. Stop showing up. Every time an episode starts on a date with him my enthusiasm dies 12 notches.

* It's still kinda hard for me to ship Greg and Katie when they persist in the former having a (live in?) girlfriend -- we've never seen her, true, but HER NAME IS CAT and I am extremely protective as a result -- but I did kind of have some feelings about how fast his head snapped around at Carol blurting that Katie likes him. I know they kiss for real at some point because I cheated and looked up Dollsome's tag for this show in Tumblr, and I'm starting to really look forward to context.

* Finally: Katie is still my favorite character. She cracks me up constantly.

Tags: comedies, giffy, tv commentary

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