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Maybe my username should have been TheBookFinder

I don't wanna get too specific w/ titles here because I would like one social media site on which I remain relatively anonymous and I already like my comment history too much to start over, but I have kicked ass and given names today, finding FIVE SIX lost book titles for Reddit.

And I'm strutting like a rooster because those titles include two books with fewer than 30 ratings/2 reviews on Goodreads, one of them a Little Golden Book from my childhood that I had no idea was so unloved by the internet, and the other -- and this is what I'm really proud of -- for a post I saw yesterday about a YA novel that I made a mental note to consider doing a targeted search for if nobody else solved it (fairly decent details and pre-2010 = a good candidate for Open Library's text search).

Turns out OL was the solution, but I didn't have to do a targeted search, because tonight I was looking for something fun to do before bed, so I went looking for a new annotated bibliography of juvenile lit to play with, settled on Books For You: A Booklist for Senior High published in 1992, and was leafing through it when BAM. There before my eyes was exactly the summary that OP had described.

And that, children, is a) why I keep reading these books, b) why locating 20th century children's & teen books is my particular area of bookfinding expertise, and c) the one skill I have really developed during this lockdown and wish I could figure out a way to describe on a resume. I feel like at the very least, it may be useful if I ever apply for the library page job again. Or maybe there is a way to apply it in a broad way, something about database research? IDK. I'm just so damn good at it and I'm not good with a lot of stuff, especially not stuff I also enjoy doing.

P.S. Might as well stuff into this post mention of a book I found on Goodreads -- the post was 2 years old, recently bumped, and they mentioned something about a white horse named Yucca. That book turned out to be so obscure it wasn't even on Goodreads yet, but it was a Gus Tavo book! (I own two of theirs, midcentury boys' adventure books)

Guess how I found it? Yucca + horse yielded me nothing on Open Library's text search, but Yucca + stallion definitely did. *taps head* I know when to test synonyms if the obvious keywords don't work, sometimes.
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