RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Things about Horatio, and season 5

After drooling for a while in the Horatio thread on Talk CSI and discussing what makes him so damn attractive (compassion seemed to be the #1 trait, streak of justice came in second), I felt a pressing need to watch him punch someone, so I caved and paid iTunes for "Under Suspicion."  Which led to me watching all the episodes I had in digital format (did you know that “Silencer” is the one with the blog entry about the “Hardy Boys,” the montage music set to the Delibes duet from “Lakme”, the Eric & Natalia PSV, and has Mala Noches to boot?  Me neither.  I get all distracted by Marisol at the beginning)…anyway, while I was waiting for the download I browsed the official site, where I finally got to see the new HIGH SPEED ACTION SLAM MONTAGE new-season commercial for CSI Miami! 

The premiere is still 3 weeks away and I don’t know if can STAND it.  Bring on the angst!  Bring on the Yelina!  Hopefully bring on the Raymond and/or Riaz death!  Do not bring on the Snake Lady!  Booo Boa Vista...

Tags: csi: miami, tv commentary

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