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I'm still trying to track back exactly how this happened, but Mike Vogel seems to have broken out of the background yet again and taken the spotlight in terms of current screen fave. I'm currently cycling between episodes of Under the Dome, The Brave and beautifully terrible Netflix movie Secret Obsession -- oh wait, that's how it happened; longer story later but my brain automatically cast him for Burying Water, the book that has taken over the fandom part of my brain for a week now -- to get my fix of his face in ideal situations, and it's still not enough. BE IN MORE THINGS.

It's not enough to get me to finally watch Pan Am yet -- though it's getting closer, especially as that's currently free to stream -- but it's just enough for me to be real annoyed that Reel Good informs me I am nearly out of free options, and almost out of good ones entirely.

Which is how I ended up talking through a bunch, in no particular order:

[edit: lmao it turns out I DID already do one of these tours for him, several years back, but I didn't tag it with his name so I forgot about it. Oh well, now we can compare what a difference 6 years makes.]

1. I am still bitter as hell about the Triangle pilot not being picked up, because that is exactly the role I want to see right now (husband + father to a teenage daughter? in a shipwreck/deserted island survival scenario? jesus take the wheel)

2. Feeling very dicey about anything related to a show called "Sex/Life" (on Netflix no less, a place whose TV-MA content can be about as bad as HBO sometimes), but I would even settle for that right now, except I'm not sure if it was filmed prior to COVID-19 hitting.

3. Speaking of things that may or may not have been filmed (though there is a promising "post-production" tag on it), The Collection has my attention. "A grieving father grapples with the seedy, manipulative world of high stakes debt collection while struggling to shed the tragedies of his past. He'll find himself pitted against his best friend, his prodigy and his love."

4. He's got what looks like a small part in Fantasy Island -- a movie I was looking forward to seeing at some point anyway, though god knows when given that I rely on the library for film access -- so that's what I'll be waiting on.

5. There's Childhood's End, which I already tried and gave up on because boring sci-fi and nothing fun to ship, but in its defense I might have just been too busy with other things to pay it mind at the time. Now that I've got 3-week checkouts I might pull it from the library again.

6. I made a valiant attempt at McCanick last night, and a supporting role as a young cop is a perfect vehicle for him, but any time he's not in a scene it's deadly dull.

7. I have also attempted The Amendment (fka Heaven's Rain) and it looks serviceable, but it's about a senator so lord, beer me strength. Not to mention that it's a Christian production not far off from The Case For Christ in terms of how cloying the style is. (I did appreciate that film as a vehicle, but the hair was Not Good and with anyone else, I would have drop-kicked it into the next county)

8. I am this close to pulling In My Dreams out of the library again. Don't let me.

9. I am not desperate enough for Bates Motel. That's right, somehow In My Dreams > Bates Motel to me. Although to be fair, I don't actually know much about this show or his role, and it's possible this is actually a secret cache of goodness.

10. I already saw Poseidon, Across the Hall and Open Graves (listed in descending order of quality) earlier this year, when I first found ReelGood and was looking for movies to watch based on actors I knew I liked. Highly appreciated his role in each, two of which I'd been dying to see for years, but not enough to rewatch so soon. Same for Cloverfield, which I rewatched last time he came back around; that movie is not a great one. Did appreciate his part in The Help; wish it was a bit larger.

11. He's not high enough on the cast list for how terrible Jake Squared (never mind his role in it) looks.

12. The Deaths of Ian Stone has some potential, but it also looks hella weird and it's not streaming free anyway, so that's moot.

13. Caffeine has some potential as a comedy, but a) now we're starting to hit the Wayback Machine from the time where he's still good, but hasn't hit the Peak Handsome I'm looking for, and b) it requires Amazon Prime and while I have access, it involves asking people for passwords and I'd just rather not.

14. Continuing to go back: there's always Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, where I am interested in finally not hating Eric, but I'm caught in that terrible place between not knowing if I want to reread the books first or rewatch the movie first because I can't remember most of the plot, and I only get one shot at experiencing the story like it's the first time all over again. The books would be better, because I already know I love the adaptation and would be nice to have a good one waiting for me, but they're also a big time investment.

15. Neither the library nor the free internet currently has Grind, which is kind of a pity. I guarantee you I would not have looked twice at him in 2003, looking exactly like the sort of overconfident bro who will hook up with anything that moves as he does, but he is objectively cute in a way I could not have admitted then, despite blue eyes and shaggy hair being my exact type on quieter guys. Plus guys that look like this when they're young rarely age well, so I'm absolutely gobsmacked that this guy grew into that guy. I want to see how much I can recognize.

P.S. This movie also contains Jennifer Morrison and Adam Brody. So many reasons to want this.

16. MTV's modern-day take on Wuthering Heights falls into the same time period & level of inaccessibility. It looks absolutely beyond-words terrible, but if I go in for a penny, I'll go in for a pound. Not least because by terrible I mean "fun and cracktastic."

17. One more: it's not that I loved Dean in Grounded for Life, or even liked him at all, but I just found out that show is available for streaming so yee-haw, that's where I'm going later. Being the same age as Lily, I was fond of that show when it was on, but I haven't seen it since and I want to know if I remember him as well as I think I do.

There are more things, but they're mostly smaller or bit parts and absolutely none of those movies are ones I am willing to subject myself to even to skim for footage.
Aaaanyway, before I went on that giant tangent, I was going to say that the minor bright spot here is that he is the most ridiculously easy man to cast in books I've ever seen -- clearly, since apparently I sometimes cast him without even meaning to -- so that's what I'll be thinking about for the next few days. I quite appreciate that he slots neatly into most of the cliche alpha male roles that standard romance novels tend to offer (cowboy/rancher, soldier, cop, handyman, and certain types of bad-boy), but that's not the only dynamic I'm aiming for.

Specifically, I've had Norah McClintock's Mike & Riel mysteries in my back pocket for a possible Barbie/Joe dynamic since I first came upon it in 2018, and while I have debated many times since about whether or not I would really ever read them and if I should take them off my TBR, I'm glad I didn't, or I might have forgotten about them. The library doesn't have the physical copy I could have sworn it did when I looked these books up before, but they've got an e-book, so I'll settle for that tonight, I guess.

Not least because I was gonna settle in with Fourmile, my forever fave, but suddenly I have no idea what the hell I did with it. I very specifically keep that one on the shelf instead of a box because I know I'm going to reach for it every so often, and yet it is not there. What did I do with it on my last read??
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