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Ten Authors I Own The Most Books From

Note: this is a queued post and will be linked back to the main one when I get a chance.

This week is apparently Top Ten Tuesday's tenth anniversary, and the theme options were:

1. pick a past TTT topic you’ve done and re-do/update it
2. pick a past TTT topic you wish you’d done, but didn’t get a chance to do

I settled on option 2, because I've only ("only") done 72 topics since I started 2.5 years ago, and went with topic no. 201. I'm very excited for July 7th (Ten Authors I've READ The Most Books From), and I would like to compare data sets.

These totals are somewhat nebulous given the still-uncatalogued and thus unknown number of books I’ve bought since 2012 and haven’t read, some of which may have been put in boxes already, so let’s call this a first or working draft.

To set some ground rules for myself, I included series books only where I could confirm (if Wikipedia is accurate) which ones were written by the original creator, not a ghostwriter. I counted all physical copies of a book, including duplicates -- though none of those made the list -- but compendiums as single volumes because I can't remember how many titles are in them.

1. K.A. Applegate (21)
All Animorphs: 20 of the first 24 plus the first Megamorphs.

2. Lynn Hall (21)
Behold: the master post. She runs the gamut from 64-page chapter book mysteries to serious teen novels from the 1960s-90s, many but not all of which feature horses or dogs.

3. Marguerite Henry (20)
All the pretty horse books! And a couple about dogs too. Mine comprise everything shelved as "owned" on this page, plus Five O'Clock Charlie.

4. Joanna Campbell (18)
The first 14 Thoroughbred books + the first 2 Super Editions, also Battlecry Forever and The Wild Mustang

5. Albert Payson Terhune (11)
Collies! and a few other dogs. I now own almost twice as many of his as I've read, and most of those I did read were before age 16 so I barely remember the details, but it's ingrained in me: I love this first-half-of-the-20th-century author's writing. The list of what I own, in no particular order:

Lad: A Dog
[and more (click to open)]
Buff: A Collie
The Further Adventures of Lad
Collie to the Rescue
Lochinvar Luck
A Dog Named Chips
Gray Dawn
My Friend the Dog
Real Tales of Real Dogs

6. J.K. Rowling (10)
The OG Harry Potter series, plus the 3 "Hogwarts Library" supplemental titles.

7. Jean Slaughter Doty (9)
Pony books! and one about a dog. AFAIK the only novel I'm missing is The Monday Horses.

P.S. The disrespect that her only presence on Wikipedia is a passing reference in ex-husband Roy Doty's article...HORSE GIRLS W/ MORE PATIENCE FOR ACADEMIC WRITING THAN ME, WHERE YOU AT.
(while I'm at it, I also issue this Wiki challenge for Lynn Hall, who wrote over 70 books yet has no presence there at all, unless you count the restaurant by that name.)

8. Jim Kjelgaard (9)
Dogs, boys/young men, and/or the wilderness are this midcentury author's standard themes. Nearly all of mine are boxed away, but this is what my records say I own:

Big Red
[and more (click to open)]Irish Red
Outlaw Red
A Nose For Trouble
Rescue Dog of the High Pass
Snow Dog
Two Dogs and a Horse

The saddest thing is that while I know I've read all these* except the last one, the only one whose details I can remember is Fire-Hunter (because I read it in 2009 -- all the others were pre-2001). *and I actually can't remember if I've read A Nose For Trouble.

9. Nick Bantock (8)
Six Griffin & Sabine books, plus The Venetian's Wife and The Egyptian Jukebox. Also the only author with adult books on the list, oop -- and they're all fully illustrated and mostly short on text. I swear I own full length adult novels too...I just don't own any particular such authors in as much depth as the ones with skinnier books.

10. Francesca Lia Block (7)
Three Weetzie Bat books and also their compendium Dangerous Angels (it was going to replace the originals, but now I can't decide), plus Violet & Claire, The Hanged Man, The Rose & the Beast.

That was fun! I liked thinking about what kind of books I buy versus what I get from the library. I could probably write a whole essay on that and why there's so little overlap between my shelves and my reading list...another day, perhaps.
Your Turn: I would love to hear from commenters if you've read any of these authors and/or own any books by them. And since this isn't a group-wide topic and sooo many links in the original post are dead at this point, I would REALLY love to hear what YOUR most-owned authors might be.

Note: Anonymous comments and/or those with URLs are screened and will be unscreened at my earliest opportunity, even if it says they are flagged as spam.
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