RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

4th of July Weekend To-Do List

  • Respond to seasonal job about future availability (due July 9)

  • Write Burying Water review while I still have the book in hand, because somebody requested it out from under me (due July 6)

  • Watch or save all special features on 2 DVDs before I have to give them back

  • Watch or save all special features on S13-15 CM DVDs before I have to give them back

  • Actually bring back or renew (where possible) a huge stack of library stuff (16 items due July 5)

  • Call health insurance line to verify that I do not have any dependents or health care being handled on another person's plan

  • Write Etsy reviews

  • LAUNDRY, actually needs to be done within 24 hours so I can get together with Chris (2-4 loads)

  • Aldi trip: lots of fruit on sale, also an affordable reversible comforter I would like (by July 7)

  • Regular grocery store trip: $1.88 salad kits, possibly deli sandwich for walk

  • Check local Half Price Books for K.A. Tucker novels and Under the Dome S2-3 DVDs [done: no on the former, yes on S2 for $15. I think I can do better online. also might check 2nd location]


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