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Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: A Project or Hobby Inspired By A Book

My second-ever instance of participation in this weekly blog link-up, hosted by Long and Short Reviews. I just thought this question was so much fun.

1. My reading list. The entire reason I started keeping track of my books was because in 9th grade, I read a book -- or maybe only part of a book -- that talked about the impressive titles on either a character or a historical figure's list of books they read in 8th grade, I think in the 19th century. I thought it would be cool for posterity to keep track of what ended up being on mine.

And it was. It's been twenty years (!!) and my reading logs are still going strong, and I still absolutely love looking back and what Teenage Me read & how she rated it (oftentimes, her ratings are the opposite of what I expect they'd be if I reread them now, both positive and negative ones).

Oddly enough, I have no idea WHICH book it was that inspired me... the list didn't start until September 12th, and while I backdated some as far back as September 9, it's very possible I forgot a title since none of these seem likely candidates: The Magnificent Barb, Wild Runners, Mother Earth Father Sky, Shizuko's Daughter, One Bird, Anne of Windy Poplars

2. My five-year diary. I've struggled to keep it up at times and I've missed some days, but after years of toying with the idea, The Red Leather Diary brought my enthusiasm full force this year. My life is not nearly as exciting as hers, but I dream of making this book interesting enough to be a sweet find for someone at my estate sale one day, should I fail to secure a plan for having my journals (mostly in spiral-bound notebooks) preserved by a historical society.

3. Tea-drinking. I have mentioned this before, but seriously, all hail The Teashop Girls for finally making my dream of being a cool person who loves tea become a reality (I still need my tea sweetened, no matter how naturally sweet the flavor seems, but still).

4. Walking. I can't say this was entirely inspired by a book, because I've walked for exercise off and on since college, but reading The Year We Were Famous was the first book that really inspired me to challenge myself -- walking 3 miles a day was surely nothing compared to what these women did. I still regularly look for novels that feature walking to boost my motivation.

I bet no one has ever been inspired by a book to buy a yearbook, but damned if I did not, upon realizing that Lynn Hall based Where Have All the Tigers Gone? on her own high school, immediately figure out what said high school was and track myself down a copy of a 1955 Tiger Tales (when she was a senior). And since, as you'll see next week, collecting old yearbooks is also sort of a hobby, I wanted to throw this out there.

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