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I went to Goodwill today, because I picked up my library stuff and was going to go straight up home but then I was like, "Hey, Goodwill is usually the least crowded on Friday nights isn't it?" and I became the living embodiment of that car-veering-right-onto-the-less-responsible-path meme.

Skip to the spoiler cut at the end if you just want to know what I got. Otherwise, you gotta read my tale. I haven't detailed one of my days in so long.

I have managed to hold off on going there since the pandemic was declared a pandemic, because it just feels more dangerous than a new-retail store and it's definitely non-essential shopping, but the rising prices for secondhand media online + shipping costs are becoming intolerable. I was desperate to see if anything on my wishlist was there.

(If it helps, there were fewer people than there would have been at Target, which I have also not been to since early March, so this is my trade-off. Social distancing was very easy and masks were required.)

ANYWAY. It was amazing. I was only there for 30 minutes, but I hadn't been there 3 when I glanced at the board game section as I went past on my way to search for My Little Pony, where I absolutely never find anything, and immediately spotted this high quality Iditarod-themed strategy board game, Snow Tails, as lovingly detailed w/ photos by a reviewer here. For only $3!!

[edit: holy CRAP is it expensive on eBay right now. $60 and up, and it's not even on Amazon]

Then in the office section, I picked up a GIANT package of assorted decorative and/or colored paper, some of it cardstock (one of those "grab bag" deals), also only $3 when I expected to see it costing $5. I ended up not even buying that because I found even better treasure, and because I reasoned I probably wasn't going to use that paper any time soon. Hope I do not regret.

I did not look at the clothing, because the fitting rooms are closed AND YET you can still only return items for store credit, and with a very few brand exceptions it is impossible for me to tell from eyeballing whether an article of clothing will look good and fit right. Their clothing is too expensive to take risks like that. And now is not the time to a) figure out how the buy-by-the-pound outlet center works with my zero prior experience of shopping there, and b) go to the outlet center location, which is in a lower-income/higher-density part of the county with the 2nd highest number of COVID cases in the state -- which is still low compared to most states, but nevertheless -- and very near one of the streets that got looted and burned a month ago.

Moving on, the next place I wanted to check was the bookshelves, because their books only cost $2 at most (K.A. TUCKER NOVELS, PLEASE BOOK FAIRIES, THIS IS MY LAST RESORT). I had a merry old time scanning them, and gasped with delight to see a pristine copy of This Star Won't Go Out, which I want very much and $2!!! BUT it is huge and weighs a few pounds and I would have to store it in the attic. It's too nice a book for that. I will have to rely on it being popular enough to come my way again sometime, even though this is the first time I've seen it in 8 years post-publication arrrgh.

But you know what I saw next? As I patiently checked a disorganized wall of mass market paperbacks? Whose colors jumped right out at me?


Taylor Swift's CD, I mean. The deluxe edition, with the journal entries. Version 2. Still shrink-wrapped.

You know, the one that is less than a year old and which I was seriously debating buying for myself this summer, as a treat. New.

Which I guess I still did! But new at $1.50 is a lot better than I was going to pay. Thank god for procrastination. I'm so, so glad I felt that random urge to go to Goodwill. Feels like it was waiting for me.

Then, drunk on my good fortune and weeks of not thrift-shopping, I also bought 2 bonuses as they leapt out at me:

* Pine Hollow # 1, because I JUST started going through the Saddle Club page to see if I could remember which ones I'd read and I've been wishing I owned more. I did not love this one as much, but it would be fun to be able to reread it starting with book 1, which I can't remember if I ever read.

* A 2-for-1 combo DVD, since DVDs are $2 and when you price it like that, there aren't very many I'd be willing to pay to own, but one dollar a movie sounds totally reasonable. Anyway, it's I Know What You Did Last Summer + When A Stranger Calls. Both are at the library, true, but there's an outside chance I might want to keep the first one, and the 2nd one's library disc is so scratched to hell it wouldn't play. I hope it was worth it. I sacrificed season 3 of The X-Files ($5) to get this and the above, even though TV shows on DVD are the second biggest reason I came here after recoiling from the prices on my brief stop by Half Price Books last week (I'M SORRY, $15-20??).

Also, with immense effort, I refrained from buying any of the half-dozen Babysitter's Club books. It was very exciting to see them in the wild, because they're not that rare but they're also not an everyday occurence, and I suspect the new Netflix series might cause a spike in cheap secondhand purchasing. But, I want Saddle Club more. Gotta save the space and dollas.

[click for the list format version of what I bought]
Sled dog racing board game (Snow Tails), $3
Taylor Swift's "Lover," deluxe edition version 2, $1.50
Pine Hollow # 1, Full Gallop: $1.50
DVD: I Know What You Did Last Summer + When A Stranger Calls: $2

TOTAL: around $8.50, including tax. Which is less than I would have spent buying Lover on eBay, and I got space-wasting extra things. Yay!
Tags: thrifty shopping
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