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Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Things I Collect

Another rare round of me participating in the Wednesday challenge, because this one is always fun to spout off about.

Disclaimer: I am temporarily on hold from collecting most of the following things, due to planning on hopefully being married within a year and moving in with that guy. But I HAVE collections, nevertheless. And they are a source of unending delight to me.

  • Original-run (80s/early 90s) My Little Pony

  • 90s Littlest Pet Shop

  • 90s Puppy in my Pocket

  • Similarly-scaled realistic plastic animals (giant heads/eyes are not realistic, 21st century versions of all of the above)

  • Micro-mini model horses (originally Winner's Choice, currently sold as Breyer Mini Whinnies, the only toy from my childhood to be successfully reproduced unchanged for a new generation) (other than Breyers themselves, which have never gone out of production)

  • Stickers

  • Vintage high school yearbooks w/ lots of signatures, and/or ones from my hometown high school (though I have enough of the former now for sufficient novelty, so my focus is on the latter. it is helpful that I still live in my hometown and don't plan to move far from it)

  • Earrings & necklaces (NVR E-NUF)

  • Blank books & mini notebooks that I never write in :D

  • Pens [that I also don't write with :D]

  • Bookmarks (that I never use)

  • Fun-patterned socks (that I DO use, quite a lot, because my big toes are forever wearing holes in them)

  • TV shows I love on DVD, because streaming services can't be trusted and neither can libraries

  • CDs (it is so much more convenient to me to have a CD in my car than to fuss about w/ a playlist on a device) (also, the booklet inserts are a literal work of art)

  • Books, obviously, but see below for my actual "collecting" criteria, in addition to any books that I really enjoyed and want to keep at hand

More specific types of books I collect

  • Vintage juvenile horse/dog & vintage teen books (1940s-70s, mostly, but now the 80s are starting to creep in, particularly w/ respect to teen books)

  • Marguerite Henry books, specifically hardcovers w/ color plate illustrations when available

  • Books by Lynn Hall (any edition)

  • Books w/ removable paper ephemera (envelopes w/ real letters, packets of extras, etc)

  • Books w/ unique or unusual visual formatting (not storytelling style. physically interesting design, like Everything Must Go or The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt)

  • Favorite picture books from my childhood -- I can't believe how few reps I kept or what a pleasure they are to revisit

Your turn! Do you share any of my collections, now or in the past? Also, do you have any unusual book recs for the paper ephemera or unique formatting categories?

Note: Anonymous comments and/or those with URLs are screened and will be unscreened at my earliest opportunity, even if it says they are flagged as spam.
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