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Hey, remember when I made a list of books I would love to get from Interlibrary Loan if only it were operational?


The official notice: MNLINK will restore full requesting service on Monday, July 20. Request limits have been lowered, and some measures have been put in place that will make the delivery process slower, but safer for the staff filling your requests. Some libraries are not able restart service at this time. Requests will only be filled by a library within the direct MNLINK library group.

This list of MNLINK libraries will not be borrowing or lending materials right now, but they are working to restore their service for you: Bethel University, Duluth Public Library, Hamline University, Hennepin County Library, Rochester Public Library, St. Catherine University, University of Minnesota, University of St. Thomas, and Washington County Library.

Sucks for me that U of M is out (at least for a little while), because that's where I get most of my 20th century juvenile lit -- though Open Library will suffice for most in a pinch -- and Hennepin includes Minneapolis so that's a pretty big source of content too (and where the titles in this post came from), buuut, St. Paul being in play is GREAT because that's almost as good as Hennepin as far as content and that tends to be where I pick up a lot of current YA that my counties don't have. I seem to remember Dakota County being a pretty good provider of my stuff too, and it looks like that's in the clear as well.

I can't find any details yet on what the lower request limits are (you were already only allowed to have 10 at a time; how exactly does allowing fewer make it safer? More cost effective, maybe, but if I want 6 items from one library, surely that's less contact than getting 3 items from 3 libraries), so I'm not sure what I'll be requesting yet. I assume the "slower but safer" is the same "we hold items for 3 days from date of return before checking them in" thing local libraries are doing now, but probably with an additional 3 days between my library receiving the requested item and making it available for me to pick up.

[August 2nd edit: from my neighboring county's library website, it looks like the "lower request limit"  = 5 items at a time, like I suspected.]

ANYWAY. I made my dream-requests post 3 weeks ago, and I already don't know if I'm still in the mood for all of them. I mean, I am, but I'll have to juggle them just right if I have a lower request limit so I need to triage right here, right now, in conjunction with my current library checkouts/holds/requests.

First things first: from the 3-weeks-ago post, I confirmed Star Gazer is available on OL so I don't need to request that; everything else appears to be available from somewhere (possible exception: Girls of July may be too new), so now I am just 2 SPOILED 4 CHOICE. I think, though, that this is the order in which I'm going to shoot for them:

1. The Distance From Me to You (or maybe I last minute switch to Jessi Kirby's?? I know I should not read these close together but I can't deciiiide. This one looks objectively better, but maybe I don't want objectively better yet, maybe I want the one about the inexperienced Influencer novice)
2. Becoming Rain (gotta space out the K.A. Tucker books carefully; can't request the whole set at once. They're long.)
3. Second Hand (there's like 2 copies left in the state; would be prudent to make sure they don't disappear on me before I read it)
4. Time Traveler's Journal
5. In Another Time

More if and when I can manage them around the rest here --

Currently Checked Out Of Library (Unread)
1. Powwow Summer (a short read, one I have just started and will definitely finish but also savor)
2. The Map of Lost Memories (fading out of acute interest; might throw back to let it percolate for later)
3. And Both Were Young (similar to above, not least because I think I might want to save it for winter -- I mostly grabbed it because I felt like I might be in a mood for a non-animal-centric vintage teen novel and this was my only hard-copy option with ILL out of commission)
4. Roses Round the Door (I think I'm probably not going to end up reading any more Tovey this summer, but I'm gonna keep it until the last minute anyway)

Also checked out: "Lover" (it's nice to have a firm CD case version for the car and also one without voice memos. i like having the option to hear them but truly hate having voice memos as tracks on the CD proper) and Under the Dome S2 & 3.

Currently On Request At Local Library
1. The Princesses of Iowa (I randomly remembered this book existed -- I tried it in 2012 and something annoyed me enough to quit, but much like The Miseducation of Cameron Post it LOOKS so exactly like the kind of contemp. YA novel I could love that my hope is that by waiting a similar length of time, I'll have matured enough to appreciate it)

2. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (because it hasn't managed to magic its way into any Little Free Libraries around here and while there's only a 10% chance I will actually reread it this time, I'd like the option)

3. The Guest List (I probably won't get it for another 8-10 weeks, but it's worth noting it's there)

4. Illustrated edition of Harry Potter #1 (if I'm gonna do a reread, I'm gonna do it in style!)

On Request At The Other Library
1. Living Large in Our Little House (a.k.a. "hopefully this will make me feel like a 700-square-foot apartment for 2 people is massive!") (a.k.a. oh damn I wish I had gotten to this before her husband passed away, which I just learned while looking it up right now; now it will be all sad)

Since I'm Listing Library Stuff...
Also On Request: DVDs of Childhood's End, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and Fantasy Island, a.k.a. 3 Mike Vogel projects not available through my streaming services.

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