RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

White Claw: Hot or Not?

Chris bought White Claw Hard Seltzer, something he's been very excited to try since he doesn't normally like alcohol and his friends swear by it. He offered me one to take home, which I almost declined since I am normally not a huge fan of seltzer/sparkling water in general, but then I saw it was raspberry flavored and couldn't resist.

Verdict: it's decent. I definitely can't really taste the alcohol, but that also means it tastes pretty much like any other seltzer water. Raspberry is the best flavor, but that isn't saying much. Really wish I was splitting this can, though, because it's 12 ounces and that's nothing for pop but SO MUCH for alcohol* (I guess, if you really wanted to get drunk, you could easily slam a few of these). I'm definitely not going to finish it in one sitting, so some of the fun sparkly carbonation will be gone when I get back to it.

*I've had wine coolers before and I think that's about the same percent alcohol, but I can't remember if I finished them all at once. I usually have moscato or some other kind of white wine, which I remember are definitely less than 10% alcohol by volume, and I don't think I've ever exceeded 5 ounces of wine in one night, so I'm weirdly leery of imbibing too much even though I'm pretty sure that's impossible, given that a) I'm also eating and b) this handy dandy calculator says that even if I chugged the whole can at once, my BAC would be approximately .03%.

P.S. He also bought a 4-pack of Angry Orchard hard cider (WHO IS THIS MAN), and gave me one of those as well. That one I'm saving because I know that I love it, and I'll know in my heart exactly the right time to consume it. I'm very good at waiting weeks, sometimes even a month before drinking one of those, and it's always super-satisfying when I do.
Tags: alcohol

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