RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Quick update on my fandom life:

(since I can't seem to buckle down and create an actual organized post about it on LJ anymore)

I've been an absolute spiral over Community these last two weeks. I've already done two series rewatches since April, but after 2 days of feeling crappy that led me to me spending most of those hours in bed, at least 16 of them watching Community, it's like some switch got stuck in the "on" position in my brain and now it's all I want. Reading? Meh. Watching other things? NO. Fire up Netflix every night and watch ONLY Community episodes that I have seen over and over.

I have followed this show since season 2, tracked 3 seasons of it week-to-week, even had a mini-revival before thanks to syndication, but NEVER have I been THIS intense about it. I didn't even know I could feel intensely fannish about this show. WHAT HAPPENED?? EXPLAIN IT TO ME LIKE I'M FIVE. I feel addicted, honestly, straight dopamine-hit style. I've rewatched some episodes two or three times inside a week, which hasn't happened since Regional Hoilday Music aired.

And now I know...everything. I'm clear on canon backwards and forwards. Name an episode by production code and I probably know it (the titles are complicated and frequently elude me, though). Sometimes I speak in quotes, direct or paraphrased, from the show.

The other thing that's happened and which might be a contributing factor is that I finally watched the series finale with my own two eyes (yeah I need to discuss that) and my heart exploded like a gasoline-fueled bonfire over Jeff/Annie.

Which. We've seen me! I have TEXTUAL EVIDENCE on this blog that they never, ever fully owned my heart. I liked them. Liked the idea of them. Was cool if canon wanted to go there, but also saw no need to ship it more than the show did at any given point in time. AND NOW I'M THIS.

This utter disaster who's rediscovering their every moment and can't put it into words but also definitely cried three times over the finale (even though my brain knows that they are totally a couple in the future, probably right now). And has driven herself crazy trying to find a novel to cast them in, though that's a separate and inevitable issue. A person who finally cares about Debate 109. A person who has never once in her life imagined them making out (1x25 doesn't count and neither does Remedial Chaos Theory) or being in love or living together or anything she normally runs all her ships through ASAP, and is now slowly unlocking those concepts one at a time and getting hit with unbridled euphoria in return.

To a lesser extent, I've also gotten very fond of Annie & Abed's friendship this time around, which hits differently when you know they're going to be partners to the end. I may or may not have realized I no longer hate their kiss, and would like it even more if it didn't so quickly become drenched in paint and disgusting. But for the most part, it's not really shipping, I just genuinely like their bond.

(I am also back on the Jeff & Abed buddyship train that I was on last time I had a mini-revival, mostly because HAVE YOU SEEN JEFF HUG HIM IN SEASON SIX.)

So, in conclusion, that's where I'm at. And now I'm going to go watch another episode. I'm thinking I might either punch myself in the heart with 5x05 or lighten the mood with the season 1 holiday ep.

P.S. I did also briefly get diverted onto a Glee path, but that once again only managed a toehold for a couple of days before something new -- Community, in this case -- clobbered it back out.
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