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Week 3, Review Pile 2

I actually watched CSI: Miami on time this week!  I’m half done with the review, even, but in the meantime I’d like to toss out a few more offerings from last week.

1) No patience to review last week’s SVU; suffice to say that I loved Melissa Joan Hart even more than Cynthia Nixon.  Unlike CSI: NY, when this show says it’s bringing in a special guest star, it actually delivers.

2) Bones: The Death in the Saddle
Someday, I am going to get a full-length review of Bones written out…for now, here’s another miniature one.

One thing I’ve noticed throughout fandom lately is an odd increase in optimism where various canon pairings are concerned.  I mean, on shows like Grey’s Anatomy they still understand the Ticking Time Bomb rule of TV relationships, but everywhere else people seem sold on the longterm potential of most of the featured couples – and I have to admit that a lot of the time, I’m right there with them.  This worries me a bit, because while it makes sense for one couple to beat the odds, 3 or 4 of them all at once?  Not so much.  And yet even though they’re not my #1 choice for permanency, I can’t help feeling secure in the thought that Hodgins & Angela are wonderfully content right now.  Loved all their little moments tonight, and although nothing beat the liberal use of “Angie”…you can’t not love a couple who leave one another with parting words of endearment like “Love you.  Psycho.”

I liked all of Angela’s trippy hypnosis sequences, and although I may have shrieked and ducked for cover at the sight of the giant wasp behind the door, I love that it was really jogging her memory about the book she’d tucked the wedding Polaroid in (I must ask: who buys a book with a huge wasp on the cover?  I’d probably freak every time I took it off the shelf), and they had a very cute ending scene.  :)

What was definitely not cute was the entire premise of weird, creepy roleplaying games.  I spent the whole episode watching in increasingly unnerved disgust.  *shudders* Nothing I say can improve on the comments Booth made all episode, though.  *hugs Booth*    

Speaking of that…Booth’s final speech at the end there?  In one fell swoop, that undid not only the bad bits of this episode, but weeks of damage done to my psyche by people online/on TV/in class talking about casual sex and how we should all be free to do and explore whatever.  It’s nice to know that normal thought processes still exist in some capacity.    

3) House: 97 Seconds
CUTE DOG!!  Forget what I said about Hector.  In fact, forget what I say about Wilson on a regular basis; the assistant dog in this episode is the best and most adorable character ever seen on this show.  I mean, I knew English Shepherds were pretty dogs (and not nearly common enough around here), but THAT was THE most beautiful dog I have ever seen in my life.  I kept pausing the show just so I could gaze at him.  In fact, I just spent about an hour on Google saving pictures of the breed.

Anyway...we're down to 6 doctors after this episode.  The former vet was my favorite, but I liked all the women except Cutthroat Bitch (who makes me want to stab her on a regular basis), so I was disappointed when most of them got fired.  By contrast, I hate all the men except the Mormon, although I would probably like Ridiculously Old Fraud if he wasn’t, you know, a fraud and therefore lacking any possibility of staying until the end.  Anyway, the sharp-eyed brunette woman, formerly #13, reminds me a little bit of Jeanne on NCIS, but not enough that I dislike her.  Rather, I think she's got all kinds of character development potential.  I like her banter with House, and she's self-confident without being overbearing (*cough*CUTTHROAT BITCH*).

As for Cameron/Chase/Foreman being relegated to cameo appearances...I definitely like them better in small doses.  It almost leaves me wanting to see more of them, which is better than feeling "OH MY GOD CAMERON PLEASE DIE SOON" all the time.  I love how Foreman is...was...enjoying being the benevolent teacher, looking satisfied with his job for once; Cameron is clearly much more at home in the ER, and Chase - whoa.  Maybe it's not being squished under House's thumb, maybe it's the fact that I am suddenly spared watching him suck face with Cameron, but all of a sudden I love Chase again.  He’s all grown up, mature, and actually has an air of authority about him!  I don't even mind his relationship when it merely consists of them walking out together; now it’s almost cute.  Maybe this is a good reason to keep the former fellows apart from Dr. House forevermore? 

Worst treatment of the night…no, actually the whole year so far…definitely went to the "letting bugs crawl on you and bite you" idea.  EEEEEEEEEK.  I would take death before I allowed such a horrible remedy.

Best random House moment: Tribal Council, complete with Bunsen burners for torches.  That was hysterical.

Song I did not previously know existed, but now must obtain ASAP: "Not as We", Alanis Morissette.  Mostly because it's Alanis Morissette, and I thought I knew all her songs.  [edit: oh, okay, it's from 2007.  That makes sense; it’s usually a fluke when I hear songs the same year they’re released.]

Cuddy Moment of Win: "Can I leave?" "Not until after the yelling!"

Wilson Moment of Win: Anger at House for deriding the patient's belief in an afterlife.  I do so love when he gets defensive on behalf of dying patients.  (also, House?  Misery is not better than "nothing." "Nothing" is VASTLY PREFERABLE to misery.)

So...House-regaining-consciousness scene.  I figured a bedside conversation at all was sheer brilliance and as much as anyone could ever ask for.  In one respect, that was true; Wilson a whole mess of anger and hurt and sheer frustration while House refuses to admit any sort of vulnerability and/or deep experience.  Plus, "Just looking at you hurts" - THAT.  That right there is everything I love about Wilson, and the House/Wilson dynamic, and...yeah, I cannot currently translate the rest of my thoughts from "A;LSDKFJSD FLAIL."  And then House adds "I love you."  Wilson may have promptly changed his mind about providing more pain meds; I don't know.  If there was any dialogue after that point, I missed it due to the fact that my eardrums had just exploded from the H/W shippers' squee.  But as I enjoy all the same moments, just for different and non-slashy reasons, my squee is right there with them.  As much as I attribute it to drugged-out haze, it was still a great moment.  And since I highly doubt he's ever going to say those words again, for any reason, it's a useful sound bite to have stored away.

And finally, when the other patient asked to have his dog on the bed for his last moments, and the poor dog lay quietly beneath his hand…I started crying and couldn’t stop. Fortunately, my own dog happened to be sacked out on the bed behind me, so I curled up around her and went to bed.  I am SO GLAD that this aired in a week I could do that.  And if I understood this correctly, the guy deliberately fed the pills to his dog so that he could die and escape his prison of a body, and simultaneously not have to worry about who would take care of the dog?  That’s clever; I can’t seem to find it in me to blame the guy.  Part of me thinks this is horribly similar to Native American rituals where they’d slaughter a person’s horses after they died, and I always despised those stories because it wasn’t fair to the horses, and yet…this is different.  Somehow. 

Overall, best episode of season 4.  Even greater than the premiere, I think.  Maybe.  This season is pretty awesome overall, so far.  And next week tomorrow it's even going to be one of the first of my shows to give me a break!  (odd.  I can't remember the last time I was happy about a hiatus week.)

4) Private Practice: In Which Addison Finds the Magic, and I hate Pete slightly less but still don't like him.

-Cooper dressing up and playing with the little girls is one of the cutest things I've ever seen...but only because I know the context.  I suspect if a random passerby had seen a guy sneaking into a shack with three little girls in tow, he might have called the police.  Still, I found it cute.  I also think the mother is spectacularly lucky to have such adorable little daughters.  Can I specify that my future family look like that? 

-I LOVE Addison bitching about the rain, and Dell repeatedly teasing her about it.  I think he's taking her addition to the office better than anyone, actually.  There's a lot of fun to be had in that dynamic.  I mean, if you think about it, they're both kind of on the fringes...she's new and more a surgeon than a healer; he's the kid rather than a full-fledged doctor.  They could bond over their common exclusion! Or they could if he would think about something besides Naomi for two seconds.

-Dell won a lot more of my love when I thought he was baking cakes from scratch.  He lost it all, and gained some feelings of animosity besides, as soon as I found it it was his grandmother's doing.  Conniving little bastard of a horndog.

-I love Sam's easy banter over Naomi's neuroses. "Quiet down in there.  *taps head*"

-Oh, hello, PATIENT WHO REMINDS ME OF ME.  -.- Because I was just saying to myself, "I don't think I have enough reasons to never visit the gynecologist."  Also, I’d rather not hear gossip about how being a virgin until you’re married, even if it doesn’t happen until you’re 35, is “sad,” VIOLET.  I think they threw that in just to make sure I didn’t love everything about her.  Lucky thing Addison was there to save the conversation (which, in the metaphorical tradition of Grey’s Anatomy, also means “my opinion of the show”) by protesting that it was sweet.  

-I still don't know what Pete's treatment was...this makes me curious. Or do I not want to know?

-I’m so proud of Naomi for screaming at Dell in the end.  Back off, little boy.  She wants Sam.  She will *get* Sam.  And even if she doesn't, she's not like those dirty Seattle-Grace doctors who drown their feelings in inappropriate sex with substitutes.  (On that note, show, if you prove me wrong, I will...hurt you)

-Hilarious Naomi quote: "This BOY is BAKING CAKES AT ME!"

-Best quote about Pete ever: "You've got a God AND a Buddha complex."  On that note, I might be willing to feel the teensiest bit sorry for him if he really was in a marriage with a mean and nasty wife (who put their dog to sleep?!  Bitch).  But you can't go and throw in "I'm sorry I couldn't save you" after all that!  I mean, alternatively, I'm also willing to sympathize with a guy who lost his wife to some progressive illness, but you can’t do both at the same time.  I can’t feel bad for a guy who feels guilty for no good reason.



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Oct. 16th, 2007 05:44 am (UTC)
And if I understood this correctly, the guy deliberately fed the pills to his dog so that he could die and escape his prison of a body, and simultaneously not have to worry about who would take care of the dog? No. The pills would have killed the worms inside the man that ultimately led to his untimely demise. But #13 didn't watch the man swallow the pills (because the guys team came in at that point). And so the pills lay forgotten where the dog found them and ate them. Also, given that the dog was a service dog, there really wouldn't be any concern as to what would happen to him when the guy died. If the dog is young enough, he/she would probably be given to another person who could use the dog for disabilities. Or if the dog is too old, there are some organizations that would take the dog. But training a dog to be a service dog is expensive, and I doubt it would just randomly end up in a shelter like another dog might. But maybe that's just wishful thinking. :-(
Oct. 16th, 2007 09:57 pm (UTC)
Good point about the dog having someone to take care of it; I didn't think about that (still, that means the dog gets disrupted with a whole new owner and home life...and now I sound like the crazy people who want their pets euthanized when they die). Still not sure I'm clear on the other stuff though - if the guy knew he was supposed to take the pills, which would then cure him, wouldn't he have brought that to the doctor's attention? How did he forget to take them, anyway? They were right there. Surely the bumbling entrance of the male doctors didn't disrupt things THAT much...and I thought service dogs would be trained better than to go eating random things. (and what kind of dog happily swallows pills all by themselves, anyway?)
Oct. 17th, 2007 03:01 am (UTC)
It's pretty clear that this is what happened. After the man dies, House goes into the hospital room and asks #13 and the doctor with the vet training what they missed. Then they realize that the dog is dying, and House asks the non-#13 doctor why a person would give a dog the pills that kill Strongeloides worms. And she said, you wouldn't. House asks #13 at that point if she made sure the man took the pills. She says she thinks she did, but then House finds the plastic container that once held the pills on the floor behind a nightstand with teeth marks in it.

House then yells at #13 for not making sure the man took the pills. And then Cuddy yells at House for not making sure #13 did her job right. And when they do the autopsy on the man, the worms are visible. So why didn't the guy take the pills?

#13 put the pills on a tray to pour him a glass of water. At that point, the men came in - and #13 said to not tell the guys what she had diagnosed. So the men never knew about the worms and therefore didn't even think about reminding him to take the meds. But more than that, as soon as the guys came in and #13 left, the men asked the patient for, among other things, a stool sample.

So the guys pushed the tray with the pills out of the way to lift the man off the bed and to take him to the bathroom. And even if the patient thought afterwards about the pills, he told #13 and the guys that House was watching out for him and knew what the problem was. So if the patient thought about it, he'd probably think that "oh, if it were important, someone would tell me/remind me." But I doubt he did considering the competition and the whole... dying part. ;-)
Oct. 16th, 2007 12:07 pm (UTC)
I second everything you said about bones. It was really creepy/unnerving. But booth, H, &A all rocked.
Oct. 18th, 2007 04:39 am (UTC)
The question now is, was it worse than the "furry" episode of CSI? :P
Oct. 17th, 2007 03:22 pm (UTC)
Oh I loved the dog in 'House' too! :D

I'm really loving 'Private Practice', it's a fun show to keep me sane through all the drama and angst usually thrown around in its counterpart. Having said that, I have to admit that GA is really starting to win back my love and for a show that's written out two major characters at once, it's handled it rather well.
Oct. 18th, 2007 04:38 am (UTC)
I have my fingers crossed that PP will *stay* lighter and brighter than its counterpart for a good long while. Humor is good. So are the actual brighter colors. But you're right, Grey's isn't nearly as much of a trainwreck as it seemed like it would be after the finale (...wow, backhanded compliment!)
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