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Book Bingo & Random Questions

or: I! Will! Finish! One! Post!

I. I finished the New-to-Me Author Summer Bingo! Original card to set the stage, followed by my placements.

I read 29 books this summer, but only half of them counted for this challenge. I was able to work ‘em all onto the chart, though (even if some of them were kind of "well TECHNICALLY," like how the numbers in Living Large in Our Little House come from its subtitle -- Thriving in 480 Square Feet with Six Dogs, A Husband, and One Remote). For someone who made no concentrated effort to read books designed for this challenge and just decided to see how it turned out, I am very pleased.

My favorite genre actually is contemporary, but I really wanted to check off the specific space for it first. I was also saving the free space in case of emergency, which is why I ended up not using it -- it wouldn't have helped me complete a bingo, anyway. (I can't believe I had two books w/ docks on the cover, plus a rocky outcropping on the shore, but not technically a beach)

Favorite new-to-me author from this batch: K.A. Tucker or Thomas Fall, with Molly M. Backes (who, it turns out, has no other novels after publishing this one in 2012) in third.

More book details available on my reading list here, including Goodreads reviews; full list of titles and authors as they appear on the chart copied below.
[click to reveal]

  • Path of the Jaguar - Vickie Britton & Loretta Jackson

  • Dandy’s Mountain - Thomas Fall

  • Echo Island - Edward Karlow

  • What They Always Tell Us - Martin Wilson

  • The Guest List - Lucy Foley

  • Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes and Growing Up - Naya Rivera

  • The Princesses of Iowa - M. Molly Backes

  • I’m Your Biggest Fan: Awkward Encounters and Assorted Misadventures in Celebrity Journalism - Kate Coyne 

  • Confessions of a High School Disaster: Freshman Year - Emma Chastain

  • The Visitors - Simon Sylvester

  • Burying Water - K.A. Tucker

  • Living Large in Our Little House: Thriving in 480 Square Feet with Six Dogs, A Husband, and One Remote - Plus More Stories of How You Can, Too – Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell

  • Powwow Summer - Nahanni Shingoose

  • From You to Me - K.A. Holt

  • Kentucky Daughter - Carol J. Scott

II. A fun survey taken from Tumblr because I WISH TO ANSWER THEM ALL.

1. how do you take your tea / coffee?
Tea: 1 sweetener packet. Specifically Sweet Additions sucralose whenever possible. Like, I carry them in my purse just in case. I want to be a person who loves tea for its own flavor but, while close, I am not (and I have found that honey doesn't really add enough flavor for me)

Coffee: 1 creamer or some milk and 2-4 packets of whatever sugar-substitute you've got, or regular sugar in a pinch. I don't really have a formula perfected, I just kind of add sweetness until it is some shade of tan and goes from garbage brew to tasty treat.

2. if you could be fluent in any language at the snap of your fingers, which one and why?
Chinese, because that seems useful in the future and also hella hard to learn.

3. when do you wake up?
Around 9 AM. A habit I will need to fix a lot if I want to make the jump to full time days with the test-scoring place.

4. what was your favourite tv show as a kid?
WISHBONE (I like that I didn't even think about this to check if there might be a better answer; every fiber of my being just screamed out on instinct)

5. summer or winter?
SUMMER. I don't want summer to gooooo! Not even for the promise of sweaters and tasty drinks and soup that usually makes changing over to fall worthwhile -- I love the sun and being outside in shorts or capris and sleeveless tops every day; I've even been handling the heat better than usual. This year has really made me love summer like no other, possibly just by virtue of how outside is pretty much the only good place to go, but nevertheless I hope to keep this feeling alive next year.

6. realist, optimist, or pessimist?
For someone whose whole adolescent and college-age outlook was SUPER PESSIMISM, I weirdly feel like I have become so much of an optimist in the past 7-10 years.

7. rain or sunshine?
Speaking of which: I've got sun-shiiiiine!

8. how do you mark your spot in a book?
Usually with a receipt, library checkout slip, or random scraps of paper that are lying around. Sometimes I remember I have a resplendent collection of real bookmarks, but rarely.

9. what are your favourite shoes like?
Sorry no pics, but I am VERY partial to these black and silver Dexflex flip-flops I have with a wide black elastic band over the arch, a braided rope band over the toes and a second braided rope diagonally connecting the two. They have such a comfy, cushiony sole that I can literally exercise-walk in them for up to an hour with no ill effects. by FAR my best thrift store shoe find ever.

10. what would your non-perfume/cologne signature scent be?
idk how to answer this

11. if you were a dragon, what would you look like?
*Pierce Hawthorne voice* Rainbow, bitches!

12. is your handwriting more print, cursive, or a mix?

13. what colour would your lightsaber be?
IDK, blue?

14. what is your defining personality trait?
CONTRARINESS. If you state an opinion about anything that a devil could possibly want an advocate for, there is like an 89% chance I will instinctively want to fight about it. There is a reason I have a tumblr tag called "televinita is part betta fish."

15. roller skates or rollerblades or ice skates?
IDK, I've tried them all and they're all scary and hard to use.

16. are you an only child? oldest / middle / youngest?

17. what would your superpower be? how would you use it?
IDK if this is really a superpower in the traditional sense, but I have long wanted the ability to make any graffiti I see instantly appear as a tattoo on the person who did it, starting on their face, which only disappears if they laser it off or the graffiti is cleaned up.

18. what’s your clothing colour palette?
SO MUCH BLUE. I also have a fair amount of purple and pink and black, with a smattering of red. Both light and dark shades work for me, I just steer wide of orange and yellow, as well as most super-bright jewel tones, which I think tend to make my fairly pale and makeup-free face look washed out.

19. pet snake or pet bird?
Hmm...bird, if the bird is a chicken or other flightless bird that can be kept outside the house. Otherwise I'd feel bad about them not having enough space to fly and/or be very much unwilling to deal with them leaving droppings everywhere.

20. weapon of choice in a medieval battle
A...sword? I guess?

21. the best ice cream flavour
Mint chocolate chip

22. what spices do you always use when cooking?
I'm a basic bitch who doesn't really understand spices or how to cook with them (I still barely understand cooking). At best I shake some salt-free seasoning blend or lemon pepper from a canister onto my food after making it.

23. default font when typing?
I usually leave whatever default the program or site comes with. The exception is in Notepad, because I hate Courier with a fiery passion (it's a large part of why I don't use the HTML editor when posting unless I need to), and Notepad is where I do most of my typing in a day, so I have switched it to Calibri there. Calibri is lovely and clean.
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