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Autumn TBR

Note: this post was backdated on September 28th from a half-finished draft.
Iiiii don't actually know what I'm reading next, tbh; I am finally following through on my plan to make wedding plans, which means I'm trying my hardest to push books to the back burner until I get far enough along on that, so this is more of a slapdash list of possibilities than anything I will definitely read. Maybe I will actually try to think of what I'll want to read more than 3 weeks out -- stuff I'll want once the weather turns chilly. I did such a fine job of matching my reading to the weather last fall, it would be fun to try that again.

Other, better TBR posts can be found here. No pictures from me today because time crunch, but I managed Goodreads links.

1. The Last Exit to Normal - Michael Harmon
Because it came in the $5 curbside library sale blind box I gambled on and I'd like to see ASAP if I should keep or donate it. What I said about it before:
[(click to open)]Actually the best looking one of the batch?? Hits my “parent comes out as gay and breaks up kid’s home” annoyance button right off the bat, but since the story is set 3 years after that, I’m kind of interested in seeing his dad’s new relationship and more importantly, the small town Montana setting.

2. History Is All You Left Me - Adam Silvera
This has been on a TTT-TBR before, but now it's back, because roughly once a year my discontented Klaine feelings come around again and I remember that this book is exactly the AU I wanted to process my feelings through in season 4 of Glee. (It's possible that between the time I requested this and the time I picked it up those feelings had already been and gone for the year, but we'll see.)

3. The Curse of Misty Wayfair - Jaime Jo Wright
I read her first two books last year and I'd like to make a standing appointment with her for Spook Season. I started it on audiobook in the summer, but I didn't get past chapter 2 because I was never smart enough to get it on my phone. Would love to continue.

4. The End of Temperance Dare - Wendy Webb
She is also a standing-appointment lady, though this may be too similar to the above to read both. I can't binge-read any author with a formula to their books; I have to pace them out, so looking forward to one a year is a treat. I have two left of hers, and I'm going with this one because: When Eleanor Harper becomes the director of a renowned artists' retreat, she knows very little of Cliffside Manor's dark past as a tuberculosis sanatorium, a "waiting room for death." ... But from her first fog-filled moments on the manor's grounds, Eleanor is seized by a sense of impending doom and realizes there's more to the institution than its reputation of being a haven for creativity.

5. You Deserve Nothing - Aleksander Maksik
As far as I can tell, the backstory to this autobiographical novel is a trash can on fire, but I found it in the library catalog, and the fact remains that I'm trash for student/teacher stories that are neither lessons/lectures about abuse nor of the "hot-n-sexy-taboo" romance variety, and even if my Klaine feels have already skedoodled for the year, my Will/Rachel ones have NOT.

6. Roam - Alan Lazar
I found this in my local library catalog while looking up a YA novel of the same name -- which I'm saving for my winter tbr -- and I am so excited about a) a dog story for adults!, and b) a novel with [piano] music written specifically as an accompaniment to the story. Who even does that?? IDK but I'm excited.

7. The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s - Andy Greene
I was on the wait list for this for a while, and then as soon as I got close to the head of the line I abruptly stopped listening to the Office Ladies podcast AND traded my rewatching of it on Netflix for Community, so I paused the request until this show had my full attention again and I wanted every scrap of detail. I'm finally getting back into rewatching (if not the podcast yet), so maybe this read will follow.

8. Midnight Sun - Stephenie Meyer
Because...look. I just gotta. My number should be up in the library queue by the end of fall (currently 25th for 10 copies), although at this rate I'll probably have to hit pause on it just like I did w/ the illustrated Harry Potter, to make sure I read it when I'm exactly primed for the story, and not just because I've been meaning to read it and its availability is is erratic.

And then any one of a bunch of books I own and need to read but haven't yet, IDK. I spent 15 minutes looking just now and I genuinely can't pick a single one that looks like a seasonally appropriate book or that I will want to read soon. I reserve the right to edit this post later.

P.S. I just looked at my pending requests, and oh man..."trying to push books to the back burner" was the ABSOLUTE WORST TIME I could have chosen to tempt myself with bibliographic reference The Ultimate Teen Book Guide, featuring "recommendations from teen reviewers and your favorite authors—over 700 total," published back in 2008 so it will be extra full of shiny and interesting titles I either don't know or have forgotten about or will be enthralled to remember and want to read again.
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