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Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: On Rereads

This week's suggested topic seemed fun -- "rereading books: why or why not?" -- so guess who's back, back again. I have discussed this on Reddit a few times, but I think it would be fun to do it here as well. Though I lean toward the latter, this isn't debate club and I don't have to argue for just one side, so I shan't! I want to explore both.

Why I don't reread that much: the simple and obvious answer is that like many readers, I have 2035812345 books in the world that I want to read, and a finite amount of time in which to read every year. I enjoy reading far and wide so that I a) know what books people are talking about and/or can pass valid public judgment on them via Goodreads, b) increase the sheer number of 4- and 5-star books I can call upon in my brain for happy memories, and most of all c) can find books for people who have forgotten the title of what they want to revisit, which has become my number one internet hobby for 2020.

Why I reread, when I do: I do, however, find myself rereading anywhere from 3-10 books per year these days. It's split pretty evenly between these two motivations:

1) books I loved so much I want to revisit them -- because you get a whole different perspective on the story when you know as much as the author did from the start; you can not only see foreshadowing, but you can appreciate early character descriptions better when you know them vs. when they're a stranger, and/or appreciate the language/word choice and writing style itself.

2) books I have forgotten much or possibly everything about beyond the sense that I liked or loved them, which is the best kind of book rec. No one knows your tastes better than you! Only rarely is a book not as good as I remember it, so this method gives me about a 95% guarantee of enjoying what is basically a brand new book.

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