RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Clean-Out Day 2: Electric Boogaloo

Yesterday was terrible -- all my muscles ached so I stayed in bed until almost 5pm, mostly reading r/UnresolvedMysteries because true crime is soothing, right? ahaha -- and then I was up for maybe 5 hours before crashing back to bed.


More laundry. I've never done two big laundry pushes in one week so now I am down to the following items of clothing in the pop-up hamper:

-3 scarves
-2 bras
-A magenta tank top I forgot to wash with my last load of darks/reds (argh!)
-Polar fleece lined leggings
+ a bag of assorted stray socks, not yet full enough for a load

There is still a moderate pile on the floor, but 3 days ago my two hampers were each 50-75% full, so.

UPDATE: The floor pile has been largely cleared up, save for 3 bulky items I'm too tired to vacuum off now since they're also kind of tangled up in two blankets I need to vacuum and wash, and now one hamper is back to being 50% full, but I'm pretty sure it can be sorted in 2 more loads tomorrow. No wait, 3. Gentle cycle, regular cycle, and whites. The socks will continue to be saved because I have more places I think stray socks might be hiding.

I had to sacrifice a soft fuzzy indigo scarf I loved, a gray/white pair of snuggle socks of a similar material, and a fairly warm black open front cardigan (formerly Mom's, w/ cute braided tassles at the end of the sleeves, which was admittedly getting old and starting to pill anyway) because they were all so wrecked out from being on the floor so long and I frankly could not be sure they didn't have bits of dead ladybug embedded in their fuzziness even after running a vacuum over them. :( :(

Even less happily, I also had to give up a nice pair of blue socks w/ white patterning I really like, because I accidentally sucked one up in the vacuum and it got so instantly caked/embedded with dust and floor grit (possibly including dead bugs) that it just was not worth the effort to try and salvage it.

I also tossed out a pair of gray sweatpants whose waistband was already ragged inside, but they were so warm that I was reluctant. Having them on the floor for the last 6 months helped me make that decision, 'cause now I don't have to wash them. Also tossed the pair of black sweatpants w/ purple piping I bought no more than a year ago, 'cause they were starting to split and develop holes along the crotch seam and up the back (now VERY MAD I bought those instead of the high quality black pair of the same brand as the gray ones I just tossed -- which had lasted several years). Then, to Goodwill I relinquished:

[HIDING THIS FROM FUTURE ME BEFORE SHE CAN GET TOO SAD]a red Tommy Hilfiger skirt Mom gave me a few years ago because it was always on the small side and it only looked right with a tucked-in shirt, which barely flattered me even at my skinniest and definitely does not now, as well as a gray jean jacket from Maurice's that, again, was always kind of small and even when I bought it I couldn't snap it shut. It was cute enough for layering but I haven't worn it in 3 years.

Tomorrow: maybe NOT repeat Monday, and instead focus on clearing off the top of the desk so I can climb on it and pull down the last remaining posters on that wall/vacuum the cobwebs clinging to said wall. And then, obviously, wipe down the desk. If I really get on a roll, maybe vacuum the space between the desk and the wood cabinet.

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