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In which I finish last week AND start this week!

And then I walk away from the computer, or at least the LJ part of it, because I discovered today that on Friday, I not only have another Lit paper due, but a big-ass Stats test to take.  This latter is a problem because I am 3 chapters behind the readings AND I missed class on Monday, where we apparently learned a lot of stuff.  So...yeah.  The next 40 hours will be unpleasant.

(Yes, my world revolves around class/homework and TV/LJ.  There are literally no other facets to my life right now.)

Without a Trace: Res Ipsa

This isn’t even worth putting behind a cut, as for once I actually watched a whole episode rather than fast-forwarding (well, 90% of it anyway) and was still bored to tears.  My only comments are 1) I thought we were going to write Poppy’s pregnancy into the show?  So far I’m seeing a lot of file folders ad large desks.  And 2) “What happened to you?” asks Viv (who should really be in charge here) at the end, in a less curious than disappointed and somewhat accusatory tone, and of course Jack has no answer, because the answer is “I’ve been on a downward spiral for years, woman! You’re just noticing now?”  Nevertheless, Jack’s moral ambiguity is reaching an all-time high (or is it low?), so…first Danny in the finale, and now Viv?  YES.  I swore never to use this expression, but: it’s about TIME some people started calling Malone on his shit. 

CSI: Go to Hell

Hey, it’s Walt’s dad!  Who knew that getting off the island would make Michael crazier? 

There was a whole lot of creepy in this episode, which would have fit a whole lot better on, say, Halloween, but…I guess decorations are up, so we can start the spookiness on TV early.  Frankly, my Creepy Quotient was fulfilled with the idea of a 12-year-old girl soliciting sex online, without needing to add in the whole violently-murdering-her-parents aspect of it.  (although I think I have to consider locking their promiscuous girl in the attic – with bees! –  an appropriate punishment/solution to curb the problem.  I said curb, not cure.  Whether or not it solves anything is not the point, the point is to reinforce how much you disapprove).  And despite her disturbing psycho-killer personality, it was still horrifying to see her come hurtling over the railing, courtesy of Crazy Michael, to land at Catherine’s feet.  Poor Catherine; she ended up having a considerably worse day than Sara. 

Speaking of Sunlight Sara…she’s not allowed to grouse about day shift when she put herself there.  But I’ll forgive her, since she was probably not aware that she’d have to be working with the walking pep fest that is Ronnie Lake.

I’d read spoilers about the new character, but had forgotten them all by the time this episode aired.  My initial impression of her is that I want to smack her.  Repeatedly.  Possibly with a 2x4.  I usually don’t describe canon characters as Mary Sues, because I think that’s a stupid term and completely incomparable to actual Mary Sue fan creations, but…yeah, Mary Sue.  Given that she appears to be in her early 20’s, her fate was sealed the minute she bragged that she could have chosen Miami or New York if she’d wanted.  And the questions, God, the questions.  Incessant questioning is the reason I hate small children - people are supposed to grow out of that.  The fact that her introduction comes hand in hand with official news that Jorja Fox really is leaving (apparently of her own volition, which I kind of suspected, which is also the reason I thought the whole Dollar campaign on YTDAW was vaguely misguided – not that this news kept me from feeling any less sucker-punched on Tuesday) has me PETRIFIED BEYOND BELIEF that she is going to become a series regular, which…no.  We talked about this.  We talked about cast bloat and how Sara didn’t need replacing if she left   Remember?  And we especially don’t need to replace her with someone who is instantly even more annoying than Natalia Boa Vista.

The scariest thing about this episode, though, were the close-ups on and copious numbers of bees.  OMG BEE-INFESTED HOUSE PANIC ATTACK!  Why would anyone stick their unprotected head into a bee-filled hole in the wall But Grissom was ridiculously excited about taking the colony with him, like he’d just adopted an abandoned puppy.  “I cleared it with animal control,” he adds earnestly, because that’s what worried Sara most about this whole thing.  *snort*

There were some good bits to tonight, though.  For example, the lab rat bonanza – all the major players from “Lab Rats,” including Archie and excluding Hodges!  SCORE!  Then there was Greg finally getting to talk to Sara…I think I will miss their interaction most of all.  Poor Greg never did get the girl (AU fanfic ahoy!), but I like to think he’ll always have a particular attachment to her, even while acknowledging that she and Grissom are happy together. 

Also in the category of “good bits” would be the gratuitous shot of Warrick stripping down to his tank.  First Flack, and now this?  I highly approve of the muscle display on CBS this week.  And next week tomorrow…EXPLOSION OF THE SQUEE FACTOR.

When I saw the preview last week – or rather, when Viggygirl came in rejoicing about the GSR magnitude of some mysterious preview, which sent me bolting for to see what the noise was about – first, I couldn’t believe I’d heard it right.  Then my jaw fell to the floor.  In my haste to collect it, my eyes popped out of my head.  I got them mixed up with the marbles I had clearly just lost, since I seemed to be under the delusion that

Grissom had just proposed to Sara.

Because that would be perfect.  That would be everything shippers wanted and might actually provide a satisfactorily happy ending, and placate fans such as myself to know that GSR isn’t lost, no matter where Sara is.  And furthermore, it would be preserved intact, safe from any and all future temptations to introduce problems and tension and drama for the sake of interesting TV.  The only thing that worries me is whether they’ll choose to go not with 4 final episodes of bliss, but with 4 final episodes of Awkward and use that as a platform to write her out.  I worry that all the turmoil of the season opener, her old insecurities and a host of new self-doubts and uneasiness will converge to make her feel suddenly suffocated and trapped, and cause her to run.  I would really like to run to YTDAW for reassurance right now, but I am refraining because I really don’t want to know ahead of time, just like I didn’t want to know if she lived.  It will make the squee all the better.  In retrospect, this plan seems kind of stupid because I'm probably going to have to wait until Friday night or Saturday to even WATCH the episode, but...

'Grey’s Anatomy: Let the Truth Sting
Don’t talk about stings!  There were enough bees on CSI! *shudders*

Really Old Guy, a/k/a Charlie Yost (but not in this review), was completely awesome when he not only woke up, but cheerfully recited all the various bits of melodrama that make the former interns such irritating characters!  Later, however, he proceeded to harsh my glee by going all Voice of the Viewing Audience on Izzie and mocking her belief that George would leave his wife for her, because guys never actually do that (unless they’re Derek Shepherd).  I hate watching the metaphorical sledgehammer being taken to Izzie’s hopes, even if it was kind of a wakeup call to me too, realizing “…oh good God, she’s Meredith.”  Then I shook it off and remembered that the difference there is that Addison and Derek were a power couple, partners and equals with years of history, while George and Callie are an unbalanced mistake and I still don’t believe George was ever actually in love with her.  Ergo, it’s really more like one of those meaningless 18th century society marriages. 

It’s possible that I’ve spent too much time thinking about The Coquette this week.      

More likely, however, I just really hate Callie, and thus I felt no sympathy for her being all dejected and doing paperwork in the dark in lieu of facing the Horribly Hard Hospital World (I’m torn between being disappointed in Bailey for giving up the taunting, and grudgingly respecting her for doing what I could not under any circumstances do, and extending quasi-friendship).  Besides, I have a more pressing worry.  Why does part of me think that in the end, George is going to lose the spine he grew while telling Izzie to back off because he was the one ending this marriage (it’s not a real marriage) to a wonderful woman (yeah, not so much), and that this is ultimately all going to end in Izzie having her heart broken yet again while George comes apologetically crawling back to Callie?  Either way, I’m going to enjoy the broken version of Callie as long as I can. 

Moving on.  Ridiculously Old Fraud – oops, wrong med show, Intern -- is not nearly as cool as Really Old/Dead Guy. He’s bumbling and I dislike him.  Another couple of weeks, and I feel like I might dislike him intensely.  However, I really enjoyed the case Alex was working on with him, since it starred the kid from 8 Simple Rules…or at least I did until there was some horrible procedure involving the kid’s eye being held open, with a needle heading towards it, at which point I shrieked “OH GOD NEEDLES EYES GROSS GROSS GROSS!” and buried my face in my heads, whimpering in distress until I was damn sure the scene was over.

The second patient, with the crazy tongue surgery… shame on the Chief and Mark for going all rogue-cowboy with the completely unknown procedure.  Loved McDreamy coming in to cover their asses, though.  And chastising them afterwards.  And…that sounds weirdly dirty, though still not as dirty as the clandestine Mer/Der affair, which is now reminding me on a weekly basis why I didn’t start watching this show in earnest until season 2, along with why I’ve walked away several times since.

Quote of the Week: “Forget it!  Sad is mine; go find your own pretend emotion.” –Christina
Runner-Up Quote of the Week: “A person wants to die, you let them!  It’s polite!” –Really OldGuy

And lastly, I TOLD you that keeping his repeater status a secret would come back to bite him in the ass, didn’t I?  I had no idea it would be so soon, but that’s good.  Less damage to undo.  Plus, now Lexie has a reason to hate Alex, thereby (hopefully?) scratching him off the short list of men she might find soon herself naked with due to the fact that the air in Seattle Grace is polluted with impossibly strong pheromones (hey, that’s as good an explanation as any).  I’m warming up to Lexie with remarkable speed.  I’m this close to admitting I like her more than Meredith. 

Oh wait, I have one more thing to say on the Gizzie front: Okay, Georgie Porgie, confession to Callie is only the first step.  The next step is moving out.  The third step is divorce.  I still say he has grounds for an annulment, but… oh!  And also, there should be an intermediate step between the confession and the moving out where you admit that you’re in love with the other woman, not just that you had a dirty little mistake of a drunken one-night stand BECAUSE THAT NEVER HAPPENED, REMEMBER?

'Cold Case: “Devil Music”

Well, that was a refreshing change of pace…murders from before the 20th century.  Even better, they’re from the 50’s!  I love the 1950’s.  Even if Cold Case was, naturally, only too happy to exploit the Unhappy Housewife storyline – yes, I KNOW that was prevalent enough; I did a whole massive research project on the 1950’s and home life was my area of expertise, but that doesn’t change the fact that I still think that if I had the option, happy homemaker sounds preferable to going to college and having a career (or if the only available careers were teacher and nurse, hey, those are pretty fantastic professions.  I’m not going to feel sorry for you, Crazy Girl).  I know that was only a minor plot point, but it still bugged. 

I think I would have fit remarkably well into the stereotypical 1950’s, actually.  For example, I have no problem seeing how rock and roll – even the tame stuff back then – could be considered evil and corrupting.  Plus we know how much I hate change…as cute as Bingo was, I kind of wanted to punch him in the nose every time he used the phrase “change for the better.”  I have to say I almost sympathized with Golden Boy.  Especially since in present day, he was the sweetest looking Grandpa ever.  Don’t send Grandpa to jail!  Stupid murder not having a statue of limitations. 

Random note: I kind of felt like I was watching The Devil Wears Prada…not in subject, but in casting choices.  I had to run and check IMDB in order to double-check that Bingo’s girlfriend wasn’t Anne Hathaway, or that her grown-up version wasn’t Meryl Streep. 

Poor Scotty’s IAD adventure isn’t going so well, I see; someone’s out to discredit him entirely.  Okay, maybe I can find it in me to be a little bit invested.  Plus, I kinda like cranky Scotty.  Temper tantrum!  Loved how quickly Jeffries was able to diffuse Scotty’s heated accusations and make him see sense…especially when followed with the staged yelling just to make sure that “they don’t think we’re hugging.”  Loved the ending with them all together at the bar.  Awww, team dynamics. 

Not the most fascinating episode ever, but it didn’t make my blood boil, so that’s a plus.   I'm pretty sure I still failed at not saying anything controversial, though.  

'How I Met Your Mother: So much better than last week!  I loved the miniature “cootie” Barneys climbing all over Ted’s date, taunting him with the fact that Barney had already been there (and vice versa when miniature Ted appeared to Barney) – I kept laughing out loud.  That idea worked much better here than it did with the multiple Jack Sparrows in PotC this summer.

I definitely sympathize with Robin claiming that even when she was a kid, she didn’t like kids.  Of course, I wasn’t just talking kids younger than me, annoying though they were; I thought that my classmates were immature morons.  Her attempt to talk to him like another adult was funny, though.  And of course, I loved all the pictures from the future, because sometimes I forget that this show really does have a happy ending with marriage and children, and the friends are still close enough to be considered aunts and uncles.  It’s nice to have that reassurance.    

CSI: Miami: Bang-Bang, Your Debt

Well…that was almost as good as I’d hoped.  I was hoping for something slightly more insightful than Speedle as the Wise and Mystical Spirit Teacher - all right, yes, I was foolish enough to keep a glimmer of hope alive for some life-and-death discussion - but I guess this wasn’t too bad.  Having Speed at all was 10,000 times better than not having him, and I do appreciate the continuing attempts this season to bring back the magic of the old days.  The thing about the Wise and Mystical Spirit Teacher role, though, is that it made it all too obvious this was all in Eric’s head.  Not that any rational person wouldn’t have assumed that anyway, but this way it didn’t really feel like he was talking to Speed so much as simply receiving instructions from a figure that happened to look like Speed.  I liked the first joke about how Eric always had needed his help, but after that he seemed too removed – stiff, impersonal, overly focused on the evidence.  However, I take heart from the fact that there’s a possibility that they might try this again, if these “transitory hallucinations” are supposed to be a recurring thing.

I also take heart from the fact that this episode had heart, where Eric repeatedly brushes aside offers of a sympathetic ear from everyone who might understand, especially Calleigh – I lost track of how many times she begged him to talk to her.  Oh, good old days.  I mean, not that it was ever good when he shut her out, but the fact that at least she is trying to amend the way everyone’s been distant from one another is a huge step in the right direction.  And I love that Alexx, while concerned, doesn’t push or press despite knowing that he’s not all right, but simply offers a safe haven to talk.  Even Horatio descends from his throne (once he’s noted, with a sigh, that the womenfolk underlings have failed to take care of the problem on their own) to remind Eric that although this might have been one of the memories he lost in the shooting, they already went through this whole “stop bottling things up and get yourself to a damn counselor before Stetler arrests you” thing a few years back.  And also, now they’re brothers-in-law AND partners in crime AND he was there when he was shot & brought back to life, so they’re bonded, dammit!  Confide in him!

Okay, maybe he didn’t use those exact words.  (Voice: I wanted to stop you, but then I decided to see just how far you could take your outlandish parody) But it was still more concern than I’ve seen Horatio show for a member of his team since Delko got shot, which was itself about the only time I saw any concern in season 5, so even though the locker room scene was perhaps a little bit stiff on the former’s part, there was enough emotion from Eric to make up for it.  And what really hit it home was Horatio, despite all his words of lofty wisdom, personally following up on the credit card at the bank.  Oh, Caring.  I have missed this.  The graveside scene, too, was a perfect cap to the episode.  Even if Horatio persisted in the sideways stance that makes him seem like he’s overseeing the proceedings rather than actually standing next to a friend in mutual sorrow, the final line (“You ever see him, H?” “Every day”) could not have been more perfect, or more convincingly delivered.  LOVE.  Also, tears.  I miss Speed, and I only knew him through the DVDs.  *sniff*   

And now for some questions: was Speedle’s locker really left untouched all those years, with the nameplate and everything?  More importantly, shouldn’t they have cleaned it out and given his things to his family?  Wasn’t Calleigh in the locker room for that very purpose?  (I notice they didn’t choose that scene to include among their many flashbacks – not that I’m complaining; flashbacks are good when they come from the series’ best episode)  Shouldn’t his bank account have been canceled and liquidated when he died?  He had parents; we saw them; it’s not like he had no one to take care of his personal affairs. 

All of the above questions are irrelevant because they lead to NO MORE COOPER!  *cheers*  I’m cheering partly because I was really starting to get scared that they were going to pan over to reveal Ryan, and partly because this is my first successful effort to get an annoying lab rat permanently booted from a show!  *eyes Adam *  I almost feel bad that he got such a crappy sendoff, though – I mean, when he repeated the part about how the charges just kept adding up (apparently by magic)?  He’s always seemed like a bit of a dim bulb, but that reduced him to the stupidity of the college students, which was just…painful to witness.  Calleigh really sold the “hurt” performance, though.  She sold it so well I’m going to forgive the fact that technically, there were no people that Speedle gave his life for.  He was standing all by his lonesome when he got blown away; the only other good guy on the scene was Horatio, and he was holding his own. 

As for the case: first of all, I do not need to see sex play out like that in the teaser ever again.  It went on for an excruciatingly and uncomfortably long time.  Second of all: sometimes, Miami is like a soap opera.  Sometimes, Miami just has soap opera acting – like the scene where the kid lying in the hospital bed wept piteously about how he was just a poor stupid teenager, and he didn’t know that interest rates could change and stuff!  “They just kept increasing my limit, so I thought it was okay to buy more!”  That was the part where I started slapping the desk and HOWLING with laughter.  I – just – I – you know, the acting wasn’t convincing, but I suspect that’s because the actor couldn’t connect with such a case of extreme textbook stupidity.  How does someone this stupid get into college?  “Let’s see, I don’t have any money right now, but since the company let me charge $2000 on my card, they must be able to see into the future and know that I’ll have enough NEXT month!”  Credit cards are very simple, especially when you’re in college: you don’t charge more than you have or are guaranteed to have within the next month. 

If anyone wants to argue in favor of the kid’s intelligence, I point you to the fact that he claimed he couldn’t pay off his debt even if he had “Paris Hilton’s money.”  Really?  Paris Hilton couldn’t pay a $45,000 debt?

That being said, I understand the feeling of being so far behind in something that you’ll never get out, to the point where death seems a preferable option.  Can’t say I blame either kid for trying to commit suicide.  I can definitely blame the second kid for deciding to commit murder, though.  For some reason I think that a lifetime of struggling to pay off debt would be preferable to a lifetime in jail.  Also, re: his “I had to drop out of college! WOE IS MY LIFETIME OF POVERTY!” – you can still get a decent job without a degree.  And on the bright side, think of it as saving money on student loans.    

I love Calleigh’s innocently serious face while describing the need for a fancy coffee machine to Jake.  (“When would I ever make a mochiato?”  “Well, you would make one every morning, after we buy the machine.”  *pause* We?)  I hate when they’re cute and I sort of ship them and imagine them having flirty pillow talk and amusing conversations over morning coffee.  Plus, I’m pretty sure I heard the sound of a hundred fluffy plotbunnies being born to describe scenarios in which Jake, despite initially scoffing at her expensive tastes, later surprises her with it as a present.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t Ryan have tried applying as an ME investigator immediately before testifying against the department, rather than the other way around?  Something tells me Alexx’s lack of encouragement was based on that more than the budget.   

Quick Notes from the Fashion Show:
-CALLEIGH.  Not even Catherine bares that much cleavage at work!  I shouldn’t have to worry that you’ll fall out of your top every time you bend over…
-Natalia wins the Femme Fashion Faceoff this week, showing up in an amazingly modest teal tank top.  It’s pretty, and I want it.

Final notes: have you seen this show at The Recapist?  I was excited for about a week when I saw they’d added it, but it turns out the recaps are astoundingly awful, written by someone who apparently has never seen anything from seasons 1-4, or possibly even 5.  I mean, just as an example…when you’re spelling it “Speidel” and claiming that Cooper is the CSI who replaced him, or gloss over the direct reference to Brazil with the phrase “Horatio tells some random anecdote,” your recap skills are in a bad place. 

And now, I am off to go identify how literature explores the paradoxes of freedom.  (I really want to go to bed, but I am forbidding myself to watch TV until the paper's done.  Probably, this will merely result in me pretending to work for about an hour before going to bed, then wasting the whole day and missing Thursday night TV anyway,  but at least I have a goal.)
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