RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

FINALLY got tapped for a project at the test-scoring place, which starts on Tuesday (I got 6 days' notice and less than 3 days to decide if I was working it, so luckily I saw the email immediately), which -- yay money, but also TIMING. Thank god I got as much done as I did, but I still have some appointments to make and for the next 3 weeks (a.k.a. half my remaining time before the wedding), business hours are unavailable to me. On a short project like this I can't take any time off, not even an hour.

Anyway, in my panic I've more. All my energy is going into cleaning. Now I have managed the following:

  • Wiped down the desk

  • Washed the plastic desk protector and runners I keep on it

  • Cleaned out the inside of my computer case and keyboard for the first time in like...4 years. (OMG SO DUSTY/GROSS, respectively.)

  • Cleared out everything stuffed into the space under my desk and vacuumed that area out

  • Also vacuumed (most of) the space between the desk and the wall

  • Cleaned out and vacuumed the center desk drawer (the others aren't great but I did them more recently so skipping that for now)

  • Put the computer back together and hooked it up again

Once again, this was like a 4-hour task force operation.

Things I Let Go:
My tall black boots because I haven't worn them in 3 years and I'm even less inclined to do so after they've been in the dusty spider area for a year, even after vacuuming the outside. They're too deep for me to be sure!

My beloved Magic 8-Ball from middle school (but ONLY because the liquid has started to evaporate so much that it barely covers the die inside, and it usually bobs in such a way that only the corner shows instead of an answer)

A flat shipping box stuffed with all manner of free animal-related paper ephemera I picked up at the State Fair circa 1998-2003. Humane Society (pro-adoption and anti-cruelty/fur) brochures and newsletters, ads for horse breeders and boarding kennels, fencing suppliers, etc. It was all very important to me back in the day, as it helped expand my knowledge for the sim club, and I cherished it for a long time but now I don't need it anymore, even for Cool Historical Record purposes. That's a good feeling.  I kept only a few of my favorite reps. Bonus: I found my 1999 Breyer catalog! I had one in my eBay cart all summer because I wanted it so bad, and I didn't even know I'd kept this one.
On the side I seem to be in a little bit of a Glee and/or Darren Criss spiral so let's keep an eye on that.
Tags: cleaning

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