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Self Five!

Today's (post-work) cleaning project: dragging the two blankets out of where they've been partly wedged between the bed and the wall/window since winter, dragging on the floor and getting hella gross, as well as all the clothing underneath them/wedged even further out of sight, and getting it all washed. Items of lost clothing found, which I have not seen in well over a year:

-2 bras (two!! That's almost 1/3rd of the bras I own)
-4 random socks, all from unique and cool pairs that I HOPE I saved the other half of, no matter how hopeless it seemed...
-Turquoise sleeveless top (once very pretty and great for exercising because it was wicking material, but also from college days and kinda stained, so I just tossed it. I have more than enough sleeveless tops now)
-Dark blue extra-long cotton T-shirt, good for pairing with leggings (needs a camisole under as it's a V-neck to the sternum)
-Another dark blue T-shirt that looks so wrecked out I just tossed it. not entirely sure which one it even was
-My super-warm red turtleneck sweater
-Pink cardigan from The Gap
-Wonderful burgundy long-sleeved tee that I think I've only worn, like, 3x in my life. Because I lost it.

i also did some spot cleaning of Francesca the Garage Sale Bunny, whose creamy white fur had a few stains and was generally looking kinda dingy. I even risked putting her in a pillowcase for a wash cycle, on extra-gentle; hopefully she will air dry decently. She was never super soft to begin with, but hopefully she will not be suddenly Rough. [edit: she's good! and she's so fresh and clean I can't stop hugging and petting her. I will make her dirty again in no time at this rate, haha)

Francesca, pictured here in her original arrival portrait. ( that looks really dim and low contrast on this comp)

And that was quite enough for a couple of hours, not least because after I vacuumed partway under the bed, I realized to my horror that I didn't just have books visible under the bed at the edge (which are still in pretty okay shape, since I vacuum around them regularly)...I have books BEHIND those books. Entirely udner the bed. Entirely unprotected. Probably from winter 2018 when I had to do the frantic cleaning sweep for the agent to come through the house for the mortgage refinancing to go through.


But I am too tired and it's too late to vacuum any further back until tomorrow night, or possibly Friday (gotta wash my hair and then take Dad to pick up his suit tomorrow. 7.5 whole hours at work, despite clearly fixed hours being my dream for the last 4-6 years, really cramps my style)

Sections Of Overwhelmingly Large Room Still Left To Clean
Space between bed and wall (side)
Entire area underneath bed (esp. where stuff falls down between the headboard and the mattress against the wall)
Dormer wing
Underneath nightstand, dresser, and large suitcase (suitcase might also have YET MORE clothes in. Also the rocking chair is piled high with clean clothes that I need to find space for, or need to clear dresser drawers out for.
Dresser (clean off top and space in front of it)

Edit, 10/29: I pulled the loose books out from under the bed and they are actually mostly fine, though the white dust jacket on Little House in the Ozarks: The Rediscovered Writings is a very dingy brown wherever it was not covered by books on top of it, and one Apple Scholastic paperback (that was actually closer to the edge rather than center of the bed underspace) has the telltale hole of the cigarette beetle larvae bored into it.

I also grabbed a new spare box we've got and, after puzzling for a day about what to put in its long/fairly narrow and shallow rectangle shape, figured out I could stack Entertainment Weekly magazines in the center and a certain size of paperbacks on either side without straddling any of the flaps at the bottom, so I filled that up with half a dozen books and a boatload of magazines from one of my storage drawers and still feel like I barely made a difference but, then slid it onto one of the shelves in the basement. It's not a great place for books, but these are all low-tier paperbacks that I wouldn't be devastated to lose. I just like them just enough that I can't let them go in case I need access to them again, because local libraries don't have them.
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