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Top (7) Non-Bookish Hobbies

Note: this is a queued post and will be linked to the main one when I get a chance.

This week's topic at That Artsy Reader Girl is so cute -- "let's get to know each other!" -- that I wish I had more time to devote to it. As it is, I'm trying to remember what my hobbies even are besides wedding planning and finding lost book titles for people.

1. TV!! (usually accompanied by fandom)
Remember when this was a TV blog? Look at my tags in the sidebar, see how huge "tv commentary" is compared to everything else? On Tumblr I'm "Televinita" (short for "television-watching senorita"), for goodness sakes! I do maintain a great interest in TV, I just don't watch much of it new these days. Right now I need to catch up on The Amazing Race quick-like before the premiere disappears from the free part of, while I'm casually working through The Parkers (first time) and Man With A Plan (2nd time) on Netflix, intermittently having squee fits over Glee and waiting impatiently for season 2 of Blood & Treasure to premiere.

2. Researching family history
I don't really go deep into the genealogical archives -- I'm happy right now just talking to my parents -- but we've got 3 or 4 boxes of family photos and memorabilia and since my last grandparent died when I was 8, I love digging through it/supplementing my knowledge with, Library Edition.

It's the kind of appeciation you develop when your paternal AND maternal grandparents' houses are still in the family, and you in fact were born and grew up in one of them, on top of one side of the family (the one where you have no aunts/uncles/cousins so everyone passed before you were born) being local to the same half of the metro area dating back at least 3 generations before you.

3. Organizing
You wouldn't know it from the book-overstuffed state of my room, but i actually do get great enjoyment out of rearranging shelves and drawers.

4. Antiquing/estate sales/thrift store shopping/garage sales
I'm lumping them all together, despite their different atmosphere and appeals, because basically: I love a bargain as well as an opportunity to look at Historical Stuff.

Estate sales are especially fun because that's how you get to roam around all the super-cool mansions, both modern and historical, when you don't a) have rich friends or b) want to pay a museum admission fee. But I go to all of them that I can, because even the little ones have a good chance at having cool, unique items, or practical stuff for higher quality/sometimes lower prices than thrift stores.

Antique malls are also basically free museums and I can spend hours in them, while thrift stores and garage sales are good for inexpensive stuff (the former is more likely to have stuff I specifically want for less than retail, while the latter are hit-and-miss, but when they hit, their rock-bottom prices are incomparable).

5. Board games
The problem with saying this as an adult is that most adults 20-40 these days are eager to whip out their super-complicated $60+ strategy games, and I'm like, " I wanna play all the games we had as a family growing up. If it's not playable by the average 11-year-old it's not fun." Top 5 games: Monopoly, Scrabble, Life (I have 3 different versions), Lost Cities (more of a card game but there is a board involved!), Mancala.

6. Hiking/walking
I tend to lump these together, mostly because it's easier to find paved trails to walk on than it is to find free parks big enough to go off-road and really hike in, but I just love getting on my feet and cruising through woods or at least tree-lined and/or rural areas. It's the only kind of exercise I really do and/or can stand, at least until I get a new bike.

7. Writing fanfic
I don't post it anymore because too self conscious, but I still write the occasional short story (or maybe more accurately, just fiddle with the ones I have that are almost done but that I can't quite decide how to finish).

...and I guess I could have split up all the options in #4 after all, because that pretty much sums up every non-book thing I can think of. I reserve the right to add more if and when I have time to read other responses.

BONUS HOBBY: For one night only, I plan to be VERY invested in watching the presidential election results roll in. I was fascinated in 2016 and I am even more intense about it this year, even as I recognize we may not have an answer tonight (and almost definitely won't if i go to bed at 10-11pm, which I'd like to plan on sticking to).

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