RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Estate Sale Finds Of The Week

  • Pair of kitchen scissors

  • 2 dish towels

  • A cheese slicer (IDK what happened to the one my parents had but I have missed it for YEARS. It's so much easier to get nice thin slices off a block with this than with a knife)

  • A small cooler for picnics (I had two choices -- one exacty like the one my parents have, which is already p. small, and a smaller square one -- and I picked the latter because the bigger one is enough for 3 people minus drinks and I feel like often it will be just me needing a picnic cooler, but I hope I did not choose wrong! I...probably did)

I paid $3 for the lot because it was the last day of a 3-day sale and she just wanted stuff gone. Man, I could have grabbed even more if I'd known she was willing to go MORE than 50% off marked prices! Oh well. I really need to figure out what kind of cleaning supplies/brands I want because Last Day of Estate Sales is definitely the place to scoop those up cheap, but I also don't want to buy a bunch of stuff I'll never use.

P.S. Sale was at a townhouse built in 2004 at the northernmost end of town. I am continually amazed by how beautiful (and spacious!!) townhouses are inside considering how hideous they are outside.

And then I walked 3 miles on a trail, so I hope that makes up for the fact that I've eaten 1/3rd of a bag of chocolate chips today and haven't gotten out of bed yet.
Tags: estate sales

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