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"I am dead, bro. I'm dead."

In this year's edition of the Darren Everett Criss Appreciation Revival Tour, the following events have ocurred:

-Spoiler alert, but there's gonna be A Lot Of Songs on The Music List come the end of the year

-Watched the Instagram Live vid of him rewatching (some of, mostly his scenes) Never Been Kissed and adding commentary and behind the scenes stories and it was the purest joy in all the world, until today

-Heard him mention DEC*AID benefit concert during said video (which I did not watch live, but about 2 hours before tickets went on sale) and good lord, never have I ever slapped down $10 to stream something so fast. I mean, I can't remember the last time I paid more than $4 to stream anything. It's possible I haven't.

-That concert was today and it was THE BEST CONCERT EVER. Not least because not ony did fans did not get to weigh in during it -- there is nothing I hate more than desperate "NOTICE ME!!" tweets/chatroom comments* -- neither could any of them audibly scream their appreciation.

*the latter existed, but he couldn't see them and neither could I once I went into full screen mode. win/win

-I appreciate so much that he made a concentrated effort not to swear (much) during this concert. I don't care if he's actually changed how he speaks in professional/public appearance context (however casual the setting) or he got a little friendly advice to keep this charity concert more child-friendly, but I will REAP this benefit like nobody's business.

-I can't even talk about most of the content yet; it was beautiful and as mentioned in the subject line, I'm dead. I am a ghost typing this to you.

-Except that one of the reasons i am dead is that one of the fans who paid the absurd amount of money to have him make up a brief original ditty featuring your name* WAS NAMED STEPHANIE. And unlike most of the people, she didn't include her last name. Listen, I was not even interested in this benefit when I bought my ticket; it seemed kind of desperate to me for anyone over the age of maybe 17, but actually hearing him sing that made me spontaneously turn into a human glitter bomb. I DID NOT KNOW I COULD FEEL THAT MUCH DELIGHT OVER SOMETHING SO SILLY.

P.S. Best of all -- there were actually TWO Stephanies who did this. There were only 20 slots for this. Think of ALL the names in the world, what are the odds that there's not only a duplicate in a set of 20, but it's my name?? This is the point where I wondered how many times it is possible to die in one day. (The second S included her last name, but it's the same # of syllables as mine so I'm counting it as a win.)

God what a good, good day.

...oh man I didn't even get to the part about the Blaine headcanon/unfulfilled song dream for season 6 that he threw out there immediately before performing said song (a song he also mentioned in reference to Mia), just to REALLY finish me off.

And in conclusion for now: I'm kinda sad he's letting any of the non-photocopiable memorabilia go if he wanted it once, but I'm SO glad he's keeping his prized Blaine Warbler jacket.


Still can't believe there's a Glee Auction Part II: Killing Me Softly With Blaine's Stuff (not to mention Darren's!)
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