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Week 4 Reviews: Tuesday/Wednesday

Random Note of the Day: Just for fun, I was taking a practice typing test when I noticed that despite having retrained myself to use 10-key typing in a high school keyboarding class, I frequently tap and untap the Caps Lock key if I’m capitalizing words that start with letters on the right side of the keyboard. What an odd habit to slide back into… 

1) NCIS: Identity Crisis
This episode is fanfic-friendly. Especially/mostly if you desire to write fanfic including animals. If you do so, point me in its direction immediately.

ZOMG MCGEE WANTS TO GET A PUPPY! YES! DO THIS! Tony’s right, he’s really not a pit bull kind of person. Not that there’s anything wrong with pit bulls, but McGee is definitely in the market for a spaniel. I was going to say a retriever of some sort, but somehow I can’t picture him with a dog quite that big. Nope, McGee needs a medium-sized spaniel ASAP. Or a mix, possibly one like the black dog on the Petfinder homepage. While I am vaguely disappointed this storyline was not resolved by episode’s end, I now expect to see this brought up again. Possibly in the context of his newly acquired puppy escaping and him having to run all over creation to catch him, making him late for work and thus decide to drive straight to NCIS with dog in tow. Maybe Abby can babysit the puppy in her office while he’s in the field. And everyone can share in hiding him from the Director and her codes of conduct (Gibbs will play along because frustrated!Jen amuses him), until finally she corners them, only to be won over by the puppy’s adorable …puppyness, and grudgingly agrees to pretend to not see the dog, for just this one day. 

I swear I will not actually write this fic. That’s your job.

Gibbs barking (heh, get it?) orders at them was too funny for words. (“Siiiit. Stay! Roll over.”…and now I have squeeful visions of AU fic in my head, about Gibbs getting a puppy for Kelly and helping her train it. Wait, I think somebody already wrote this; the puppy part anyway. Timeline, Redux!)

And as if my animal-loving radar wasn’t already pinging like crazy, Ziva’s uncle raises Arabians!! I choose to interpret this as “Ziva knows her way around a horse,” and am now free to daydream about scenarios involving her convincing/coaxing/tricking Tony into going riding with her someday. I mean, I imagine all my ships in that scenario anyway, but it’s more fun when it’s plausible.

I loved Courtney Krieger, the green FBI agent – really sweet and unassuming, but not nauseatingly so. I would love for her to become a recurring character in the manner of Fornell or Mann (or at least Agent Sachs), though not as much as I would love to take a trip in the way-back machine and cast THIS character on CSI rather than Ronnie Lake. I loved that Ziva was initially so suspicious of her that she was convinced she was the killer, despite a total lack of proof or motive…and also that her suspicion was based totally and irrationally on her jealousy that Tony liked the woman…but then in the end, she came around and they became friends and allies.  "Do we hug now?" Heh. 

Also love McGee very expressly forbidding Ziva from hair-pulling, followed by talking her down from her crazy place and getting her to admit that Krieger is possibly/probably not evil. And then McGee mentions that “Tony seems to like her,” and Ziva’s eyes literally FLASH FIRE. This moment is fleeting, but also awesome (and a little scary, if you’re on the receiving end). Even Joe the Janitor could put 2 and 2 together from her reaction to that statement, but our agent remains completely oblivious. Oh, McGee.   
Could Ziva have USED any more metaphors this week? Or…not metaphors, exactly, but pretending to talk about other people while actually describing herself (i.e. likes to be in control, not show emotions, tightly wound). As for the long speech about how she’d thought Tony had changed, and New Tony needed a WOMAN (also defined as “Ziva David”)…the only thing less subtle than that would be if she ripped her clothes off and literally threw herself at him. Maybe. 

Gibbs/Abby cute: Abby flinging up her hand to “mute” Gibbs before he praised her for a job half done, and him kissing the back of her fingers anyway. Awww, sometimes that’s even better than a cheek kiss.

Random Note 1: Jen’s hair is beginning to look really good again. I have missed this. OK, the bangs are a little heavy, but as long as she isn’t sporting hedgehog spikes I’m a happy camper.

Random Note 2: NCIS is not only one of the few shows that still has a theme song, but it changes its credits sequence every season and still makes me love it so much that I occasionally go back so I can watch it again.   

Cases: was it just me, or did they really try to telegraph the female pathologist as the killer? Especially with that exchange of “Dr. Mallard hates to leave things unfinished.” “Yeah…me too.” The music CLEARLY showed she was going to reach for a scalpel and stab Palmer right there; I couldn’t believe she merely ended up helping them decipher the tattoo. (although on that note, I figured from the start it was one tattoo over another, or at least combined with another – it was way too messy to be anything distinctive on its own) 

Loved the nervous Krieger dumping her drink in Tony’s lap while on their spy date. HEE. Oh, slapstick comedy. You never get old. Also loved the method of the final reveal – after what may have been a record number of red herrings and dead ends – with Tony narrating the video like a classic piece of cinema while everybody sat back in MTAC to watch. Very good. 
Quote of the Week:
Fornell: Kind of defeats the purpose of e-mail, when you have to print it all out for the file anyway.
Gibbs: That’s why I don’t use it.
Fornell: Really? Not because you can’t figure out how to work it?
2) Law & Order: SVU: Savant
The promos really weren’t kidding when they claimed they had a whole lineup of special guest stars. I am thinking that at this point, if Munch ever appears in more than 2 scenes, they’re going to have to bill Richard Belzer as one of them. Not that I’m complaining about his scenes this week, mind. While dry humor is the best possible use of a Munch Moment, kid interaction and conspiracy theories are the runners-up, so I would consider this episode a success. Loved him crankily lecturing Katie not to talk to strangers – note to self, do not offer the man hugs – especially when it was followed by her cheerfully offering the same thing to Fin, and receiving the same scolding (but this time, punctuated with a wink…haha, I love Fin). 

(Other reasons to love Fin: his Oh, I will kill you DEAD look at Lake, after the latter cheerfully played along with the misconception that they were a gay couple expecting a baby. Days later, the memory of this scene still makes me roll on the floor with laughter.)

Katie is officially the cutest child of the seasons so far, and likely to retain this title for a good long time because she was like a helpless little puppy that I wanted to gather up and hug and take home with me. Seriously. Can I have a Katie? There was no point at which I did not utterly love her (except possibly for that nasty sequence in the courtroom where she was mimicking the noises she heard, at which point I actually had to mute before my roommate got the impression that I was watching porn). Especially upon meeting Casey – “You’re pretty! Can I have a hug?” Isn’t that what everyone secretly thinks when they meet Casey? 

I didn’t believe for a second that her dad had attacked his wife, but I still spent the whole episode biting my nails and hoping they’d find some evidence to the contrary. I really didn’t care whether or not he was using his daughter as an excuse to protect himself; he seemed like a pretty devoted father to me, and this made me gleeful. Especially the way they found out who it was…I loved Katie’s indignant yelling that “he used the wrong word!!” (This is very much how I was as a child, what with the many dog books I read. In fact, the first time I heard it used as an insult…which, sadly, was about age 8, and it was one of my friends who said it…I thought they’d meant to say “witch.”)

So yes, I was gleeful to the end. Right up until he dragged his daughter away from her mother and decided to divorce without any further discussion, despite the fact that after the violent attack, the woman had no memory of her transgressions whatsoever.  BOO on the ending.  Just boo.
3) Private Practice: In Which Addison [Spends a Whole Episode Bitching About the Lack of RSVPs to Her] Very Casual Get-Together, While Unrequited Love Abounds. ABOUNDS! 
Dear Cooper: Um...when kids are under…let’s say 14, maybe 13 years of age, you do not encourage them to tell their crush they like them. They are too young to do anything even if the crush is mutual, and whether it is or isn’t, there is likely to be a vast amount of AWKWARDNESS involved after the telling. Refrain from actually telling them their “love” isn’t real, but do tell them to wait it out, and focus on being friends in the meantime. Also, keep a secret journal for future laughing purposes healthy venting.  

You especially cannot tell me that you’ve loved her for ages and ages, namely while she was with Allan, because your name is not Jim and her name is not Pam, and when placed together, your cuteness does not exceed that of even one puppy, much less a whole litter.

In all seriousness, I seriously didn’t want to go down this route. Didn’t Oceanside have a strict NO CONSORTING rule in place, a rule you would think would only be strengthened after Sam & Naomi’s divorce and all the unpleasantness that entailed? Apparently Addison’s arrival has signaled some sort of horrible awakening and changing of the status quo, like color flooding into Pleasantville. Maybe she writes it into her contract, “I cannot work in an environment with fewer than three simultaneous workplace affairs.” *shakes head* I was talking about Cooper. I just, this is like back in the olden days when I was desperately trying to defend Izzie and her Callie-bashing ways as a sign of pure friendship, and that got taken away from me…I didn’t want to lose this functioning male-female friendship too. At least, not for like a season or 3. Revving it up in episode 4? LITTLE premature, and I didn’t understand fandom’s fascination

However, there is a difference between fandom shipping and canon shipping. When TPTB lay it out on the line and tell me to start shipping because Cooper’s already on board, I become much more receptive to the idea. I’m still seeing things more from Violet’s perspective than his, but I am at least willing to consider it a possibility now. If he ever tells her, that is. I will not exactly be fraught with anxiousness and impatience for this to happen, but I’m willing to read a new layer into their interactions, especially the Caring and Supportive ones, for a while.

Strangely, although I didn’t care for it at first listen, now with the rest of the episode plus a couple of days to think about it, I think the bit that won me over was “You’re beautiful, and you’re funny, and…well, you’re annoying, but in a way that’s endearing when it’s not driving me crazy…” Affectionate teasing! Yes! This is the way to go with relationships in which the characters are immature and slightly bonkers. 

Of course, he says all this to himself as part of a practice speech, while sitting in a bathroom stall, but I like to imagine I will hear this speech again someday (“someday” meaning “2 years from now”) and then things will be roses and sunshine and beautiful people running in slow motion on the beach. And not include the following exchange, amusing though it is right now—
Pete: Were you just saying “I love you” to your genitals?
Cooper: …no?

Still loving Dell & Addison’s interactions. Not shipping, thank-you-very-much, but I love his cranky defense of his small territory, and how this crankiness promptly vanished upon hearing what she was looking for. (did not love his later shouting across the lobby of various parts of female anatomy. Not least because if he meant to show off his knowledge, he might not have chosen such simple and well-known parts. How about mons veneris? Fornix? I totally did not just take time to research this on Google.) Anyway, I desire to read more of their bantering in fic. Why has this show not yet come to 

Also love the addressing of the fact that Violet and Addison still hadn’t really spoken to one another. And even though these are my two favorite characters, so you’d think I’d want them to bond quickly, I kind of thought Violet was awesome for deciding she had reached a point in her life where she didn’t need any new friends. Of course, I liked it even more when she ended up unexpectedly talking to Addison anyway, and then finding common ground in their respective forms of crazy. Heh. 

Quick Case Runthrough:
-I thought it was fairly obvious that their crazy pregnant patient was a psych ward escapee. I wondered why they didn’t guess that on their own.

-I still haven’t decided how I feel about Charlotte King, but by this point it feels like they’re just shoehorning her into every episode, and it makes me think Oceanside is kind of a sad place if they can’t go one week without shuttling patients back and forth to the real hospital. 

-I sympathized greatly with the male half of the old couple, and think Pete could have phrased some of his questions in a less AWKWARD AND EMBARRASSING WAY. 

-This isn’t actually case-related, but I would like to point out that Addison and Pete are continuing to have a remarkable lack of chemistry.

-I didn’t catch the Arm-and-Hammer thing, not even when the other doctors first started hinting this out to Sam. My mind naturally went to Mr. Clean and assumed he was the Arm-and-Hammer guy. Such is the hypnotic power of Sam and his weirdly sexy baldness. (also, I desperately wanted to point out to the guy he was coaching on TV that it was probably his potbelly more than his vanishing hair that kept women from throwing themselves at him). 

-You know, I don’t remember Allan being all that much of a catch when we first saw him, plus all those bad traits Violet revealed about him…I don’t get how he has a gorgeous young wife and an annoying-but-endearing ex-girlfriend still pining after him. 

-I am finding Naomi to be one of my least favorite characters so far, not because I really dislike her but just because I feel like she never does anything . She’s just sort of there. I have finally stopped pining for Merrin Dungey (mostly because after the cake episode, I’ve decided to pretend that Merrin Dungey simply gained 40 pounds over the summer), so it’s not that. It’s just that Naomi is turning out to be kind of a bland character. Or at least I’m not picking up on her charms. 

-Dear Addison: I still think that two eggs (that’s down from the approximately 400,000 you’re supposed to be born with – hey look, there’s that Google research I didn’t do coming into play again) is a ridiculous number to pin any hope on. And – wait, now I’m confused on a whole new level about how menstrual cycles play into this. Like, wouldn’t those eggs be lost in a fairly short manner? And if her cycles are irregular to nonexistent, then wouldn’t that have been a signal of fertility problems in the first place, long before she ever went to visit Naomi? Oh, yet more Google research says that the answer I’m looking for may be a new vocabulary word, “anovulation.” I think about things like this way too much.

I was going somewhere with this…oh, right. I’m not really on board with the idea of Addison having a kid anymore. I mean, back in Seattle it seemed like a great idea - anything to give her a non-nauseating storyline. But now she’s in L.A., and she has a whole fantastic group of friends, and even though intellectually I know it would not happen for ages if ever on this show, I still feel the need to point out how happy I am that she moved to L.A. And yes, I am definitely enjoying the show as a whole – way more than I ever thought I would. I don’t just like it; it’s become one of the shows I most look forward to every week. Seriously, top 5 – The Office, NCIS, CSI, CSI: Miami (no, I didn’t mean to write NY; we’ll discuss that next) and Private Practice.
4) CSI: NY: Time’s Up
4x03 (minus Devon) notwithstanding, I’m disappointed in the quality of this season so far. I really have no idea what’s wrong with it; it’s not easy to pinpoint a cause like it was on Miami was last year, but I find myself not only not looking forward to new episodes, but not even bothering to watch them as they air. And this marks the second week in a row I’ve read everyone’s reviews before watching the episode myself, something I normally consider a mortal sin. 

But unlike last week, this week I couldn’t bring myself to watch it at all. I jumped through bits and pieces of it, watching the pertinent personal clips, but the cases were so excruciatingly dull that I gave up after 5 minutes. And even the personal clips…I don’t know. I just don’t feel invested.  Let’s be optimistic and say it’s just due to the glow of Shiny New Obsession finally beginning to wear off. Onward to a short series of bullet points.

-Was there a reason the camera went sideways for a second when Flack broke open the door? Leave the editing tricks in Miami.
-Flack’s reaction upon ripping open the shower curtain to be confronted by…a guy showering. LOL. 

-I hated the remixed theme song a tiny fraction less this week. But that’s only because I haven’t fired up my DVDs in a while. As soon as I hear the old one, I’ll go right back to the hating. I guarantee it. 

-I had to watch the whole horrible sorority girl case just because Angell was working it. I kept a tally of how many times the case made me want to throw up: the answer is 8, which also answers why I have nothing else to say about it. Angell, though – she could stand around reading the Periodic Table of the Elements, and I would still be enthralled. Ranking right up there with Mac, Flack, Peyton and Stella in my Fave Five (wait, how did Stella get back in there?), I love her attitude and her outfits and her eyebrow arches and everything else about her. *hugs*  

-Danny flying tackle! More of that, please, and I’ll let you make a case for ousting Stella from her position again.

-Out of sheer curiosity, I tested a 1981 penny on a vending machine to see if it was under the same confuzzlement as the parking meters in this episode. It was not. I was pretty excited that I happened to have a pre-1982 penny on me in order to perform this test, though.    

Stella and her Mysterious Love Interest: I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the guy is totally normal and well-adjusted. Just to differ from popular opinion. I loved Mac telling her to go for it, even though it was hard to hear him over the subtext of how, since they’re so much alike and like to avoid all the uncertainties of the dating scene, in the end they should just go for each other. :P

And now for the part I’ve been avoiding thinking about for 2 days: MAC. MY HEART HURTS. He was so cute and happy and content, recalling how Peyton had slowly but surely filled the giant Claire-shaped hole in our hearts, and then THERE WAS A LETTER and it was horrible. Even though I knew she wasn’t coming back, I had sort of blocked that fact out, as if hoping against hope that it had somehow changed when I wasn’t looking. Which just made it HURT EVEN MORE, and I had to stop watching for a minute to go cry. Well, not really. But almost. You can’t say that, Peyton! You can’t end your breakup letter with “my love”! That’s just cruel and unusual for all parties involved to snap it off when you’re both still in love just for fear that it will end someday in the future. Wait for someday. It might not come. And even if it does, at least you’ll have had a little more time.

But I did like Stella happening upon the letter by chance, seeing at a glance what it was, and then showing up at the club in support. (that scene needs to be continued. Ideally, in a gen context by stellaluna_. While I’m dreaming, I’d like to hire a ghostwriter for my lab reports). Because even tamping down my back-burner shipping inclinations, they really are always going to be there for one another through good and bad, asked or not.

Will Dailey sounds like he’s trying really hard to fight off a French accent, even though I'm almost positive he's American, and his song does not enthrall me, so I had to mute the whole ending scene. Which was fine; I really just like watching Mac let himself get lost in playing. So, he’s got his music and Stella to make this whole process slightly less soul-crushing, but WHAT DO I HAVE?

Oh right, Jim and Pam. And also, Grissom and Sara. I must admit that last Thursday night was amazing. And it’s all coming up next, right after the break! 
Voice: Don’t you have homework waiting?
RS: Yes. Yes, I do.
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