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Heyy, it's some NCIS: LA talk!

I give up on trying to ever catch up on my official reviewing of this show, so surprise! Here are some thoughts on the first episode(s) I have , watched since March. Or maybe last December. I haven't really been able to bring myself to pay attention to more than scattered reaction posts online since everyone but Kensi from my Core Four started disappearing on the regular. Anyway, I have no idea what's going on but I'm excited!
Episode The First tonight: 12x04, "Cash Flow"
1. I LOVE her continuing love of video games. I love that she's happy casually listening to her boyfriend suffer through his workout while she develops her skills on Assassin's Creed instead.

2. What a nice way to open the episode! Against all odds I really like this couple (KISS, KISS PUT THE LIPS ON MINE moment!)

3. One of the things I don't really know about is what happened to Anna. I vaguely recall she was arrested/in jail at some point? I think that's the last I physically saw of her. Was she with Joelle in Cuba at some point, somehow, for some reason? Is she a fugitive from the law or is she here legally again? Future Me will solve these mysteries someday.

4. I do know that this show has chosen to set itself in an "unspecified future time" when COVID is past the point of needing masks everywhere. I respect that decision a lot, especially if it means I get to hear about how she & Callen spent quarantine living together. I will take the bittersweetly sad ending & goodbye hug for now, and assume she comes back eventually, preferably without finding a hot man to fall in love with while she's gone.

1. I vaguely recall hearing that Deeks would no longer be working with LAPD this year but I have no idea when that happened or why.

2. I can't deal with all their fretting about the house/mortgage. I vaguely recognize this is considered to be stressful, but to me it sounds like the way people freak out about getting married when they've already been living together for years. As in, I don't understand it. There's no way that renting a house is more expensive than the mortgage payment on a house, especially if you're already responsible for utilities (IDK if they are but that's usually how rental houses around here work), even with taxes and home insurance and possible home repair factored in.

3. I may just be salty because I can't believe they didn't ALREADY have a house when they've been working full time for this long, even in L.A., and also because i cannot understand why you'd buy a bar before a house. Or why Kensi didn't extra kill him for buying a bar instead of a house. (but back to my points about their finances: if you can afford a down payment on a house like 2 years after you buy a bar, maybe you don't seem to be in dire financial straits!)

4. I don't know how to feel about their conversation at the beginning. Deeks seemed overly whiny. About dumb things. ("I don't like my signature"??)

5. Kensi's short hair still makes me sad. It's so blunt and lifeless.

I cannot bring myself to care about these people. I opened my heart to Harley Hidoko and you betrayed me in the worst possible way -- and these people are far less charismatic and interesting than her. NEVER AGAIN.

Meanwhile I literally did not pay attention to plot for one second beyond the body being found. IDK who the body was, why he was murdered, or who killed him. This show has reverted to Fully Unbearable in the case department without Deeks & Kensi together in the field, or at least one of them paired with a Wonder Twin.

Episode 2: The Good Episode
a.k.a. 12x05, "Raising The Dead"
a.k.a. What Up Y'all, It's A Frank Military Episode (And Also Kensi-Centric)

I don't wanna hear about fertility treatments either. No thank u! I especially don't wanna hear about it in the intro if it means Kensi is going to change her mind and go the adoption route. Like, normally, that's fine, but when characters meet certain criteria for beauty and/or intelligence, I need them to pass those genes on. Especially when the real-life results are all over Instagram being hecking adorable. (Also I want the pregnancy fluff and the hospital stuff and everything else that goes along with this.)

Running Commentary
[edit: I was going to synthesize the rest into review-style paragraphs but it's been 2 weeks and this post is still private and I don't have the spoons, as the kiddos say online, so I figure raw reactions are better than nothing]

-What is going on with this dude's voice. Is it the glass that distorts it??

-Wow that is a lot of rape threats in two minutes.

-Okay THAT was amazing ("That was a mistake."), but it could have shone even brighter. I want this story with Nell at the Ops helm. Or Eric. Or both. Jesus christ, just anyone who isn't Annoying Rule-Follower Fatima. *rewrites in my head*

-All right this is kind of a fun mentor/mentee camping trip...

-Halfway through now and starting to snooze. This is a lot of sneering and tbh it's kind of pathetic if Kensi crumbles into Poor Sad Childless Woman cliche at the slightest poke about her not having kids yet.

-*snaps back to attention @ Deeks being forced out of NCIS with THE saddest-ever expression while Nell wears one to match* WELL THIS STABBED ME IN THE FACE

-AND NOW HE'S CRYING i hate everything why did i come back to this show i HATE it.

[edit: this is something I really want to talk about in more detail, but for now I will just say that geeze...between how much I love Nell + Deeks interacting, especially while being WILDLY EMOTIONAL AT EACH OTHER, and ECO's amazing face of tears and vulnerable devastation, this is probably one of the best scenes in 2020 TV. In other words, I do not actually hate this.]

-Dude we have 8 minutes HOW ARE YOU GONNA RESOLVE THIS


What the damn hell. Is that a promo for a Christmas episode next? So this isn't even a 2-parter cliffhanger, it's exactly like the LAST time Frank Military wrote a super-creepy episode (serial killers who Frankenstein their victims) with a cliffhanger and never resolved it??? *Terri Schuester's Sister Voice* I HATE YOU, FRANK.
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