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Winter TBR (???)

Note: this is a queued post and will be linked to the main one at That Artsy Reader Girl when I get a chance.

After much angst, stress, crying, rescheduling, and sacrifice of a reception, this is officially my final TTT as an unmarried woman (unless something ELSE goes horribly wrong). And I can't even throw my heart into it, because I'm like "BOOKS, WHAT'S THAT." Any reading I've done lately has been entirely spontaneous and from books that weren't even on my radar.

Still. I took 30 minutes to mock up a "maybe?? idk??" version of this post at the beginning of the month, with the full understanding that I will mostly likely throw it all out the window and start over come January. Hopefully post-marriage I will have slightly more time to breathe/read?? You know, when I'm not making 10,000 contacts to update everything you gotta update when change your name, address, and marital status all at once.

1.. Roam - C.H. Armstrong
YA novel about a homeless family in Rochester, MN, in the winter? Perfect time of year to read about a place I went to on vacation.

2. Learning To Breathe - Janice Lynn Mather
Came to my attention via a lost-book forum post, and it just looks like a really solid teen book about a black girl struggling to find support and hide a pregnancy conceived via rape. [edit: hah, I actually finished this one between the time this posted and the time I linked to the roundup! Tis indeed a VERY soild teen book and I highly recommend, if you can stomach the subject matter.]

3. What If It's Us - Becky Albertalli & Adam Silvera
Been planning to read this for a while, actually. Hoping my Klaine-themed Glee fandom resurgence + Dear Evan Hansen obsession hold out for a little while longer so I can blend them into this perfect marriage of the two interests.

4. Midnight Sun - Stephenie Meyer
This was on my last TBR list too, but I did not have time for a 700+ page book in the height of wedding planning. Hopefully I will later this winter?

5. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (illustrated) - J.K. Rowling
I've been wanting to reread this series since summer, and I've been wanting to see the illustrated edition for years so I figured this was the perfect way to combine them, but I couldn't get to the top spot on the request list until September and by that point I was busy. The PLAN was to start rereading as soon as I got married and enjoy it over the holidays, but now IDK; I have quite a lot left to do. Maybe it will still feel magical in January??

6. You'd Be Mine - Erin Hahn
This isn't a for-sure plan, but I've still got an idea that I'd like to reread this with a Darren Criss/Lea Michele casting in mind, like I should have done the first time, if I'd only remembered that I have dreamed of casting them in this exact plot* since they did their tour a few years ago (*not in country music per se, but we can't have everything). I fully believe this would help me hate the d-bag male lead 90% less.

7. These Things I've Done - Rebecca Phillips
This is my newest book acquisition and I'm kind of excited. But I'm only gonna read it if I can remember who I wanted to cast. Because I know I had a cast in mind for this exact plot months (years?) ago -- girl mourning her best friend's death falls for the late friend's brother -- and I REFUSE to have another You'd Be Mine situation on my hands.

8. The Rural Diaries - Hilarie Burton
I didn't know this existed until the Goodreads Choice Awards, and I'm not really reading it because of the author or her spouse so much as that this is exactly the life I think people with Hollywood Money should lead, and I wanna hear about it.

9. random Sweet Magnolias books - Sherryl Jordan
I finished watching the Netflix show last week and I am still processing my thoughts, but I got Very Invested in these characters, particularly the teens, which is why after scanning down the list of summaries I'm very wide-eyed and LET'S GOOOOO about book 5, but I also think that maybe I should back up and get some context about how the book characters differ from the show's version by reading at least one earlier book first. I'm afraid if I try to read them all I'll burn out before I get to the one I want, though, since mass market romance is traditionally not my bag. It's useful for stock tropes from time to time, but I've never invested in a full series. So which should I choose??

10. Strange Planet (& Stranger Planet) - Nathan Pyle
I have of course enjoyed many of these comics as they've been randomly posted in collections on Tumblr, but I look forward to just face-planting myself into entire books of them. This is mostly a reminder to myself to get them out of the library.

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