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Top Ten Books Acquired In 2020

Note: This is a queued post and will be linked to the main one when I get a chance.

Welcome to my first TTT post as both a married lady and an apartment resident. It's been three days and so far it's great!

The original topic at That Artsy Reader Girl for this week is "books I hope Santa brings," but I definitely have other things to think about for Christmas this year. I considered doing a just-for-fun wishlist, but then I remembered that I flipped this topic on its head last year for a more practical post, so I'm going to do that one again.

I have actually been very restrained on the acquisition front this year. Mostly because there were no used book sales to go to, but partly because my book collection is bursting at the seams and it's an eternal struggle to weed it. I acquired about 30 (plus a few ebooks) -- many of them children's books, and small ones at that -- and sent almost half of them away again before year's end. Nevertheless, let's see what I can come up with.

ttt dec 22

1. Eleanor & Park: Collector's Edition - Rainbow Rowell (2012/this edition 2016)
I was so excited to find this in like-new condition at Goodwill for $2! I'm a little sad about having to trade the edition w/ a Gayle Forman blurb on the cover for a John Green one w/ an ugly Prinz Honor sticker to boot*, but I think the fanart (including illustrated endpages) + author Q&A inside is worth it.
*Honestly tempted to just swap their dust jackets before I donate the original, but I'd feel as bad about trashing a pristine dust jacket as I would about accidentally tricking someone into thinking they were buying the special edition. Seriously considering advertising the jacket as a freebie on Craigslist, haha.

2. The Courtship of Jo March - Trix Wilkins (2017)
This is an ebook and i haven't read it yet but I maintain I bought an awesome package deal w/ bonuses like printables and a file of deleted/alternate scenes for only $5 AUD total, which was something like $3.75 USD.

3. Magic Attic Club #1: The Secret of the Attic - Sheri Cooper Sinykin (1995)
I was a super big fan of studying the Magic Attic Club catalog -- it was like American Girl, but with modern girls who time-and-place-travel when they try on old costumes in this attic, instead of being about girls from the past -- but I never bought anything from it or even read any of the books. This slim hardcover has such pretty, colorful illustrations and glossy pages; I scooped this out of a Little Free Library & I ain't givin' it back (I traded other books for it though). IT'S SO ADORABLE. If I had a mansion I'd gather all the books, but as it is I will content myself with just the origin story, and hope I can read the others on OpenLibrary someday.

4. Desert Dog - Jim Kjelgaard (1956/this edition 1976)
Paperback from a garage sale. Just fillin' out my Kjelgaard collection on the theory that one day I will reread his canon, 100% of which will feel like I've never read it before, it's been so long. It's also possible I didn't actually read this one at all.

5. Dream of Night - Heather Henson (2010)
Another Little Free Library score. I highlighted this middle grade horse book as "book twins" with Lifting The Sky once, and I'm glad it can go live w/ its sibling on the shelf. (Though they don't quite match cause she's a hardcover and this is a Scholastic paperback.)

6. Six Month Horse - Tudor Robins (2018)
Another ebook. I LOVED Appaloosa Summer, but I'm scared to move on to the sequel. So going backward (with a prequel novella) seems like the right choice here! (I still have not read it)

7. The Horsemasters - Don Stanford (1957/this edition 1964)
STOP BUYING COPIES OF THIS BOOK, RS!, shouts the voice in my head that knows damn well I'm never gonna learn how to mail packages, let alone figure out eBay or Etsy, but the part that is obsessed with how expensive this title always is on Bookfinder* doesn't listen when I see 25-cent copies at garage sales, so here my second paperback copy (and third overall) is. Some people buy stocks to feel rich with theoretical money; I hoard semi-rare books.

(*at the time of this writing, before shipping fees the cheapest one is $11 -- located in France; price doubles if you ship to the U.S. -- and after that it's $26 for a "reading copy" with water damage or $28)

8. A Horse Called Mystery - Marjorie Reynolds (1964/this edition 1972)
Last one from the garage sale. Collectin' Marjorie Reynolds books as I come across them, because I enjoyed the one of hers I read (Dark Horse Barnaby).

9. Confessions of a High School Disaster - Emma Chastain (2017)
Bought at the dollar store, this is admittedly mostly a score because it's the most wonderful summery cover, and both buying it and reading it on the swing in the backyard immediately afterward made me so happy. The story is (just barely) cute enough to keep it, though I won't be reading any more confessions from this high school horndog.

10. These Things I've Done - Rebecca Phillips (2017)
I may regret choosing this as my 10th after I read it, but I'm going to give it the edge over the other YA novel (Last Exit to Normal) because it's another dollar store find that is very pretty and I like the "two people mourning a third fall in love" trope, though I've not read it yet.

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