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Bookish Goals & Resolutions for 2021

This is an upcoming topic for Top Ten Tuesday, but I don't want to wait all the way to January 12th to post it (or even until tomorrow), so I'm just going to make it its own post now. I'm still going to do 10, though, so I have lots of options without feeling pressured to complete them all -- these are just ideas to lightly direct my reading and other book habits.

Might also link this set up to the roundup post on the 12th, now that I've got a full set.

[Edit: I did! Here is the main post.]

1. Set my Goodreads challenge goal at 50 and STOP. No matter how fast I get to 50. I set it at 80 in 2020, double instead of triple digits for the first time in my life, and it felt good! But I got twitchy after I hit it in October and thought I had enough time left to set it to its usual hundred, so I did...failing to account for how busy I would be adjusting to married life even after I got through the wedding, and consequently kinda crammed the last 3 or 4 in. I like reading tons of books, but I'd also like to see where I end up if I don't have a goalpost I HAVE to meet constantly ahead of me. Also, I've got important stuff to do like maybe focusing on finding a full time job and whatnot.

I reserve the right to change it to 100 on the off chance that I happen to hit 100, and not one book before. Important (Note to Self): I WILL NOT TRY TO HIT ONE HUNDRED.

2. Complete the Mount TBR challenge @ Pike's Peak level (read at least 12 books I have owned since prior to 2021 and never read).

3. MORE WEEDING: As in maybe - somehow - clear books off all the surfaces they don't belong on in my old room, whether that's by finding proper homes for them on shelves in the apartment or (gulp) getting rid of some

4. Treat myself to a nice gift package of books I've long desired from Book Depository or ThriftBooks. I almost did this last summer, but stopped because I wanted to help somebody out by using their referral code on BD (I'm already a TB member), and nobody responded on Tumblr and it did not occur to me to sensibly advertise on TTT*.

This is totally not at odds with goal 3. It's the reward for it!


5. Designate and USE one of my blank mini journals for jotting down books I see on TTT. When I don't want to necessarily add them to my TBR, but they made some impression on me, I'd like to jot it down so I can note where I heard of each one and browse through it when I get bored of looking at my regular TBR. I tried to do this in a Notepad doc last year, but it was too boring. I think I'd have more fun writing it down. And it will make a great keepsake!

6. Create a resource list of 20th century juvenile lit bibliographies on OpenLibrary. I have a ton of those books saved on my reading log that I use for the purpose of helping people on Goodreads and Reddit find lost book titles, I just need to go through and evaluate them to find the most extensive/helpful ones. This could really help out both MVP book-finders, and people looking for their own lost books from that era.

(Also me, because it's not very efficient opening random books from the list all the time going "is THAT the super helpful one, or is this the one that I saved because I liked its general discussion of youth reading trends in the sixties.")

7. Read at least two books off my TBR list on OpenLibrary. (this is always daunting because I gotta commit to reading on a computer, but it's worth it given how many of these books aren't available via ILL and some aren't even available to buy for under $10)

8. Read another hiking/other outdoor book on a Grand Walking Day. Two of my best days in 2020 were the days I took off to a regional trail or park and spent all day alternately walking on trails and resting while reading about people walking on trails, which helped me appreciate my surroundings even more. I want to do that again. And yes, I am taking suggestions! Suggestions that aren't books by Cheryl Strayed.

9. Create a proper book blog?? I am hesitant about this because I should have started the ball rolling by now if I was going to do this for 2021, and I have no ideas even for a title -- The Idealistic Daydream is for here and here alone -- let alone a header or anything. But since 90% of what I post here these days is Top Ten Tuesday and other book stuff, it would be nice to have a more user-to-user-friendly platform on Blogspot or Wordpress.

10. Curate a book-subscription-style box for one of my favorite books or a favorite recent read. This is the one I'm most excited about. I've been saying for MONTHS how much I want a book subscription box and all its little bookish goodies, but every time I do, I'm stymied by how expensive they are. And then I think, surely I could create my own by buying or even making random cute stuff for the same amount or less, and guarantee I like everything in it at the same time??

MAYBE I'LL ADD EVEN MORE LATER. I am sure to be inspired by others' ideas.
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