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2021 Reading List/Viewing List

Standard rules apply: Bold means I loved it, italicized means I really liked and would recommend it, plain text indicates anything from "good" to "meh," and strikethrough means it was awful. Titles link to my Goodreads reviews.

* = reread or rewatch. [NF] = nonfiction


January (14)
1. Sweet Magnolias no. 1: Stealing Home - Sherryl Woods. 2007.
*2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - J.K. Rowling. 1998.
3. Blue Blood - Sara Blaedel. 2011. [1/6]
4. Here In The Real World - Sara Pennypacker. 2020. [1/7]
5. Roam - C.H. Armstrong. 2019. [1/8]
6. Tiger on the Mountain - Shirley L. Arora. 1960. [1/10]
*7. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - J.K Rowling. 1999. [1/12]
8. Murder at the Mansion - Sheila Connolly. 2018. [1/17]
9. The Rural Diaries [NF] - Hilarie Burton Morgan. 2020. [1/18]
10. And We Stay - Jenny Hubbard. 2014. [1/20]
*11. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - J.K. Rowling. 2000. [1/24]
12. Roam - Alan Lazar. 2011. [1/24]
13. Jo & Laurie - Margaret Stohl and Melissa de la Cruz. 2020. [1/25]
14. Sweet Magnolias no.2: A Slice of Heaven - Sherryl Woods. 2007. [1/28]

February (14)
15. The Curse of Misty Wayfair - Jaime Jo Wright. [2/1]
16. When We Were Lost - Kevin Wignall. [2/2]
17. The Inheritance Games - Jennifer Lynn Barnes. 2020. [2/3]
18. Sweet Magnolias no.5: Home in Carolina - Sherryl Woods. 2010. [2/7]
*19. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - J.K. Rowling. 2003. [2/9]
20. The Snowbird - Patricia Calvert. 1980. [2/10]
21. Rules for Visiting - Jessica Francis Kane. 2019. [2/15]
22. Reality Check - Peter Abraham. 2009. [2/16]
23. The Big Dark - Rodman Philbrick. 2016. [2/17]
24. The Life She Was Given - Ellen Marie Wiseman. 2017. [2/18]
25. Blooming at the Texas Sunrise Motel - Kimberly Willis Holt. 2017. [2/19]
26. Reality Gold - Tiffany Brooks. 2018. [2/21]
27. Heart of a Shepherd - Rosanne Parry. 2009. [2/23]
*28. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - J.K. Rowling. 2005. [2/25]

March (7)
29. Kind of a Big Deal - Shannon Hale. 2020. [3/6]
30. The Sun Down Motel - Simone St. James. 2020. [3/12]
31. Midnight Sun - Stephenie Meyer. 2020. [3/19]
*32. Twilight - Stephenie Meyer. 2005. [3/19]
33. Every Shiny Thing - Cordelia Jensen & Laurie Morrison. 2018. [3/20]
34. Fish in a Tree - Lynda Mullally Hunt. 2015. [3/24]
35. The Bridge From Me to You - Lisa Schroeder. 2014. [3/25]

April (10)
36. Admission - Julie Buxbaum. 2020. [4/1]
37. Speaking For Ourselves, Too [NF] - ed. Donald R. Gallo. 1993. [4/7]
38. A Horse of Her Own - Barbara Webster. 1951. [4/14]
39. Influence - Sara Shepard & Lilia Buckingham. 2021. [4/16]
40. Love & Gelato - Jenna Evans Welch. 2016. [4/18]
41. Don't Date Rosa Santos - Nina Moreno. 2019. [4/22]
42. Bluegrass Champion - Dorothy Lyons. 1949. [4/22]
43. The Meaning of Maggie - Megan Jean Sovern. 2014. [4/24]
44. I Love Hate You, Fuller James - Kelly Ann Blount. 2020. [4/26]
45. The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise - Dan Gemeinhart. 2019. [4/30]

May (15)
46. All We Had - Annie Weatherwax. 2014. [5/1]
47. Lions 'N Tigers 'N Everything [NF] - Courtney Ryley Cooper. 1924. [5/2]
48. You Should See Me In A Crown - Leah Johnson. 2020. [5/8]
49. One For The Money - Janet Lambert. 1946. [5/13]
50. Folded Notes From High School - Matt Boren. 2018. [5/20]
51. Strays Like Us - Cecilia Galante. 2018. [5/21]
52. The Battle of Junk Mountain - Abby Lee Greenberg. 2018. [5/23]
53. Love in English - Maria E. Andreu. 2021. [5/24]
54. Eight Keys - Suzanne LaFleur. [5/25]
55. The House of a Million Pets [NF] - Ann Hodgman. 2007. [5/26]
56. Harrow Lake - Kat Ellis. 2020. [5/27]
57. The Leaving - Tara Altebrando. 2016. [5/27]
58. The Lovely and the Lost - Jennifer Lynn Barnes. 2019. [5/28]
59. The Castle School (for Troubled Girls) - Alyssa Sheinmel. 2021. [5/30]
60. Lost Canyon - Nina Revoyr. 2015. [5/31]

June (16)
61. Lucky in Love - Kasie West. 2017. [6/3]
62. How To Die of Embarrassment Every Day: A True Story [NF] - Ann Hodgman. 2011. [6/3]
63. Escape Under the Forever Sky - Eve Yolaham. 2009. [6/5]
64. Amelia Unabridged - Amy Schumacher. 2021. [6/7]
65. Everything I Was - Corinne Demas. 2011. [6/8]
66. No Fixed Address - Susin Nielsin. 2018. [6/8]
67. Floating - Robin Troy. 1998. [6/9]
68. Karma For Beginners - Jessica Blank. 2009. [6/10]
69. The Bennington Stitch - Sheila Solomon Klass. 1986. [6/11]
70. Love Me, Love Me Not - S.M. Koz. 2018. [6/12]
71. Jane Anonymous - Laura Faria Stolz. 2020. [6/17]
*72. Immortals quartet No. 1: Wild Magic - Tamora Pierce. 1992. [6/20]
73. Girl Out of Water - Laura Silverman. 2018. [6/22]
74. The Girl You Thought I Was - Rebecca Phillips. 2018. [6/24]
75. This Is Not A Ghost Story - Andrea Portes. 2020. [6/25]
76. Vintage - Susan Gloss. 2014. [6/30]

*77. Immortals quartet No. 2: Wolf Speaker - Tamora Pierce. 1994. [7/3]
78. Twice Shy - Sarah Hogle. 2021. [7/6]
*79. Immortals quartet No. 3: Emperor Mage - Tamora Pierce. 1995. [7/8]
*80. Immortals quartet No. 4: The Realms of the Gods - Tamora Pierce. 1996. [7/13]
81. Be Not Far From Me - Mindy McGinnis. 2020. [7/14]
82. Wish - Barbara O'Connor. 2016. [7/18]
83. Playing With Fire - April Henry. 2021. [7/24]
84. Until The Day I Die - Emily Carpenter. 2019. [7/25]


1. City of Gold, 2018, heavy R [1/5]
I picked this on a whim from Vudu with a delighted cry of "that looks terrible!", but it was not terrible in a way that was fun. At all.

2. The Utah Cabin Murders, 2019, R [1/7]
This sucked slightly less, though it was still low budget and it showed. At least it did teach me about a terrible new murder case (not the Keddie cabin murders, which are name-checked in this film).

3. Hick, 2012, R [1/7]
This did not suck, and though I am still tired of Chloe Grace Moretz being in everything and it got weird and extra-violent at times, especially toward the end, I loved the whole cast of characters. Every time I turned around, a new familiar face was popping up (Eddie Redmayne! Shaun Sipos! ALEC BALDWIN?? I watched this specifically for Blake Lively but I found much to entertain me, including the scenery). I was convinced this had to be based on a book*, and frankly I'm kind of sad it isn't, but I guess I'm gonna look for one with a similar setting and/or theme. Preferably middle grade, so it's less...bleak.

[*edit: well I am a DUMMY]

4. All Summers End, PG-13 equivalent, 2018 [1/16]
This felt a lot like The Spectacular Now but with a budding arsonist. Or maybe there's just a standard "awkward teen romance clearly written by a Man complete with requisite awkward virginity-losing scene" genre that this fits into. I love Kaitlyn Dever - I definitely approve of her being the next Chloe Grace "in everything ever" Moretz - as well as the actresses playing both moms (Annabeth Gish! Susie from CSI: Miami!), but didn't love this as a whole.

5. The Invisible Man, 2020, R [1/19]
Exactly the thriller/action content I am here for. Would have been fun to see in the theater.

6. The Secret Garden, 2020, PG [1/21]
OK, burning down Misselthwaite was a...choice, but otherwise I quite liked this interpretation. Two thumbs up for the featured doggy.

7. Wildlike, 2015, PG-13 equivalent except the F word is said twice [1/25]
Despite some Very Awkward Scenes, this was actually really well done despite being indie and on a free service, and not only because of the beautiful Alaskan scenery (though that helped).

8. Seventeen Again, 2000, PG [1/30]
Watch ALL the Mowrys! And a cute dog. Fun, silly/secretly heartwarming family film.

9. Sabrina The Teenage Witch, 1996, PG [1/31]
Also fun! The series is way better of course, but I can definitely see how they saw the potential in this film. Plus, LMAO TERRIBLE SMARMY RYAN REYNOLDS W/ HAIR TO MATCH.

10. Out of the Dark, 2014, R [2/6]
I didn't love the zombie-ghosts, but nevertheless, HOLY TERRIFYING PERFECT SCARY MOVIE W/ A+ FAMILY CASTING AND A BEAUTIFUL OLD HOUSE, BATMAN! This was even better than the last Julia Stiles horror movie w/ great spousal chemistry I saw. WITH bonus lush jungle scenery!

11. Titanic II, 2010 [2/14]
This is very slightly better than City of Gold, but also so stupid. I'm only giving it a pass because it's bad in a good way, i.e. line delivery that is acutely accidentally hilarious. "Let's get this cigar lit." Iconic.

12. He's Out There, 2018, R [2/15]
DUDE that was some hella scary imagery!! Sometimes the girls wail a bit too much to be convincing, and it gets less scary on Day 2, when the killer starts making the kind of dumb decisions normally reserved for the protagonist, but otherwise absolutely everything I need from a horror movie, including a great cast and setting.


13. The Intruders, 2015, PG-13 [4/2]
Ahh, that's just what I needed on a Friday night in the time between waking up from my post-work nap and actually going to bed at 2 AM -- a nice scary movie in a 1912-built house that involves ghosts and/or someone hiding in your new old home w/ the construction dividers and tricky architecture. A cast of Miranda Cosgrove, Donal Logue and Austin Butler was perfect.

14. Godzilla vs. Kong, 2021, PG-13 [4/3]
Did I miss several movies' worth of backstory?? I have no idea what was going on for the majority of this film (also, where I am? what year is it??), but the fight scenes between the title titans I came for were as good as I hoped. Plus, MECHAGODZILLA.

15. House of Shadows, R, 2020 [4/16]
Jesus this low-budget production is dumb and bad (and confusing), no matter how beautiful the Emmanuelle-Vaugier-looking lead actress is (Elena Delia). I was mainly here for the house, and even that was meh. Fast-forwarded SO MUCH near the end just to make it be over.

16. All We Had, 2017, R [4/17]
One of those movies where you just really love the characters so much you don't care what the story is. Except for Peter Pam, which, meh. Seemed like a lot of telegraphing there for a weak attempt to parallel their hard-luck lives.

17. Fire on the Amazon, 1993, R [4/28]
Was going along fine and then HOLY UNEXPECTED GRAPHIC NAKED TIMES. Sandra! You don't do this, you pick good films! Had you not learned how to pick good films yet? Also her love interest looked so EXACTLY like David Boreanaz, except with horrible long curly hair that I am sure David Boreanaz couldn't grow if he inexplicably wanted to, and it just drove me nuts.

18. Into the Grizzly Maze, 2015, R [5/2]
Despite gratuitous if brief nudity, noticeably better - maybe due to cast? - than any ridiculous movie about a vengeful murder bear should be.

19. A Week Away: A Musical, 2021, PG [5/16]
a.k.a. High School Jesus Camp Musical, which is TERRIBLE and AMAZING. It's so earnest in its pursuit of Emoting; I howled with laughter and had a genuinely wonderful time. Also I'm gonna unironically listen to the soundtrack.

20. My Man is a Loser, 2015, R [6/2]
I have no excuse, except that John Stamos had a very charming grin in the preview, and except for the swearing he maintained that suave and charming nature throughout the film exactly as hoped, even as I had to screen out plenty of gross R-rated Dude Comedy antics from everyone else along the way.

*21. Enchanted, 2007, PG [6/6]
PERFECT EVERY TIME. I squealed, I squee'd, and on three occasions a tiny little tear ran down my cheek because I was just so overwhelmed with happiness that my body could not contain it all.

*22. Begin Again, 2013, R [6/8]
PERFECT EVERY TIME, part II. Everything Keira Knightley sings is a balm upon my soul.

23. Removal, 2010, R [6/15]
Oh my GOD it's so boring. I fast-forwarded like a third of this movie until Billy Burke showed up again. And still, this was not the end of my fast-forwarding.

24. Eden, 2015 [6/20]
Surprisingly good quality on every level for being a free movie I've never heard of. If you want a standard "crashed on a deserted island" plot mixed with a little Lord of the Flies crazy (except this time with the addition of 2 girls), this is your ticket.

25. The Jurassic Games, 2018, R [6/20]
Exactly what the title sounds like (The Hunger Games, but death row inmates and dinos), an effect lessened slightly by the fact that the dinosaurs and battle landscape are entirely VR in nature (albeit "with real pain!" and real death), but still CAMPY AND AWESOME. Like "one guy uses a chain like nunchuks and beats up 3 raptors for a while (before they eat him)" campy.

26. Eloise, 2017, R [6/30]
I'm sorry, did you say "haunted abandoned asylum starring Eliza Dushku and Chace Crawford"? SOOOOLD. I stayed up until midnight watching this on a work night and I'm not sorry. Although I did grow Weary of how long we spent in the super dark set, lit only by headache-inducing flashlight beams and lightning flashes.

27. Fear Street Part 1: 1994, R, 2021 [7/3]
The teaser and credits are great, the rest is dull with unnecessary gore. By 30 minutes in I was scrolling on my phone while the movie played, and after staggering to the halfway point I fully gave up and just looked up the synopsis/skimmed through to the end. Won't be continuing, and it might have retroactively killed my fondness for the book series to boot.

28. In The Heights, 2021, PG-13 [7/9]
Wow, that was way better than I was expecting. It was never going to be amazing, not when the soundtrack has so much rapping (even if it's not profane), but it's probably the best new-to-me movie I've seen this year. 4.5 stars! I'll consider rounding up.


(I may not keep this up if I hit the text limit, but I'd like to try. Current plan is do a monthly/bimonthly "roundup" about everything I've seen and link the posts here, to conserve text space. I will leave the previous month up so it's easier for me to remember where I left off in continuing shows. Also, I'm not going to track anything watched in syndication because usually I don't know the episode numbers.

**Formatting rules do not apply to the TV list**

(though an asterisk still = rewatch)

*NewsRadio: 4x14-5x19
*The Office: 7x05-07
*Revolution: 1x14-17
Country Comfort: 1x01-03
Royalties (as in all 100 or so minutes of its Quibi-sized episodes)
United States of Al: 1x08-11
The Game: 3x19-22
The Chase: 2x01-02
Family Reunion: 1x01-02

Family Reunion: 1x03-10; 2x01
*Revolution: 1x18-20; 2x01
*The Office: 7x08-09
L.A.'s Finest: 2x01-12
Evil: 2x01-03
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