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2021 Reading List/Viewing List

Standard rules apply: Bold means I loved it, italicized means I really liked and would recommend it, plain text indicates anything from "good" to "meh," and strikethrough means it was awful. Titles link to my Goodreads reviews.

* = reread or rewatch. [NF] = nonfiction


January (14)
1. Stealing Home - Sherryl Woods. 2007.
*2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - J.K. Rowling. 1998.
3. Blue Blood - Sara Blaedel. 2011. [1/6]
4. Here In The Real World - Sara Pennypacker. 2020. [1/7]
5. Roam - C.H. Armstrong. 2019. [1/8]
6. Tiger on the Mountain - Shirley L. Arora. 1960. [1/10]
*7. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - J.K Rowling. 1999. [1/12]
8. Murder at the Mansion - Sheila Connolly. 2018. [1/17]
9. The Rural Diaries [NF] - Hilarie Burton Morgan. 2020. [1/18]
10. And We Stay - Jenny Hubbard. 2014. [1/20]
*11. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - J.K. Rowling. 2000. [1/24]
12. Roam - Alan Lazar. 2011. [1/24]
13. Jo & Laurie - Margaret Stohl and Melissa de la Cruz. 2020. [1/25]
14. A Slice of Heaven - Sherryl Woods. 2007. [1/28]

15. The Curse of Misty Wayfair - Jaime Jo Wright. [2/1]
16. When We Were Lost - Kevin Wignall. [2/2]
17. The Inheritance Games - Jennifer Lynn Barnes. 2020. [2/3]
18. Home in Carolina - Sherryl Woods. 2010. [2/7]
*19. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - J.K. Rowling. [2/9]
20. The Snowbird - Patricia Calvert. 1980. [2/10]
21. Rules for Visiting - Jessica Francis Kane. 2019. [2/15]
22. Reality Check - Peter Abraham. 2009. [2/16]
23. The Big Dark - Rodman Philbrick. 2016. [2/17]
24. The Life She Was Given - Ellen Marie Wiseman. 2017. [2/18]
25. Blooming at the Texas Sunrise Motel - Kimberly Willis Holt. 2017. [2/19]
26. Reality Gold - Tiffany Brooks. 2018. [2/21]
27. Heart of a Shepherd - Rosanne Parry. 2009. [2/23]

1. City of Gold, 2018, R [1/5]
I picked this on a whim from Vudu with a delighted cry of "that looks terrible!", but it was not terrible in a way that was fun. At all.

2. The Utah Cabin Murders, 2019, R [1/7]
This sucked slightly less, though it was still low budget and it showed. At least it did teach me about a terrible new murder case (not the Keddie cabin murders, which are name-checked in this film).

3. Hick, 2012, R [1/7]
This did not suck, and though I am still tired of Chloe Grace Moretz being in everything and it got weird and extra-violent at times, especially toward the end, I loved the whole cast of characters. Every time I turned around, a new familiar face was popping up (Eddie Redmayne! Shaun Sipos! ALEC BALDWIN?? I watched this specifically for Blake Lively but I found much to entertain me, including the scenery). I was convinced this had to be based on a book, and frankly I'm kind of sad it isn't, but I guess I'm gonna look for one with a similar setting and/or theme. Preferably middle grade, so it's less...bleak.

4. All Summers End, PG-13 equivalent, 2018 [1/16]
This felt a lot like The Spectacular Now with a budding arsonist. Or maybe there's just a standard "awkward teen romance clearly written by a Man complete with requisite awkward virginity-losing scene" genre that this fits into. I love Kaitlyn Dever - I definitely approve of her being the next Chloe Grace "in everything ever" Moretz - as well as the actresses playing both moms (Annabeth Gish! Susie from CSI: Miami!), but didn't love this as a whole.

5. The Invisible Man, 2020, R [1/19]
Exactly the thriller/action content I am here for. Would have been fun to see in the theater.

6. The Secret Garden, 2020, PG [1/21]
OK, burning down Misselthwaite was a...choice, but otherwise I quite liked this interpretation. Two thumbs up for the featured doggy.

7. Wildlike, 2015, PG-13 equivalent except the F word is said twice [1/25]
Despite some Very Awkward Scenes, this was actually really well done despite being indie and on a free service, and not only because of the beautiful Alaskan scenery (though that helped).

8. Seventeen Again, 2000, PG [1/30]
Watch ALL the Mowrys! And a cute dog. Fun, silly/secretly heartwarming family film.

9. Sabrina The Teenage Witch, 1996, PG [1/31]
Also fun! The series is way better of course, but I can definitely see how they saw the potential in this film. Plus, LMAO TERRIBLE SMARMY RYAN REYNOLDS W/ HAIR TO MATCH.

10. Out of the Dark, 2014, R [2/6]
I didn't love the zombie-ghosts, but nevertheless, HOLY TERRIFYING PERFECT SCARY MOVIE W/ A+ FAMILY CASTING AND A BEAUTIFUL OLD HOUSE, BATMAN! This was even better than the last Julia Stiles horror movie w/ great spousal chemistry I saw. WITH bonus lush jungle scenery!

11. Titanic II, 2010 [2/14]
This is very slightly better than City of Gold, but also so stupid. I'm only giving it a pass because it's bad in a good way, i.e. line delivery that is acutely accidentally hilarious. "Let's get this cigar lit." Iconic.

12. He's Out There, 2018 [2/15]
DUDE that was some hella scary imagery!! Sometimes the girls wail a bit too much to be convincing, and it gets less scary on Day 2, when the killer starts making the kind of dumb decisions normally reserved for the protagonist, but otherwise absolutely everything I need from a horror movie, including a great cast and setting.


(I may not keep this up if I hit the text limit, but I'd like to try. Also, I'm not going to track anything watched in syndication because usually I don't know the episode numbers)

*Sister, Sister: 5x14-6x13
*3rd Rock From the Sun: 1x06
Call Me Kat: 1x01-04
The Chase: 1x01-04
Celebrity Wheel of Fortune: 1x01-04
The Hustler: 1x01-04
*The Office: 5x23-6x07 (minus 6x05. i hate it so much)
The Mandalorian: 2x01-03

*The Office: 6x08-14
The Mandalorian: 2x04-08
*Sister, Sister: 4x17; 6x14-22
*The Rules of Engagement: 3x01-03
Call Me Kat: 1x05
The Chase: 1x01-06
Celebrity Wheel of Fortune: 1x01-06
The Hustler: 1x01-06
Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction?: 2x02-06
All Creatures Great and Small: 1x06
Just Shoot Me: 2x04-16 (I have theoretically seen some of these before, but I don't know which ones and I remember few to none)
(and I know I said I wasn't gonna track syndication, but also I have now watched this many episodes of Storage Wars Texas: 8)

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