RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Today I learned why I should not be left alone in my room in the middle of the day with cable TV: I do things like channel-surf and then unexpectedly devote two hours of my time to something called "America's (Most) Smartest Model," where soon I am actively involved in how cute Daniel & Brett are, how much I hate Andre, and how Angela should win because she's the only one who looks totally normal/like someone I might encounter in real life, and also BILL NYE'S GOING TO BE ON THE NEXT EPISODE, MUST WATCH.  

I have to say, though, that it only took me about six minutes to decide it was 24,000 times better than America's Next Top Model.  Much less cringe-inducing.  Considerably less nudity.  Most importantly, Tyra-free.  
Voice: Interesting.  How does this fit into your plan of not watching TV all week? 


Tags: america's most smartest model
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