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Book Titles That Sound Like They Could Be Crayola Crayon Colors

Hello TTT, been a while (by which I mean 3 weeks). I haven't had ideas for the last couple, nor did I have the spare time to think very hard about them, but this one's been locked & loaded for a month, so enjoy. I thought about annotating it, but ultimately decided they can stand on their own.

(Side note: I really liked the description for this week - "Take a moment and Google some of the crazy Crayola crayon colors that exist. Can you think of any book titles that sound like they could also be a crayon color? It might be fun to include a description of the kind of color you’re picturing," although I mostly didn't do that last bit because I was less creative and stuck more to proper colors. I will leave that up to you to interpret in more detail!)

1. Wild Blue Wonder
2. The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise (dang it, I need to remember the actual titles better, but I don't have a replacement for this and "Coyote Sunrise" alone would just be such a great yellow-orange color crayon name)
3. Outlaw Red (like a really REALLY red bandana color)
4. Sweetgrass
5. Blue Smoke
6. Emerald Blaze (I claim no knowledge of this book's content, I was just searching out gemstone options in my Goodreads account and this popped up in the "books matching your search you haven't added yet" list)
7. Shrinking Violet
8. Golden Daffodils
9. Golden Sovereign (good luck pronouncing that one, kiddos!)
10. Steeldust: The Story of a Horse

TTT april 13

Will probably be absent again for a while after this. I'm definitely doing May 4th, but before that, who knows. Obviously April 27 (Animals in Books) seems TAILOR MADE for me -- see, even this list was 40% animal books -- but currently I'm paralyzed by my hundreds of options and can't decide on a theme to help narrow it down. And lately I've been limiting Fun Computer Time to 2 or 3 nights a week, because while I've found a way to still enjoy my nights. I just can't do everything every day anymore.

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