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After twenty-two-and-a-half years -- and eight since I've had any pet at all -- I have a real live tiny tiger in my home again.

One of Chris's friend's relatives had to go into a nursing home and had no one to take his cat, so (possibly swayed by her bargain cost of zero dollars [considering we still have a $250 pet fee to landlord] + coming with all her supplies, including a new bag of food and litter and a fresh vet checkup as of a week ago), we finally quit talkin' big about wanting a pet and took her over Memorial Day weekend.

Appearance: Her name is Katerina but her owner called her Squeaky because of her squeaky mews, and it's a hard habit to break now that I've heard her, tbh. She's a 5-6 year old shorthair tabby (like my childhood cat!), petite of frame, with green eyes and SUUUUPER soft fur. Like a rabbit. Her stomach fur is even softer, which I know because when she's happy she flops down and starts rolling from side to side and stretching out at full length, and remains relaxed and chill and purring when you stroke her stomach.

(This is what I have always MOST wanted in a cat, tbh. LET ME TOUCH YOUR BELLEH. I am aware most cats do this as a Trap, which pains me deeply, but I ventured a stroke because apparently her former owner would give her kisses on said stomach. Please note I do not plan to be that brave.)

She's also spayed and microchipped, although that reminds me, we gotta update the contact info that chip.

She is very startled by noises and movement, and spent most of her first day hiding under the bed -- though at least she didn't bolt under there; she sat in her open travel kennel for a while upon getting home, then took a long, careful stroll around the room to look at everything before smoothly gliding under there -- but after we ignored her for a while and sat on the floor, she ventured over and came to greet us, and in minutes she was chin-bumping and purring. All told, maybe 4 or 5 hours from arrival to this. We had figured she might need up to a week!

We were told she doesn't like being picked up, so we haven't tried that (although we also got her paperwork from her original shelter adoption, which says she likes being "held like a baby," so What is The Truth.gif). We were also told she likes to snuggle, but we haven't seen that yet because while she loves to do chin rubs and bang the top of her head against palms in search of affection, every stroke results in her either jumping to her feet with back end arched high (apparently in a pleased way, since she promptly turns around for another chin-rub), or eventually flopping down in her "combat roll" position described above. Aside from when she's stretched out post-roll, she simply does not hold still while being petted.

She doesn't jump up very much yet -- most of her time is spent on the floor, alternately sitting like a puffball and elongating, still upright but with one leg stretched out in front -- and she's still sleeping in her "den" under the bed, but she's already trotting out when the first one of us stands up, and she likes to greet us with a hello. She also likes to follow us when we walk around, although if we walk toward her when she's sitting she promptly gets up and scoots out of the way. She does NOT like the sound of keys in the front door or said door being opened, and promptly vanishes under the bed for a while. But you know what, that's okay.

As I write this, she's hanging out on her cat tower next to me. She was dozing but I just got up to try petting her, and WOW did she become an affection tornado. My chest is about level with the top shelf, and she not only started purring and rolling like crazy, when I leaned against it she put her paws against my chest for balance and stuck her face in mine, rubbing her chin all over.

Also, apparently she's a free-range feeder, which makes my life MUCH easier if I don't have to worry about being home at certain times or hearing Demanding Hungry Cat Yells at mealtime. The cats we had when I was a kid were also free-range feeders,

TL;DR: kitty is shy and easily spooked, and likes some alone time, but also warms up pretty quickly and will hang out nearby while coming to request affection on the regular. She is adjusting very well for a cat who went from having a homebound owner around all the time for 4 years straight, to living alone for 6 weeks outside of every-other-day visits from the man's daughter + strangers coming in to remove items, to taking a 25-minute car ride to a new place with 2 strangers she'd only met once.
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