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I was forgetting programs left and right in my sleep deprivation (damn school), but I remembered this one just in time.  It's my one "new" drama for the fall (currently in its second season).  I give it two trial episodes before I finalize whether or not I want it on my lineup.    

Brief Background: Because of its inconvenient time slot last year, I only saw one episode of it (a night I was bored, wanted crime, you know the drill).  It was towards the end of the year, where Bones was kidnapped and almost got murdered.  It meant there was a sweet scene where...the detective [ooh wait I know his name!  Booth, right?], was the one to rescue her.  Yippy shippy!  In a manner of speaking.  So it made me want to come back and try for season 2, once it changed timeslots.

Except for *despising* the woman who plays the new  (boss?  whatever, she "got the promotion") (I HATE that actress.  She plays Walt's mom on Lost, and has a zillion roles on other TV shows), with the big wide bug eyes and annoying voice, it was fun!  I like Bones' assistants (coworkers?  I understand nothing but will eventually learn as I go along), this format is a new way to make me like watching cases get solved...and Bones herself still reminds me of Cameron on House, whom I dislike, but oh well.  For now, it's fun crime drama, and pretty Boreanz, and I'm sure I'll come to care about Bones' personal drama a few episodes down the road.  For now I will simply let it go in one ear and out the other, like I did for years of the CSI franchise.

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