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This was an interesting week.  I worked on my paper from 9:30 on Monday night until 10:30 AM the following day, figuring that I spent about six hours actively thinking/writing (yes, for a 2.5 page paper + 1/2 page revision essay) and the rest slacking off, a word which here means "daydreaming about Jim/Pam."  Naturally, this required 14.5 hours of sleep on Tuesday night.  Wednesday no sleep (well, okay, 2 hours hunched over the desk), Thursday 12 hours, and apparently Friday night ended up being devoted to haphazardly watching TV & writing about it while simultaneously trying to catch up on everyone else's opinions.  And I still only got, really, 5 shows?  All night for 5 shows?!  WHAT HAPPENED TO PARAGRAPH LIMITATIONS, RS?

I am also doing my best to go track down your posts I'd saved for later and go comment on them, but...y'all were on a massive update kick this week and I could barely keep pace with reading the regular entries, never mind the spoilery reviews I was skipping or trying to come up with well-worded comments.

How I Met Your Mother: How I Met Everyone Else
This was one of the most entertaining episodes I've ever seen, and one of the ones that makes me wonder if this show might not eventually end up right next to Seinfeld in my "favorite smart comedies of all time."  From what I remember, very single second was hysterical, with the possible exception of the "sandwich" scenes because drugs are not funny, and I do not care if that makes me sound like a matronly schoolteacher from the 1960's.

The only other thing I didn't really like was another glimpse at Future Lily and Marshall, where they both look like grandparents (TV Squad affectionately - and accurately - refers to the former as Lily Rodham Clinton, while the latter has about as much hair left as Frank Barone) even though it's only 13 years in the future and they 're only supposed to be in their early 40's.  What's the age of the average crew member on this show?  25?

Otherwise, though, golden.  Barney drawing out the Hot/Crazy scale was great (and made sense even to me - personally, I think I have a cute/liberal scale), especially with the naming of the "danger zone" after a specific ex-girlfriend.  (wait, when was Barney dating women long enough to consider them "girlfriends"?)  And I loved Ted desperately trying to combat each rising instance of Crazy with another "why don't you tell that story, right now?" My favorite one by far was Barney & Marshall.  Marshall is so much greater than Barney it's not even funny, so I love his few moments of actual triumph.  (come to think of it, that's the other reason I love Slap Bet so much)

On the other hand, Marshall thinking his new roommate was the dean was too funny for words.  Speaking of it strange if I find College Ted more attractive than Current Ted?  Glasses + curls apparently really work for me.  Or perhaps it was the nerdy talk, which I cannot imagine Current Ted saying, which in turn makes me wonder how many brain cells he's killed at the bar since then.

Robin's green dress was really hot, but is she on some kind of new anti-shaving regime?  She always seems to be wearing knee-high boots these days.  And I'm a little worried as to what prompted her 16 repetitions of "No" to the assumption that she and Barney were a couple - I mean, the answer should be obvious, but as I recall, the more Robin protests something the more likely she really means (or at least wants) the opposite.  And the idea of Robin & Barney hooking up causes my brain to explode with horror.  Almost as much horror as the idea of Ted & Lily making out, drunk college freshmen or not.  I'm glad that ended up not being true.

CSI: Miami -
The advertisements for this episode were so extraordinarily dull that I actually considered not watching it.  Good thing common sense prevailed, or I would have missed a variety of (admittedly bargain bin) shipping moments, and also STETLER.  Stetler, regardless of the length or context of his appearance, automatically raises the awesome factor of any episode by 300%.  True fact. 

Jake/Calleigh: "I didn't hear you leave this morning."  Hey show, I'm not sure I've yet grasped that these two have been spending a lot of nights together, could you please BEAT ME HARDER OVER THE HEAD WITH IT?  Or at least, that's what I wanted to say until we got to the end and Jake decided that rather than even attempting to make things work around lab policies, it'd be easier if he just dumped her altogether.  On the one hand, I shouldn't be surprised because their history is supposed to be a rocky one and therefore I almost suspect he's done something like this before...but on the other, I was really close to almost starting to get used to tolerating him! 

And honestly, poor Calleigh; I've never seen someone make so many bad relationship choices.  It's like she has some kind of self-destruct mechanism built in that prevents her from dating anyone even remotely good for her.  This comment has nothing to do with the fact that I have been known to ship her with every male CSI she has ever worked with. 

Eric/Natalia: Y HALO THAR SEASON 4 SECONDARY SHIP, I FORGOT HOW MUCH I LIKED YOU.  With the gentle handling and the Voice of Soothing and the close embrace... *keels over in glee-induced daze*   They could have been something.

Natalia: On your own, however, I despise you.  What kind of stupid person decides their dignity (such as it is) is more important than seeking necessary medical attention?  Simply putting your shoulder back into its socket only relieves the pain; it does not correct the problem.  So while it was good that Eric helped her out there, and I may have felt a twinge of compassion for the way she gritted her teeth while he did so rather than giving in to a clear instinct to scream bloody murder, it was phenomenally stupid of her not to plan to see a doctor afterwards in order to make sure that she doesn't keep dislocating it and possibly cause longterm damage as a result.

Remind me again why she was practicing with a shotgun in the first place?  Is that standard issue in the police department now?

Stetler Showdown:  Poor Eric and his brain injuries - he's apparently forgotten that Rick/Yelina ended OVER TWO YEARS AGO and is therefore really not all that clever a reference if you're discussing "recent" policy changes. C'mon now, Eric, if anything it's probably in response to that horrible Nick/Natalia/Valera love/murder triangle.  Or maybe he got wind of that old pregnancy scare, which oddly enough also involved Natalia, or maybe he remembers how you tried to accuse her of using sexual favors to gain information for moling purposes.  Isn't it funny how every instance of such misconduct leads right to Miss Boa Vista? Maybe Stetler should just fire her.  I bet it would involve less paperwork.  (Yes, I'm stubbornly ignoring the other, non-Yelina-involving thing that happened at the end of season 3 as a result of a failed workplace romance)

Oh wait, I was discussing the showdown.  Even if he got his timeline messed up, I had to love Eric's glow of triumph at sticking one to Stetler.  It's doubly impressive that he can taunt him like that when you consider how many times Stetler's found cause to suspend and/or arrest him.  (there's something so great in the way he mimics "You'd best be served...") Plus, even though I'd just been drooling in ecstasy over the E/N embrace, when I saw it from Stetler's perspective I burst out laughing.  BEST.  VISUAL.  SIGHT GAG. EVER.  My mind may already have been in a slightly dirty place at that point.  Of course, I just love the way Stetler perks up at the name "DuQuesne" and quickly pretends it's only vaguely interesting.  His overly nonchalant attitude amuses me to no end.    

Eric/Calleigh: "How does Rick Stetler have even the faintest idea what's going on in my personal life?"  Well Calleigh, as I've mentioned before, he knows because he is working his way through the collection of this team's badges, and it just EATS HIM UP INSIDE that it's been five years and he has yet to nail you for anything.  He really, really wants to complete his trophy case, so now he's obsessively stalking you, waiting for an excuse.  Obviously.

That aside, I'm not disappointed in Calleigh for being angry at Eric right there - she'd gotten dumped literally seconds ago, and she was lashing out.  I'd love to be angry at Eric too, but he's drawing on some kind of super-reserve of Concern Face in this episode, and it's making my spine go all melty every time he talks.  Especially the way he admits "I don't like the situation with Jake, but I wouldn't rat you out.  You know that."

Ryan: Wait, I thought he quit the gun range job.  Is it like a part-time thing?  How he has had time to testify in court and be a personal bodyguard and such?  Or is just easier to beg your old job back here than it is at MDPD?  Whatever...I love the fact that he continues to be Odd Jobs Boy, breaking up the monotony of the usual casework scenes.  If I had my way, Ryan would never return to CSI.  I still can't figure out the writers' grand purpose to kicking him out in the first place, but I'm willing to go with it.  

Case: For its part, it actually was as stupid as the previews made it seem, and was only made worse by the nauseating addition of the dead-kidlet-with-kidney-failure angle.  The stupidest part about that was how it apparently activated all of Horatio's Compassion centers and overrode the fact that the late child's mother broke into the guy's house and stabbed him with intent to kill.  Someone, please reassure me that she was in fact arrested for attempted murder.  I mean, the CSIs were handcuff-happy in this episode so I assume she was, but... 

In exchange, I'll reassure you that as soon as the day was over, Horatio placed a call to Suzie Barnum to check on Madison, whom he has totally not forgotten about for even a second.

Notes from the Fashion Show: 
-Rick, dear God, why??  If I didn't know better, I'd think you were in some kind of kinky relationship whereby whenever you misbehave (aaand, brain bleach is down the hall, on the right) you have to wear something appropriately horrible to work.  That's really the only explanation I have for your pink striped shirt + purple tie. 

-Ryan, how many pink shirts do you own?  I'd just like to get a rough estimate.  And remind you that Breast Cancer Awareness Month is fast drawing to a close, so you'll be needing a new excuse to wear them.

-Horatio...after a brief flirtation last week with the Season 5 Blue, I notice you were back to the pure black ensemble.  As I recall, you were also in black when Stetler was wearing his crazy neon green stripes.  OH GOD, IT'S ALL BECOMING CLEAR TO ME NOW.

-On the bright side, Alexx's black-and-white striped tank looked awesome on her, and Natalia was rocking a nice elbow-length blouse.

Lastly: I'm watching the previews for the next episode, which appears to be Halloween-themed for the 2nd year in a row (yay!) and I realize...I have no idea what's going to happen, because I haven't been following the spoilers for this show since 6x04.  PEOPLE.  I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO HANDLE THIS GOING-IN-BLIND STUFF.  It's strange and frightening.  Would you go to a discussion-based class without having read the assignment?  Wait...that's a bad example. Still, that's what it feels like - I need the spoilers to give me a frame, and then actually seeing the episode is the fun part, where details & analysis get filled in.  If I have no idea at all, I spend my time just trying to keep up with what's happening, and then I don't pay sufficient attention to things like character interaction or the Fashion Show. 
Grey's Anatomy: Haunt You Every Day
Rantviews take more time but ultimately require less thought than a regular review, so...there you go. 

1. You may recall me lamenting piteously last spring when Alex let Ava/Rebecca walk away without so much as a kiss, even though he'd kissed "the OTHER stupid redhead" when he wasn't even attracted to her, and I wailed and gnashed my teeth in outrage because, the time he lifted Izzie out of Denny's bed notwithstanding, his attachment to Ava was the only time in his life that I actually believed he was capable of real human emotions.  The point is, REBECCA RETURNS TONIGHT SQUEE!
2. Ugh...Dr. Han needs to go away.  She brings back memories of Crossing Jordan.  The bad memories.
3. "Pick me.  Choose Me.  Love me." - one of my all time favorite entrance speeches to the Shakespearian Sonnet Club.
6. If Adele left him because he refused to coerce Camille into a few extra months of painful living...I can't even come up with a sufficiently threatening threat.
7. The hell?  Callie.  Callie.  You remember how I pointed and laughed as you cried in the rain last week?  This is why.  Because you are small (but not literally!) and mean and petty, and not in a fun/funny way like Cristina.
8.  Also, this is like reason #20 that I am continuing to plug my ears and pretend that George & Izzie never actually slept together.  If they just hadn't done that, the worst Callie could have come up with would have been "woman my husband left me for," and no matter how you spin it, that's just not as morally repugnant.
9. I'm not entirely sure who Lexie is supposed to be, wearing a pioneer bonnet and noticeable freckles, but she looks so damn adorable that I want her to be my half-sister right now so I can take her under my wing and be her new mentor & best friend.
10. Since that's not actually possible, I will settle for George becoming her new best friend.  They are awesome and giggly together.  But be careful, George!  Don't fall in love with her!  (actually, I think it's Lexie I should be warning.  She looks like she has the potential to develop a teensy little crush.  I swear I am not actually shipping them.  Not not not.  George is NOT the most desirable man at Seattle Grace!)
11.  Oh, McDreamy.  Your speechless disbelief is so endearing, I forget that your hair is an undreamy state right now.
12. Nurses United Against Mark Sloan is The.  Greatest.  Thing.  Ever.  Words cannot express how much I love it.  Also, it was ABOUT DAMN TIME somebody cottoned on to his smug and dirty ways.
13. I take it back, it's the second greatest thing ever.  the Greatest Thing Ever is Mark's face after a 10 y/o kid greets him with "Daddy?" I am almost literally rolling on the ground with laughter right here.  
14. AVA.  I LOVE YOU.  SO MUCH.  And Alex's face amazes me, as he experiences more deep emotion within the first three seconds of seeing her than in the entirety of the season to date.  His first instinct is to kiss her, and then he realizes that may not be exactly why she's come, but the whole time she's talking he's fighting the urge until he can appropriately (and oh so hotly) seize her and give her the kiss of a lifetime.  What I love about this is that it's not the same "Are you as horny as I am??" reaction that every other couple on this show has when they first lock lips; there's certainly desire but it's the desperation of having lost something important and then found it again, the need for physical contact as proof that she's there and he's real and this is not a dream.  [a/n: I love how easily I romanticized will be very amusing very quickly]
15. Wait wait wait, was that a moment of Mark being...not evil?  Agreeing to do the pro-bono surgery if Meredith got everything else ready for it?  I don't know how to feel about this.
17. Good girl, Ava...tell him no! I'm glad she reminded him that he didn't come looking for her.  (Although to be fair, that was because you were married and you'd just had a baby and your husband loved the both of you a great deal, so no honorable man would want to break that up...the point is, I don't think that coming back makes you a beggar, it makes you the stronger one for having decided once and for all what - who - you really want.)  But then Alex does some magical eyebrow lift that in the past I've always considered arrogant and smirky but now seems unbearably endearing, and suddenly I don't mind so much that he's gone back to overriding her "We need to talk" demands with kisses and CRAP, now even I kinda want to jump his bones.  What the hell is going on in this episode?!
18. Different question, this time about the Earless Wonder - why is everyone so charmed by the lisp?  The more he lisps, the more I want to strangle him.  It's irritating as sin.
19. *giggles madly* Is it wrong if I think the pyschotic man chainsawing off his own foot is really hilarious?  I just kind of imagine icons of his face there being captioned with "SPARTAAAAAAA!"
20. And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen - Callie was married in a church of Elvis.  Which, contrary to what she says, IS IN NO WAY, SHAPE OR FORM AFFILIATED WITH GOD, or in fact honest religion of any sort.  Your vows meant nothing.  Nothing!
21. In all the commotion, I almost didn't realize that the poor woman in the mousy costume got in a car accident and is now brain dead.  That's too depressingly sad for me to handle right now.  
22.  *stabs Sydney*
23. Bailey - "For ears?  He's trick or treating FOR EARS?" XD
24. Cristina's thought process upon viewing Gizzie: Shun.  Unshun.  (*snorts derisively*) Reshun.
25. I love that George, at least, has decency to be a little embarrassed when Izzie freely shares details of their *COUGH* NONEXISTENT AT ALL sex life. 
26.  Nyyyyah hah hah NUDITY IS DEFINITELY NOT PART OF THE ALEX/AVA EQUATION.  Especially not Ava nudity.  Especially not when strategic arm placement is the only thing preventing this from being an R rated movie.  That is far more of Ava than I ever wanted to see and my love for them dies right now.
27. It is miraculously revived by Alex, eyes half closed, lazily combing his fingers through the ends of her hair.  
28. It dies again when apparently, discussion of both her baby and the extra kind and sweet father of the baby and husband she is currently cheating on makes for fine pillow talk.  
29. It revives again when I realize that if we could concoct some kind of scenario that would keep the husband from getting hurt in all of this, the dopey and affectionate smile on Alex's face while listening to her wax rhapsodically about her baby daughter makes me oh so happy.
30. Now, if only Ava had figured out what they were doing before she slept with him and ruined my romanticized notions in point 14 by proving that maybe this was just a "God, have to sleep with you so I can start thinking straight" moment.  Also?  You do not really have a right to look disappointed with him for falling asleep right then given that a) he just told you he hadn't been sleeping well, b) he's already been on shift for a while, and c) he's a guy who just had sex.  This is slack, please to be cutting it.
31. OH NO SHE DIDN'T.  Oh NO she DIDN'T...oh my God, now I don't just dislike Dr. Hahn, I despise her with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns.  DO NOT INSULT THE CRISTINA'S INTELLIGENCE.  But especially do not insinuate that she is as cheap and hormonally crazed as every other idiot in this hospital.  I can't even describe how much my eyes are bugging out of my head right now, but maybe the fist-sized hole in the wall will give you an idea of my speechless and flabbergasted rage. 
32. *punches similar hole in Izzie's face for her matching smirk* 
33. George's speech pretty much moved me to tears.  I want to hug him.  Judging from the tears in Lexie's eyes, she very much wants to do the same.  My personal canon now officially states that Lexie has a crush on George.
34.  Shut up, Izzie.  I've been defending you a hell of a lot this year - and I'll do it again against Cristina trying to bring up the "he was her husband" card - but you were never one of my favorites and Cristina > everyone, so if it's a faceoff between the two of you, you lose.  Stop trying to convince everybody that you feel genuinely bad and awful for Callie, okay?  Just shut up and accept that you did a bad thing in order to get to a good place.  Just like...
35. OH!  YES!  IZZIE FINALLY PLAYED THE ADDISON CARD!  "Meredith slept with another woman's husband!" WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS THE SHEER BRILLIANCE OF THIS STATEMENT.  It's been bugging the hell out of me how everyone keeps making a big deal out of the fact that Callie & George were married, whereas everyone now accepts that Derek & Meredith are soulmates even though he was married to Addison for a great number of years, up to and including the time period in which Meredith was sleeping with him.  A lot more than once, and not on a basis of love & friendship either.  So NYAH. 
36. and yes.  Cristina & Meredith are a closed circle.  Unlike Meredith, Cristina has committed no crimes, but they are a closed circle.  The only people who ever got into that circle were their boyfriends.  
37. What - what is this ridiculous nonsense?  Why are Cristina & Callie giggling about their broken engagements/marriages?  Are they bonding?  STOP THAT!  
38. Uh-oh.  I should have known they wouldn't bring on a Ridiculously Old Intern unless they planned to do something horrible to him.
39. Ava?  Ava, stop pacing.  Stop pacing during the musical interlude.  This is never a good sign.  Do NOT tell me you're thinking of leaving him, because DUDE, he is at work.  He is a SURGEON, and while they are at work they may not be able to help being tied up for long stretches of time.  HIS ABSENCE IS NOT NECESSARILY INDICATIVE OF HOW HE MAY FEEL ABOUT YOU!
40. I'm so worried right now that I can't even bring myself to care that Norman is okay.
41. WHAT.  SHONDA, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  I am liking the Gizzie (not loving, liking), but you cannot make Gizzie the one smooth ship sailing through rocky waters while EVERY OTHER RELATIONSHIP, INCLUDING BAILEY'S WHICH IS SUPPOSED TO BE UNTOUCHABLE gets smashed up!!  Hate.  Hate.  Seething, seething hate.
42. Also, Bailey, for future reference: your husband and son are greater than any, and I mean any, case that comes through your hospital and/or clinic doors.  Always.  But especially when that case is a lispy little boy with a non-life-threatening problem. 
43. There, see, this is why Cristina > Dr. Hahn: "I did not sleep my way to the top.  I'm attracted to talent that resembles my own, not that it's any of your business.  Your comments were inappropriate and unprofessional.  YOU'RE inappropriate and unprofessional."
44. *screams* I - WHAT - ASDLASDFS BAD BAD BAD NO NO NO YOU DID NOT JUST HIRE DR. HAHN FULL-TIME.  NO.  This is beyond cruel.  This is taking the empty, gaping, Burke-shaped hole in my heart, stabbing a broken glass bottle into it, and then twisting.  And then pouring in a big bag of salt and twisting some more.  Nooooooooo!!
45. Norman's story about hearing "his Mary Beth's" voice is pretty cool.  All the same, I'm glad he's packing it off to psych.  I'd had enough of him.
46. I can hear a really pretty song playing in the background which I will pay attention to in a minute, but right now I need to run around flailing my arms in horror because NO NO NO NO NO AVA CANNOT BE GONE!  NO!  THIS IS WORSE THAN DR. HAHN STAYING FULL TIME.  The whole second half of this episode has been one long exercise in torture!  *sobs* Why did it have to be heartbreaking like that, with her thinking he'd chickened out again?!  At this point I think I'd have been happier if they HAD just left it at one round of sex to get it out of their systems and then calmly parted ways. No fair painting a grandiose and romantic picture for a single episode appearance!
47.  The really pretty song, by the way, is indeed a gem from a female singer-songwriter - Kendall Payne, "I Will Show You Love." 
You will come alive again and call the trying times your friend
The pain that you have suffered through will never get the best of you
You will hope in something real that won’t depend on how you feel
When you call my name then I will answer

Great, now it's going to take me about 10 tries to listen to this without wanting to cry while doing so...better get started.  *sprints off to obtain it* *mission succeeds*  *listens & cries*
48. Oh, crap.  Now George is going to come to Izzie and I swear one of them is going to look sad and say that it's too hard, they can't go through with this; they made it through one day but they can't handle forever and I JUST CANNOT TAKE ANY MORE HEARTBREAK RIGHT NOW.
49. Oh - what?  Handholds!  Smiles!  Oh my God, it's a tiny oasis of love in the middle of the bleak desert of Unhappiness!  *clings to it*
50. WHAT.  Callie is moving in with Cristina?  God DAMN it, I just got Addison rescued from that horrible weight of friendship with Callie, and now you're going to shackle my Cristina to it?  Callie does not deserve friends.  Callie deserves to be unceremoniously written off the show.
51. What a horrible hour of heartbreak.  I need to go watch some mindless island-survival fun. Except...the CBS player is being crappy, so I'll just move on with the writing about shows I've already seen. 

ER: Under the Influence
TNT's midday reruns are currently playing in the land of season 10, and as this falls under my definition of "glory days on ER" (that would be seasons 6-11; contrary to popular opinion, I don't think the show really got into its groove until after George Clooney was gone), I've been spending a lot of time wrapped up in those days, missing the cozy feeling of being able to consider Pratt & Morris irritating sidebar characters rather than integral parts of the longterm cast.  I just thought I'd throw that out there, because even though I loved season 13 and think that 14 is shaping up to be...all right, if not fantastic, it just doesn't compare to the heartwarming feeling of the Africa-centric days.  Where was I?  Oh yes, this episode.

WHOA!  LUKA, WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?  Clearly I have not been keeping up with detailed spoilers on this show; I thought Goran Visjnic was completely done with it (apparently, he's contracted for a half-dozen episodes or so), so imagine my shock and delight when he actually got a scene in this one.  A scene partially spoken in Croatian, no less!  Okay, his hair's not doing him any favors and the fact that he's still in Croatia is not the best of signs, but at least we now have proof that he's not totally incommunicado with Abby.  Plus I appreciate that he's giving estimates of "1 week" instead of, say, "another six months."  Even though I feel like he could easily spend the next six months saying "another week"...I choose the route of Shiny Happy Optimism.

I'm no expert on alcoholism, but Abby's AA sponsor seemed extra harsh and judgy about Abby's refusal to attend a meeting for having had a (as in 1!) drink.  Like, GEEZE.  Once you become a self-admitted alcoholic and get treatment, are you really not allowed to ever drink again, even in moderation?  That's just sad.  I did not know alcohol was equal to heroin.  Anyway.  Nice that she finally appeared to realize that unlike in years past, she cannot afford to fall apart and seek solace in drink because now Joe is depending on his mother to take care of him.  And she doesn't want him to grow up with Alcoholic Mom, either.

New characters: I feel absolutely no sense of personality from the female chaplain, and have no interest in getting to know her further.  Pity Tony apparently does.  As for the 19-year-old intern; he might be a genius but he looks and acts like a dimwitted baby, and I already want to beat him up.  I'd almost rather deal with Moretti.

Recurring minor characters: Hey, it's Bernard!  I mean...oh hell, I don't care if he was on ER long before he was on Lost, I never learned his doctor name.  He will forever be "Dr. Bernard" to me.  I like his cranky attitude.  Much more than Abby's sponsor, whose name I also cannot recall at the moment.

Thing I could really, really have done without: Archie's "private moment" on the phone with Hope.  In an ambulance!  *scrubs brain with extra bleach* Every time I think I might be starting to like him, he gives me a whole host of reasons not to.

Moment of Glee: Tony's bonding remark to his patient, "I have a little girl."  Squee!  This cannot ever be mentioned be enough. 

Without a Trace: Something about gangs...
Wow - it's taken several years, but it appears I've finally reached a point where I see more than enough crimes solved each week.  As such, I am officially no longer even attempting to get involved with the cases on this show - I literally bounce out of the bedroom every Thursday night after ER for the express purpose of cueing up my tape and seeing how fast I can whip through the night's episode if I only stop for the personal moments.  Frankly I like it much better this way.  It's like picking the M&M's out of trail mix.  

In fact, the colors are thusly--
Red - Vivian (because it's the dominant color, and she's in charge.  Or should be)
Orange - Martin (because it's the leftover color, and he's on the fringes lately)
Yellow - Samantha (because she's blonde, and it goes well with Jack's color)
Green - Elena (because green is the sexy gal)
Blue - Danny (because blue & green are not only the best colors individually, they match)
Brown - Jack (because it's dull, like him, and when listed together with yellow, it has unpleasant associations.  Just like the image of Jack & Sam together)

Save this list for reference; my cut links from now on just may say things like Personal Moments: Red, Blue/Green, Brown x2, etc.

Blue & Green: Danny's been haunted his whole career by the memory of an incident from rookie days where he was nervously going down a dark alley and almost shot a kid playing with a water pistol.  This personal moment is enhanced by the fact that he tells it to Elena after a bit of of coaxing on her part, but still...that's not much to go on for my daydreams here.  This was supposed to be my first D/E fodder of the year!  I shall have to add periodic nightmares, or something, to my daydream scenarios.  And - ooh, yes, that image works like a tranquilizer, that does.  Soooothing...  *shakes it off* Wait!  There was something else!

Yellow: Sam is having spells of light-headedness!  Which means - she might be pregnant!  And best of all, she is JUST discovering this.  Seriously?  You know, I was prepared to hate this storyline on principle, but I'm even less open to it now that the Sam-pregnancy timeline CLEARLY does not match up with the Poppy-pregnancy timeline.  You were doing so well with the desks and file folders, it seems silly to undermine all that hard work.  
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    The next Music List installment is so close, but I'm not sure I've worked out my complex feelings about Taylor's latest CD release enough…

  • Great News update

    I am halfway through season 2 now, and while I still don't really understand why Greg and Katie suddenly had chemistry at the end of season 1 --…

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