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Top Ten Book Titles That Are Questions

Hey, I'm back! After being free from the Friday before Memorial Day through June 20th, and making the most of every minute, I am back to working full time through the end of July, so it's taken me this long to finish a TTT post, but this one was fun/easy enough to (just barely) squeak into the queue on time! Main party post/link roundup is here.

Brought to you by searching the question mark symbol on my Goodreads account, because only a few of these came to mind off the top of my head. It's very possible I'm missing some great ones that left the actual punctuation out of the title, but here goes nothing.

Interestingly, the most recent one of these is from 2011 -- do publishers not use question marks anymore??? Or, considering I had less than 20 results altogether, maybe they're not that common regardless or I just don't tend to read that kind of book. I guess I'll find out when I read other peoples' posts. (Although I suppose I did ignore a couple of Mindy Kaling options that would have been more recent, in favor of spotlighting the more obscure.)

TTT july 13 21

1. Can I Get There By Candlelight? - Jean Slaughter Doty (1980)
How many miles to Babylon?
Three score miles and ten.
Can I get there by candlelight?
Yes, and back again.

My beloved pony*/timeslip story about traveling back in time on the grounds of a grand estate.

*A pony whose name is Candlelight, upon whose back she rides when she slips through a doorway that leads to the past

2. What Do You Do With A Kinkajou? - Alice Gilborn (1976)
Truly one of my favorite book titles of all time, and a great book as well - a memoir of a mother who had dozens of pets, both domestic and exotic, all over her farm.

3. How Do You Spank a Porcupine? - Ronald Rood (1969)
Another favorite. As described before, this is about raising an orphan baby porcupine (and the problem of disciplining it!)

4. Are You Going To Kiss Me Now? - Sloane Tanen (2011)
Being marooned on an island somewhere off the coast of Madagascar with five celebrities sounds romantic and glamorous, right?

And that's all you need to know about what a fun/ridiculous YA beach read this is (maybe also the line "It's like a group therapy edition of Survivor"). I barely remember it, but I had a good time.

5. Where Have All the Tigers Gone? - Lynn Hall (1989)

Another one I've recced before, a juvenile book about a 50-something woman attending a high school reunion (title comes from the school mascot -- The Tigers), the bulk of which is an extended flashback to her teen years in the 1950s.

6. If I Have a Wicked Stepmother, Where's My Prince? - Melissa Kantor (2005)
Read in college and barely remember it - for instance, forgot even the basic fact that it's a modern retelling of Cinderella - but what a memorable title.

7. I Had Brain Surgery, What's Your Excuse? - Suzy Becker (2003)
An illustrated/mixed media memoir about being diagnosed with, undergoing and recovering from brain surgery.

8. What Happened to Cass McBride? - Gail Giles (2006)
A good introduction-to-thrillers for juvenile readers, as a popular (possibly mean?) girl is abducted by a classmate, who intends to bury her alive.

9. Are You In The House Alone? - Richard Peck (1967)
Very possibly one of the first books for teens about stalking and rape.

10. Why Have The Birds Stopped Singing? - Zoa Sherburne (1974)
During an epileptic seizure while visiting her ancestral home, sixteen-year-old Katie is transported back in time and mistaken for her great-great-great grandmother, who also had epilepsy, at a time when the disease was greatly misunderstood.

I don't remember this one well, but I loved the concept.

P.S. Bonus 11th hour 11th edition that I just remembered and love too much not to share: Does This Book Make Me Look Fat? w/ a bunch of popular authors contributing, including Megan McCafferty, Sara Zarr, Carolyn Mackler and Jaclyn Moriarty.

I haven't read this, but it always cracked me up at the library -- a YA collection of short stories and essays about body image. There are apparently a number of books titled after this theme, but this is the only one I've seen in person and it is therefore the best.

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