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Ten (More) Books With Numbers in the Title

Original prompt/party post at That Artsy Reader Girl here.

Last time we had a "number titles" post, I did 1-12, but this time I decided to change it up a little. I did surprisingly well at remembering some off the top of my head, while others I found by keyword-searching units of time or multiples of 10 on my Goodreads account.

september 14 post
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1. One For the Murphys - Lynda Mullaly Hunt
After a few years post-college in which I never touched middle grade books, I saw this featured in the Goodreads Choice Awards, and this wonderful title about an adorable girl in foster care hitting the jackpot with a foster family relaunched my appreciation for the entire age group.

2. Five O'Clock Charlie - Marguerite Henry
I actually had two Henry options here, this or Cinnabar the One O'Clock Fox, but I like this book better -- a sweet picture book about a retired cart horse* who doesn't want to be retired...not least because he misses getting to share a piece of apple pie with his owner at the end of the day.

*adapted from the version in Album of Horses, where he was a mill horse

3. 38 Weeks Till Summer Vacation - Mona Kerby
You ever run across a title that is SO MEMORABLE that long past the point where you can even remember if you READ it or not, it sticks with you? This is that book. I swear, my entire school-age life was reminding myself every awful September that school years were "only 38 weeks." (except I remembered it as 36, and it was actually closer to 40 until college, but close enough)

4. The House of a Million Pets - Ann Hodgman
A very recent read I'm so sorry I didn't run across sooner! Joyous and almost-entirely-hilarious* book for elementary-age readers full of anecdotes about the many, many, mostly small-and-caged pets the author owns or has owned in her life, in the wonderful voice of a grown-up who might be over FIFTY!! now (she cheerfully acknowledges that you must be picturing her as an old crone), but still remembers what it's like to be a kid.
(*except that animals do die in some of the stories, sadly)

5. 365 Days to Alaska - Cathy Carr
oh my god, look, a book from THIS YEAR!! Because it happened to catch my eye in a bookstore, and when I saw the library had a copy I couldn't read it fast enough. A 12-year-old girl raised in the Alaskan bush has to move to Connecticut and the SUBURBS when her parents separate, holding on to the promise that if she sticks it out with her mom for a year, she can go back. It's a really warm, wonderful story.

6. You Can't Take 20 Dogs on a Date - Betty Cavanna
Not even if, like this 70s heroine, you've decided to start a boarding kennel business in lieu of going to college after high school. ;)

7. 52 Reasons to Hate My Father - Jessica Brody
I only rated this 3 stars initially, because I don't think the writing or characters really wowed me...but honestly, I still remember it very fondly. What a great premise -- irresponsible young heiress must spend a year working various minimum wage/entry level jobs that her father set up to in order to earn her trust fund.

8. 738 Days - Stacey Kade
I wish this hadn't had the graphic sex scenes (that happen...way too early in the relationship), because otherwise it was a fantastic premise for a romance.

9. 600 Hours of Edward - Craig Lancaster
An oddly charming adult novel, despite its repetitive parts, about a neurodivergent man and the way his life and routines are disrupted -- mostly for the better -- by his new neighbors over the course of, that's right, 600 hours.

10. Movies in 15 Minutes - Cleolinda Jones
Only the best book of (hilarious) blockbuster movie recaps/parodies in script form OF ALL TIME! As originally seen here on LJ (m15m), albeit last updated in 2012.

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