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Book Haul - yes, another one

Part I:
On Monday, I went to the library to collect a bunch of checkouts, and while I was there I checked out the sale corner, and grabbed a bunch of great stuff for less than $3:

The Hole In the Tree by Jean [Craighead] George: with a dust jacket (albeit a crappy one, stained inside), but more importantly SIGNED!

Old Bones the Wonder Horse by Mildred Mastin Pace: a fairly common older horse book, but I've never seen it in person before so I haven't read it, and 25 cents is the right price (even without a dust jacket).

What If It's Us, so now I don't have to keep checking it out in case THIS time I'm in the mood to settle down & read it

CD: Glee - The Christmas Album, vol. 3. Only two more -- the most recent ones, which I suspect will be way tougher to find in the wild -- and I'll have the complete collection of physical Glee CDs (except Rocky Horror, which I don't want, and the Love Songs EP, which isn't worth carting an entire CD around for)

And today, after less than 2 weeks' notice, my home county did a 1-day library sale (which was not even advertised on the Book Sale Finder site despite being relatively sizable), and I got a BOATLOAD OF JOY. I spent $8 total, picking out a few items that were must-haves at noon and leaving the rest to chance for the fun of a $5 bag sale three hours later. Everything was ex-library -- a couple of these branches just had an absolute field day with weeding, I guess -- but that's fine.

The Falling Between Us - Ash Parsons: I JUST read this in August, and I was really impressed by the writing style and tagged it as want-to-own. Here we are!

The Girl You Thought I Was - Rebecca Phillips: another one I just read this summer, and really liked!

The First Test - Tamora Pierce: LMAO I literally checked out this exact copy over the summer and kept it for like, 2 months while I was trying to get my reviews for this quartet written (which I still didn't, so this is helpful). It's the photographic cover, and the glossy wrap is peeling off the bottom so not ideal shape, but it will do for now.

My Lost and Found Life - Melodie Bowsher: OH MAN, I've mentioned this on TTT a few times and been meaning to revisit it when I got the chance; I didn't even realize the library still had a copy. Which, I guess NOW it doesn't, so I'm glad I got my hands on it.

Someone I Wanted To Be by Aurelia Wells: I don't actually love this one, but I love parts of the writing a lot so I've reread my review and thought fondly of it over the years, and I'm sad it doesn't have a lot of love on Goodreads.

Prairie Evers by Ellen Airgood: now I've got the pair! (including its sequel)

Your Destination Is On The Left - Lauren Spieller: a super-solid read from a few years ago

Bought To Read, May or May Not Keep
The Law of Loving Others by Kate Axelrod: I've thought about reading this over the years, and this was the library's last copy so now it's on my timetable.

The Many Lives of John Stone by Linda Buckley-Archer: I wanted to read this a couple of years ago, but ran out of time until the craving passed. This too was the library's last copy, so I yanked it, even though it's terribly large.

The Echo Park Castaways by M.G. Hennessey: looks like a cute middle grade book about foster kids

And We're Off - Dana Schwartz: pitched as 13 Little Blue Envelopes meets Gilmore Girls SOLD!

100 Hours - Rachel Vincent: "A decadent spring break beach getaway in Colombia becomes a terrifying survival story when six Miami teens are kidnapped" Holy CRAP this sounds epic; how have I never heard of it! Also, this is yet another one where this was the library's last copy, so got it in the nick o' time!

The Help
The Age of Adaline (my favorite new-to-me movie of the year!)
Scott & Bailey season 4 (I have only watched season 1, but I enjoyed it, and where else am I gonna get this for under $1?)
Ever After (can't believe I've never found this on DVD before!)
Furious 7
How I Met Your Mother season 9 (woot! glad I didn't spend $3 buying it out of the Friends of the Library corner a few months back. $3 is still a fair price, but this is better.)

Half Price Books Fodder
A brand-new hardcover copy of Gun Island by Amitav Ghosh. I had to read a book by this author in college and it was not a good time, so I didn't even crack open the jacket. If there's anything pretty left at Bag Sale Time, I will take and churn through their system without a second thought. I don't feel bad when there's less than an hour left in the sale.

Bag Sale-Induced Extras: Little Free Library Fodder
(I wouldn't normally even delineate these, but I figured if anyone else ever reads this post, it might be interesting. When I do the bag sale, I always end up with some books I don't actually want because I like to feel I've gotten my money's worth. Redistributing them in Little Free Libraries is fun, especially when I take them out of the county in hopes that they'll reach people who didn't get a chance to see them before. )

  • The Secret Cookie Club: P.S. Send More Cookies by Martha Freeman

  • Hokey Pokey - Jerry Spinelli

  • Still A Work in Progress - Jo Knowles

  • Gabby Garcia's Ultmate Playbook: MVP Summer - Iva-Marie Palmer (I thought it'd be fun to look at before releasing -- I love middle grade books with text-aligned illustrations, font changes, etc. Nothing about the story itself appeals to me, alas)

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