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Random Note: It's been exactly 7 years since the light flipped on and I became obsessed with The X-Files.  I don't know why I still feel the need to mark this anniversary, but October 29th is a very important date in my fandom history, so I do.  [EDIT: Perhaps because today signaled the news that X-Files 2, as in the legendary rumor of a movie, might be off the ground at last??]

Semi-Random Note: The cut-text that reads "kind of" is actually for Private Practice, and CSI: NY somehow got mixed up in there too, but I can't change it without royally messing up all the cut-text links, and it would take much more time to fix than I'm prepared to spend. 

NCIS: Leap of Faith
This was the most boring episode I've seen in about 2 seasons.  All the interesting stuff was packed into the last 5 minutes...but I did like overworked!Abby finally snapping and yelling at the team for badgering her, even though I'm not sure where her "it was nice to feel wanted" comment in such a dejected tone came from - she always seems quite cheerful about her work, no matter how much time it takes, and if unlimited Caff-Pows and kisses from Gibbs aren't tokens of appreciation, I don't know what is.  Ah well.  She did very astutely point out that they're a family, and that occasional venting is both allowed and expected.  

Loved her headsmacking Tony (who spent the rest of the episode cringing in fear every time she looked at him - HEE), followed by Gibbs delivering a much harder headsmack for "spreading rumors."  Enjoyed Abby's black-rose bouquet at the end and "He still loves me," especially with Tony whining that he'd been the one who really solved the case... nope, sorry, as Ziva points out, "She will always be the favorite."  Both heartwarming and true.  Also heartwarming: Abby sweetly handing one of the flowers to Tony with the promise, "I still love you."  They have the cutest sibling dynamic ever.

Oh, and McGee saving Tony's life was a nice moment of heroism, although there was so much else going on - not to mention that it happened right at the very end - that it seemed almost like an afterthought, and oddly glossed over given that if Tony's grip had slipped before McGee got there, he would have fallen to his death.

Also, one thing from earlier in the episode: ZIVA.  Do you think you could possibly go one episode without mentioning Tony's "fear of commitment"?  It's beginning to reflect more on you than him.  

Bones: The Secret in the Soil
Hodges: Hey, you guys going to check out a large compost pile?
Booth: It is WRONG how excited he sounds.

Once again, I find myself with very little to say.  It was entertaining and well-written; I didn't feel a need to fast-forward at any point, but neither did I have an urge to hit "pause" and write down some thoughts, other than that Booth constantly referring to their therapist as "Sweets" ("it's DOCTOR Sweets!") and mocking his youth (he really DID look 12) was rather amusing.  What happened to Gordon Wyatt?  I thought he was starting to make some progress on denting Booth's derision of psychoanalysis.

Oh, and count me in on Booth's side of the equation as far as organic vs. cost factor.  You'd think that not spending money on pesticides and commercial fertilizer would make things cheaper, not twice as expensive.  My environmentalism extends as far as recycling, not letting the water run while brushing my teeth, and feeling guilty about eating meat - bargains supercede all.   (see also: shopping at Wal-mart guilt-free)

Finally, loved Cam warning Hodgins & Angela, "I WILL get a bucket of cold water."  Much as I love them, even I think that the kissing not only at work but in front of everyone while in the middle of discussing a case is over the top. 

House: "Guardian Angel"
Why hello, AMAZING EPISODE.  (also hello: Suzie Barnum!  When did you gain a Ukranian accent?  Is Horatio taking care of Madison while you're messing with House's mind?  In all seriousness, I adore the actress playing the patient of the week) It's especially impressive for the fact that Wilson had essentially zero screentime and yet I was riveted by the case alone. 

I don't recall if I saw any previews for this episode, but I was completely thrown by the first revelation that her mother wasn't dead.  And even though I knew it was a medical show and therefore she couldn't really be talking to ghosts (not that that stopped Grey's Anatomy!), I was swept away by that whole quasi-supernatural angle.  Especially by the idea that she'd seen Wheelchair Guy (and on that note, FINE, even though I think there are still holes in that story I guess it really was 13's fault that he died, and not some grand suicide plan on his part).   I really wanted her to have seen Grandpa House, but I'll settle for the neat throwaway line about that character leaving to get warm milk that ended up being an integral part of the solution.  (edit: ...apparently despite being riveted, I was not paying attention to her mother offering the same thing)  Even outside of that angle, she was such a sympathetic character that for once, I was invested in her case.  And if you didn't get a little choked up at her saying goodbye to her mother, you have a heart of stone.   

You know, it took me until the third season to realize that they were actually breaking into their patients' homes rather than just making an investigation after having gotten permission.  Since then, I've always been vaguely uncomfortable with this practice - I'm still not convinced that the patients wouldn't willingly give consent, if it was going to help SAVE THEIR LIFE - but digging up a grave on a whim, without a court order, strikes me as way, way, way across the line.  That seems like it'd be all kinds of illegal in a manner that would earn you handcuffs & jail time if caught. 

Mormon Doc Cole punching House  = even better than House punching Chase.  And as you may recall, I thought the punching of Chase was pretty great.  Also, for some reason the fact that he's a single dad just makes him all the more endearing.  He DEFINITELY needs to stay on the show.  Everyone else I could still take or leave, but he's pretty great.    

Losing Ridiculously Old Intern (Grey's)  was one thing, but then I come over here and discover we're losing Ridiculously Old Fraud in the same week?  Where is Michael Scott to make ridiculous accusations of ageism when you need him?  I was starting to like him.  I am continuing to despise CB, though; she's irritating as sin and SO full of herself that frequently want to punch her.  Also, the fact that her name is "Amber" annoys me because it seems like that should be 13's name, and so every time someone says it I get confused.  I'm also still annoyed that 13 doesn't have a name, because I keep wanting to call her Jeanne, and if she doesn't get her own name soon, I'll never be able to make the switch.  I like her, though.  Mystery is good.  It beats Cameron wanting to talk about feelings any day. 

Finally, question: House was playing a game of "Surgeon"?  Is "Operation" really under such tight copyright wraps?   

Private Practice: In Which Addison Finds a Showerhead
I'd been looking forward to this episode for a while, to find out what it meant, because it was just such a weird title.  I mean, we've had silly and whimsical titles before, but what could they possibly mean by this? Like, seriously - she goes shopping at the hardware store, perhaps with her old friend & new neighbor Sam in tow, to fix up her bathroom?  She's digging through closets and finds that the house's former occupants liked to keep old bits of plumbing in odd places?  These are the thoughts that were running through my head.  But in actuality...

Think of the worst possible use for a showerhead.  Go ahead, let your mind wander into the distant possibilities of "no" and "ew" and "oh God, not for mention in polite company." And THAT is what the title refers to.'s not directly about that, and we are spared any disturbing footage of this thing in use.  Because the weird thing about Private Practice is that its power seems to lie in suggestion, and even though it seems to constantly tap-dance on the line between funny and crude, it always holds itself back from actually crossing the line - something I'm quite sure Grey's Anatomy couldn't maintain for even one episode, much less five.  It's like the clean version of Grey's.  How much longer this will last, I don't know, and I certainly don't consider it family-friendly viewing,'s different.  Some examples: 

-They constantly say "that" rather than using the actual unpleasant-sounding word, which for all I know may be due to an FCC-banning but which makes me extra-happy nevertheless.  I will continue not saying the word either, in a similar illustration of the way my classmates, once a swear word is introduced in a piece of literature for discussion, will constantly repeat said swear word rather than making an indirect reference or substituting a euphemism at any point.  It's some kind of herd mentality, I think.  

-Although she is supposed to be acting as a doctor, and therefore objective in her instructions about protection and checkups and such, when the girl in question is 13 years of age, Addison quickly throws that crap out the window and basically falls back on "You know what?  You're too young.  STOP DOING IT."

-Of the two girls supposedly having extreme underage sex, the main character is actually still a virgin and the unimportant side character is punished with a STD and a near-fatal ectopic pregnancy.  SEE?  ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES.  (By the way, if I ever got wind that my hypothetical daughters were stupid enough to be having sex at 12 years of age, they would be fitted with chastity belts without delay.  Or banished to live in the backyard, their choice.) 

 -Addison admits her carnal attraction to a guy she's known for about 4 weeks.  Rather than helping him tear her clothes off five minutes later, she controls her impulses and learns that there are times when walking away and relying on fantasy is the most appropriate option.  Which, as previously mentioned, we are blessedly allowed to learn through a mere line or two of exposition rather than, say, cutting to twenty seconds of watching Kate Walsh make faces at the camera.  Which I'm convinced would have happened on Grey's Anatomy.

Okay, enough with those examples.  Can I just say that I <3 Addison so much more than I ever thought possible.  This makes at least twice now that she's unconvincingly claimed not to be a prude - which, Addie, that doesn't have to be a bad thing - when she calmly shrugged and explained "I don't do that," I couldn't believe my ears.  Having had it drilled into my head from the age of probably 10 (in a school curriculum designed by people overzealous in their efforts to reverse the repression taught in their generation) that it is A TOTALLY NORMAL AND HEALTHY PROCESS WHICH EVERYONE NOT ONLY DOES BUT WHICH IS THE ONLY SURE SIGN YOU ARE DEVELOPING *NORMALLY*, it is nice to have an example in which it doesn't happen.  And okay, perhaps it's not the best role model given what she got up to in Seattle, but on the other hand, it suddenly explains so much about the inappropriate relationships that were going on.  I know there's a step missing in here, like I should be getting angry over the fact that it seems like not doing "that" leads to a state of uncontrollable sexual frustration, and that it's spreading the message that one can only remain celibate by doing "that," but...

The bottom line: I can retcon both the Mark & Alex incidents out of my personal canon by replacing them with showerheads.  The idiots really didn't mean a thing.  *IS GLEEFUL*  :D 

Other Things

  • Auntie Addison just may be my favorite Addison ever.  She strikes a wonderful pose between friend and responsible adult influence.   
  • Filed under "things I did not need to know about Violet" - the detail in which she fantasizes about Clinton.  Ew.  And yet I can't hate that segment because, just like it was nice finding out that Addison wants men to be attracted to her brain, it's kind of cute that Vi's fantasy includes children running around
  • Because of that tidbit, I've spent all day dreaming about Violet/Cooper babies.  THANKS A LOT.
  • Filed under "things changed from the pilot" - Allan is Goodwin.  OMG VIOLET RUN AWAY!!
  • On the cases, I tentatively guessed "rape" as soon as Beth started shivering, and her wanting a pill to forget it all cinched the deal.  So apparently there are two things I can spot a mile away - eating disorders & rape victims.  
  • Filed under "dancing on the line between funny and crude" - anything involving pap smears.  I say it redeemed itself because the reactions of the older women were hilarious, but it was still intensely uncomfortable to watch.  Let's just say that Receptionist Dell > Miwife Dell > Naomi-Stalking Dell >>>>>>> Budding Gynecologist Dell.
  • Cooper!  No!  Don't walk away from Violet...this is breaking my heart a little.  Which it's not supposed to do, because I repeat: your name is not Jim!  And anyway, not even Jim was ever quite this dickish towards Pam.  (although, Cooper's anger and frustration over her self-destructive cycle were kind of justified)
  • I take that back.  Violet is so sad and fallen and hurt there at the very end that not even his attempt at a cold cold heart of stone can continue to reject her, and he lets her in.  Then my brain goes wild with possible daydreams, and a few hours later I realize I am in desperate need of fanfic to channel my new and implausible love for these two, and OKAY, you officially have another convert to </b>cooperviolet(Congratulations, Universe.  You win.)
CSI: NY: "Down the Rabbit Hole"
I’m confused.  Hasn’t Second Life, or at least some similar game, been around for years?  Why is it suddenly so much in the public consciousness that it’s the focal point in episodes of at least three TV shows in the space of as many weeks?  Did it recently get featured in the news like MySpace as something that Everyone Should Know About?   

Still, I enjoyed its inclusion a great deal.  Like I said in response to that SVU episode, I find the idea of the game rather intriguing and was tempted to sign up, but I figure I already spend enough time in a second life on the internet…it’s called fandom. I don’t understand why Danny scoffs at the idea that anyone would participate in a game like this, though.  Have you not heard of the Sims?  As far as I can tell, that’s pretty much what SL is, except that instead of being an omniscient overseer of characters, you have first-person perspective and control only yourself.  Or maybe that idea of an online life is just ingrained in me from years in sim horse clubs…of course, that’s like comparing Dungeons & Dragons to World of Warcraft, but the underlying concept of creating a character and simulating (horse-related) businesses and events playing out in their lives is still there.   

I also find it implausible that none of these law enforcement agents even seem to know what it IS.  I can see needing instructions on the specifics of how to navigate it, but having to have the concept explained?  That’s like…well, again, that’s like needing to be told that MySpace is a social network where you can post a picture/profile and leave comments for people to read.  Anyway.

I LOVED how socially awkward Mac was in his first attempt to navigate the virtual world.  I saw no reason for Adam to be the one to take the reins; that setup was begging for secretgamer!Lindsay to show up…but I love that Stella was the one to bridge the gap.  She might not have been familiar with the game, but she knows how to adapt and play to her strengths.  I actually really enjoyed all the time we got to spend watching them play, with the camera trained on the computer screen…this is probably as close as I will ever get to experiencing the game, because as interesting as it looks I tend to be horrible at figuring out how to navigate first-person things (I preferred to watch my brother play video games rather than joining in).  This way I got to check it out without having to go through the whole process of signing up and figuring out the controls and whatnot.  

Speaking of Lindsay, I…don’t think I like her anymore.  I don’t know if it’s being involved with Danny as opposed to filled with UST, or if I just got really used to Dark Lindsay, but now it’s like her every line seems artificial and/or cluelessly immature, gratingly perky, and occasionally smug/overly pleased with herself.  It’s getting to the point where I cringe every time she opens her mouth.  She’s becoming Natalia Boa Vista.  The horror!  I’m thinking there needs to be D/L cuddling soon to remind me why I like her.  Or horsey interaction.  Can we send her and Mac out to investigate a case that involves horses in some way?  That would be fantastic.

Seeing as Mac & Flack are my two favorite characters on this series, nothing makes me happier than when they have serious conversations (Flack’s Concern face is presently etched into the pleasure center of my brain).  I love the fact that his first reaction to Peyton’s letter, at least after drowning his sorrows in music, was to hop on a plane and try to convince her otherwise.  Mac passively accepting a breakup by post just did not sit well with my mind.  I’m not sure I’m fond of him working it through logically and accepting it anyway – partly because the cranky little part of my brain is screaming at Peyton that if she couldn’t live in the U.S., THEN WHY THE DID YOU LEAVE LONDON IN THE FIRST PLACE? – but my despondency has alleviated considerably upon reading this fantastic story, which involves an insistent stray kitty slowly but surely working its way into Mac’s life.  No one can convince me this is not taking place right now, and will therefore help patch the Peyton-shaped hole.    

Lastly, I would like to register a complaint with the horrible, horrible music used throughout this episode.  I lost count of how many times I had to skip forward because the pounding bass was giving me a headache, and had I not had to restart the Inner Tube due to its malfunctioning when I tried to skip backward, I would have missed Mac jogging at the beginning because I thought the pre-episode commercials were still rolling and I was busy working in another window.   

-I’m stubbornly sticking to my conviction that Stella’s would-be amour is completely harmless.
-It can’t be good that they’ve had two emergency computer shutdowns in the past month.  That’s got to be pissing some important people off…
-Lindsay’s blue V-neck w/ black tank top in the beginning of the episode was really cute, and I want to steal it for my own wardrobe. 
Not much to say about it this week, other than that it was the gross food challenge.  For once, I was kind of looking forward to it; I was genuinely curious as to what kinds of Chinese delicacies they'd come up with (though all bets were off if they included dog meat).  But there's gross, and then there's baby animal corpses.  Seriously.  Much like the piglet I had to dissect in high school, the fact that the chicks were "fetal" did not make a damn bit of difference  - they looked exactly like baby chicks.  And same for the bitty turtles, no matter how small they were.  Ugh.  In other news, I thought Frosti nimbly climbing like a monkey to dislodge the shingles, and then lunging for the fallen immunity idol (without even knowing what it was) like a misbehaving dog was funny enough on its own...but the addition of Todd confessing "The only thing I could think was Frosti!  Frosti, NO!!" took it to a whole new plane of hilarity.  Unfortunately, that was about where Todd's master plan about the immunity idols started to slide south.  I couldn't follow all his logic, but I'm pretty sure he told way more people than he needed to, and also that neither idol is really under his control right now, which...seems to unravel all the hard work he did earlier in making sure that he was the only person who collected all the clues.  Ah well.  Sherea's gone, and I'm fairly happy about that.  Now if we could just dump Jean-Robert and Jaime, I would like everyone left on the show.  Good times.

The Office: Local Ad
This show likes to mock my procrastination habit by reserving its amazing episodes like "Dunder Mifflin Infinity" and "Money" for weeks in which I have a Lit paper due on Friday, and then on weeks like this one where I have no homework or obligations whatsoever, it airs episodes like "Launch Party."  And "Local Ad."  

I'm really tempted to skip a review entirely this week, but now I have this extra sense of obligation having not only discovered and joined, but explained to everyone who reads my non-fandom blog that  </a></a>office_meta </b>is THE GREATEST THING EVER COMPILED. And now I'm telling you: it will make you smile as much as lolcats and a week's worth of Daily Puppy pictures combined.  (Does CSIverse have a community like this?  If not, someone should start one.  Because it is fantastic.)    

Having said that, I've probably jinxed my ability to be humorous for the week, so let's just finish this in 10 bullet points or less.
  • I LOVE that Jim mentioned how people think Dunder-Mifflin has something to do with mufflers, because YES.  THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I BELIEVED PRIOR TO SEPTEMBER 2007.  
  • My roommate laughed at Kevin's "Kool-Aid Man" impression, as I'm sure was its intent, but I flung myself against the opposite wall in terror.  Can't sleep, Kool Aid Man will eat me.  (why yes, I did laugh at the extremely apt TWoP description: "[It] makes me think of the last thing you see before you die.")
  • Despite what the credits would have you believe (and I love you, credits, so never change), I'm pretty sure that Andy officially now gets more screentime than Ryan.  The chair-sized hole in the wall illustrates how I feel about this more than words ever could.  If I ever officially join the More Than That message boards, I'm sorely tempted to make my username something like MissAntiAndy. 
  • So...Michael not only had to repeat first grade, he couldn't even talk until he was at least 5.  I'm beginning to wonder if making fun of him is actually considered a form of discrimination. 
  • Philly Jim is actually a little bit heartbreaking.  I don't like to think about the side of him that feels trapped and inadequate for spending so many years as a paper salesman.  This is supposed to be the era of Happy in Scranton Jim, and even though I know that (eventually) I want him to have dreams & goals & a life with Pam outside the realm of insanity that is the D-M office, for now I just want to bask in the warmth and newness of puppy love. 
  • Given that he'd already shoved aside her work once in favor of the chance to mock Dwight, I started to get vaguely uncomfortable when Pam sincerely wanted to stay and keep working and Jim was like "Psh, seriously?  This is just stupid office crap."  Because you remember who else scoffed at Pam's artistic ambitions?  JIM, DON'T GO TO THAT ROY PLACE.  I watched the entirety of season 3 without once feeling like calling you a douche the way so many other people apparently did, but now you're tap-dancing on the line.  
  • Luckily, he redeemed himself at the end, spontaneously (and kind of...randomly) advertising her animation achievement to the bartender.  That was the first sense I got that he really was proud of her; his parking lot interview seemed kind of apathetic.  Double squee for his casual but subtly possessive/warning arm-around-the-shoulders.  Because he can do stuff like that now, instead of just steaming quietly while Roy takes her for granted.  
  • "RIDE HOME.  A HAHAHA YES."  Translated from the raw text of Notepad Notes to review-speak, that was me being delighted over the realization that the puppies can't even spend work nights apart from each other.  And - what's that?  Breakfast sandwiches are the new veggie burger?  Oh yes.  That was utterly adorable and perfect.  But...
    • You do realize that my brain now finds it necessary to run off with angst scenarios that involve Pam falling asleep at the wheel?  *stalks fic archives*  
  • Did not enjoy Phyllis in tears over failing to complete her author-fetching task.  It's been so long since I saw myself reflected in Phyllis, but all of a sudden, there it was again.  I didn't have runny makeup, but that's pretty much where I was the week before in my professor's office, pleading for a paper extension because of computer eff-ups + failure to back things up.  It's unpleasant. 
  • Grossest Mental Image of the Week: it's a dead tie between Horatio/Stetler having a kinky affair complete with punishments, and Andy & Angela necking.  All I'm going to say about that before my brain explodes from horror.   
  • Michael's ad was by FAR better than the "real" one (although, depending on what visuals would have been included, perhaps not better than the one including Darryl & Co's first jingle).  Obviously a bit long for television, but playing before, say, a movie?  It's one of those commercials that you could mistake for a movie preview and therefore be tricked into paying attention to.  The music kind of filled me with this weird swelling sensation in my chest that I eventually, if mystifyingly, identified as pride for Michael.  Of course, then I to hit up Google and figure out where the hell I'd heard that music before, and I realized the whole thing is actually remniscient of a Nike ad, so...that deflated me a little bit.

    Hasn't stopped me from watching it like 10 times, though.  And by the end, I always wind up with the same goofy smile pasted on my face because everyone in the bar is just so pleased with their respective cameo appearances, and Michael ends it with that confident-yet-bearing-an-endearing-undercurrent-of-desperation smile in his last effort to prove his creative abilities...this commercial creates warm fuzzies.  It's actually on the same plane of heartwarming as baskets of kittens and the Puppy Love Ship. 

    OK, 12 bullets.  Which means it didn't go any faster than a regular review.  Sigh.
  • ---------
    Numb3rs: Robin Hood
    Umm...I think there was a case, possibly involving something about robbing the rich and giving to the poor (or men in tights?), but I could not be arsed to follow the specifics when there was such a massive and bountiful heap of CHARLIE/AMITA GOODNESS....along with a slice of Megan/Larry and a nice helping of Rosencrantz & Guildenstern partnership.  Actually, the first pairing in that last so overwhelmingly good that it negates my ability to talk about the other two.  

    Although I do have to mention that I really love David's affectionately snarky questions about whether Colby learned various things "in spy school."  (Psh, he learned them in HERO SCHOOL.  Superhero school, that is.  Granger, Man of Action: able to leap from tall buildings in a single bound!)  

    Larry is still as adorably loveable as ever, and he really needs to reconcile with Megan somewhere that Charlie isn't around to interrupt them.  GEEZE, CHARLIE, no fair having a monopoly on the romance this week.  (*pause* Actually, that seems exceedingly fair)

    Contrary to what I yell at Hodgins and Angela all the time, so long as they're not doing dirty things in supply closets I don't actually mind if Charlie & Amita kiss at work.  I do mind if Charlie brushes off a student's questions in favor of paying attention to Amita - bad form on that one.  But I'll forgive it in exchange for all the other gold:

    -Arm around shoulders/holding her hand in both of his.
    -"I love you." From both parties.
    -A kiss.  3 kisses.  (!)  One of which was really more like 3 for the price of 1.
    -Playing with hair
    -Reference to their inevitable wedding and mini curly-haired math geniuses "great life ahead of us," i.e. longterm thinking
    -Charlie's inability to function without her around, which I think is less about actually needing her help than his issues of self-esteem and fear of rejection (Question: why doesn't anyone make this big of a fuss when David goes missing?  Amita was actually IN this episode, and yet both Alan and Larry made a point of inquiring after her whereabouts)

    Usually my love for Charmita is all visual, but in their second major scene, where Charlie's full of apology and understanding, his voice is so warm and soft and concerned that it actually caused my internal organs to begin melting together.  I had to go sit in the freezer to reverse the process.  True story.  Also loved that after giving her a much-too-quick kiss goodbye, on second thought he reversed his steps and spun her around for a proper goodbye.  Yes.  I would say "more of that please," except that I'm already in danger of a pleasure overdose as-is. 

    And a wholly satisfying conclusion to their first major scene, where poor Charlie's heart just SHATTERS at the first realization that Amita doesn't want him there to meet her parents.   Dear TPTB On Every Drama Everywhere: this is a nice way to introduce conflict without, you know, entirely destroying relationships.  This could even have been stretched out over multiple episodes, though of course the expedition was nice.

    On a fairly arbitrary note, I've decided that Agent Edgerton is a recurring character far preferable to the abrasive and hard nosed Lt. Walker.  At least Edgerton has great hair.

    Lastly, I'm not sure whether to be bemused or annoyed with the fandom shout-outs of 1) nailing down that the Eppes are Jewish, and 2) acknowledging that Charlie's hair is responsible for at least 70% of fangirl swooning.  On the one hand, meta jokes are 4th-wall hatred.  On the other, point #2 is very true.  So...I choose bemused.  The end.

    Cold Case: [insert episode review here.] 
    ^Normally that's what it would look like if I accidentally hit "post" before I got around to review, but the episode about Charlie Eppes, Ghetto Version was so dull I couldn't even devote my full attention to it...I started off doing Stats homework during the commercials and ended up using the TV as background noise.  I will, however, proudly declare that I pinned the killer from the very beginning.  I just knew it would come down to some type of fraternal jealousy. 

    *dives to the right; just barely avoids the homework fireball*  So apparently, I have 2 short papers and a lab report due this week, and I still need to cram a shower and the reading of approximately 50 tissue-thin pages into the last two hours before my literature class.  Wish me luck.  
    Tags: bones, cold case, csi: ny, fic recs, house, ncis, numb3rs, private practice, survivor, the office, tv commentary, x-files
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