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Nostalgic TV Ramblings

I love when I find references to my television habits from my pre-fandom (well, pre-current state of fandom) days.  For example, in honor of the X-Files movie news (SQUEE!)...and the fact that the internet temporarily went down...I was reading my rantviews of season 9 episodes, and I found this amusing gem from April 2002:

Ally McBeal is ending this year too?!  Well, I guess it's a good thing that I'm slowly weaning myself off dramas before I go television-less in college...the only ones left that I absolutely will not miss are C.S.I., Boston Public and Dark Angel.

There are several things to further unpack in that statement.  Such as:
a) TELEVISION-LESS IN COLLEGE.  HEE.  Obviously, college was still relatively far away at that point.
b) CBS might own my soul now, but I really did used to be a horrible FOX junkie. 
c) However, I am not actually ashamed to admit to watching any of the above shows.  I only watched the last 2 seasons of Ally, having picked it up along with X-Files after the incessant commercials intrigued me, but it was a very cozy part of my weekly high school routine - the Sunday night block of comedies & X-Files (rerun(s) included), followed by the Monday combo of Ally/Boston Public.
d) Boston Public's runtime aligned with my high school years, you see, so even though it was a show about teachers and had as much drama that was twice as unbelievable as Grey's Anatomy, I loved it for that.
e) No one can dispute Dark Angel's coolness.  Even though I've despised every other sci-fi show before and since, between Logan and Max herself, it was not possible not to get sucked in.  Alas, I later found out that IT, TOO, was a victim of the '02 axe.
f) That fall, CBS premiered both CSI: Miami and Without a Trace, to my great delight, and that was the beginning of my love affair with crime drama.

On an utterly random note, when my parents were replenishing my pop stores, I picked out Diet Pepsi With Vanilla on a whim, and have found myself a new addiction.  Best.  Drink.  Ever.  


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