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How I Met Your Mother: Dowisetrepla
Solid episode (not least because the delightfully vapid "Candy" from Two and a Half Men showed up to guest star) all around, although I think the " what he should have said" game is either something you love or hate, and I started to hate it by the end.  Also, I'm not sure why they don't just kick Ted out of their apartment if he's the reason for all the noise and immaturity.  But my biggest question - and what I've never understood, no matter how many times it's brought up on set-in-New-York shows - is why you would buy an apartment.  IT'S AN APARTMENT.  As in, sharing walls, floors and ceilings with other people.  If you're going to invest all that money in real estate, why would you not get a house?  A house with a yard?  *shakes head* The mentality of city people confuses me. 

Also, show, with the mention of the traumatized Yorkie, thanks for reminding me why I temporarily dumped your ass in the first place - Robin's dogs.  Where are Robin's dogs, now that she and Ted are not only not living together, but broken up entirely?   Why are they not living with her again?

Nevertheless, I really liked the little subplot with Lily meekly offering to get divorced "just on paper" so that Marshall could get the loan on his own...I have to admit, I fleetingly thought of that too, but then I dismissed it just like he did.  AW!  Marshall is like, the sweetest and most loving/lovable guy ever.  I think he may be the reason I watch this show.   OH!  And can't forget Ted's rather hysterical Horatio Caine impersonation while solving the mystery of the Erickson fight, although I think he got his act confused with Bobby Goren when he licked the dab of spilled yogurt off the tip of his finger.

CSIM: Chain Reaction
Dear Show: While I really, really love and appreciate the fact that Stetler and Rebecca have made repeated appearances this season, I don't think it's quite fair that Rebecca has had more than Yelina this year.  Why do you continue to let the best actress ever slip through your fingers and wrap herself up in other projects? 

/rant.  Really, I kind of giggle and squeal with glee every time I see either one of them, so...I'm good.  Stetler because the man has never had a bad scene yet, and Rebecca because it's almost hysterical how hyper-focused she is on jailing this kid.  It's like she has a personal vendetta against Horatio or something (oh, wait).  Nevertheless, I cheered for her after that last appearance in the courtroom where she demanded, "Look at me!"  Because that was AWESOME.  People need to call him out on his lack of eye contact more often.

I am enjoying Kyle's presence less every time I see him.  For some reason, it makes me squirm uncomfortably when Horatio tacks "son" onto the end of his sentences while speaking to his actual biological son.  I don't know how to explain it, but it has a different ring from the way he usually uses it, and it's just...weird.  It's like he's determined to pretend there are actually 16 years of relationship between them as opposed to approximately 3 months, during most of which time Kyle was a resident of the local jail.  Horatio, no matter what you want to believe, the bond is just not that deep.  Do me a favor and go take a trip to see your buddy Mac, okay?  Meet his not-quite-stepson Reed Garrett.  They don't even have biology to connect them, and yet they've managed to perfect the father-meets-unknown-son dynamic that you're trying way too hard to establish.

I was rather fond of frustrated!Horatio pinching the bridge of his nose when faced with uncooperative!Kyle in Sullen Teenager Mode, though.  I think that's about as close to snapping as he gets.  If it were me, I'd be channeling Homer Simpson and strangling the boy by now.  "Let's see, you can put your trust in the decorated police lieutenant, or...the word of this slimy convict who formerly had a hand in your kidnapping.  HM, HOW TO DECIDE..."  There may have been some other underlying motivation there, but I wasn't paying enough attention to grasp it.  I'm rapidly getting sick of this kid.  How soon until we can pretend he never existed, much like Madison?

Last comment for this section - wait, so Kyle's mom isn't even dead, she just dumped her son in foster care and split?  The HELL, who is this woman?! 

Other things:
Where did all this animosity between Tripp and Ryan come from?  I've been ignoring it for the last few episodes hoping to see it resolved on its own, but there's a distinctly hostile vibe from the former.  Ryan always seems quite amused by his own witty banter, but Frank not only doesn't crack a smile, he looks like it's sorely testing his patience not to cut loose and smack him upside the head.  It wasn't always like this, was it? 

How many times did we have to watch that poor model get electrocuted?  I counted at least 4. 

Was it just me, or did the killer model look like a young, red-haired Nicole Kidman?

I have to say that I find the idea of clothes dipped in heroin to be a fascinating new development in the world of drug smuggling.  Not that I'd know anything about that.  But I appreciate ingenuity.

I don't like the fact that Natalia was useful in this episode.  Miss Boa Vista should never be able to save the day with her "connections."

Calleigh teasing Ryan about flirting with the new girl was fairly amusing.  And even though I still think she and Ryan would make the most adorable couple, I think Ryan & Sam could have a fun little fling.  Not as long as they're working together, though.  Maybe after her inevitable transfer/fade to the Subplot Basement of No Return, where all non-starring lab techs must eventually go.

After he crouched down beside the dying Oscar, it occurred to me - I think Horatio might secretly be the angel of death, the way people expire right after he reaches down to clasp their hand.  Sometimes I think they would actually have lived if he'd just maintained his usual distance.  (In a related and possibly Pushing-Daisies-esque note, that could account for why he avoids physical contact with people he cares about.)

Notes from the Fashion Show (by which I mean the one without electrocuted models and clothes dipped in heroin):
-Horatio!  Mixing it UP with a black/white striped shirt!!  My God, the white, it's so bright it nearly burns my eyes.  Are you sure you can handle it?  Did Stetler win the power of wardrobe punishment this week?
-Well, the salmon-colored stripes on Stetler's shirt say no, but then again, there's the matter of the red-and-gold tie.   It kinda-sorta matches, but mostly I think it's supposed to subtly proclaim his secret love for Harry Potter.  GRYFFINDOR FOREVER! 
-Calleigh's still hooked on black, but as always, she rocks it.  The fitted black tee over a short-sleeve blouse looked amazing.
-I appreciate that Eric has established a certain style for his wardrobe, but I do not appreciate that said style is untucked pastel and/or floral patterned overshirts.  Bring the gray suit back, please. 
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