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Fly-By Post

Because I don't do homework on Fridays anyway, and this Friday is particularly awesome because I only have one class.  In that class, we are taking a test - a multiple choice test - which should take under 30 minutes and for which I've already studied.  Pity it's smack in the middle of the day.

Anyway, the point of this post is that I have a decision to make: they're playing Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix in the auditorium this weekend (tonight & tomorrow).  However, my roommate is spending the night at home, and I've been bouncing with excitement for tonight's "Numb3rs" all week - I could tape it, but then I'd have to, you know, wait 3 extra hours.

Dilemma: do I go see the movie tonight, so that if it's as excellent as I remember I can see it twice...or do I decide that once will do, and maximize the enjoyment of having the apartment to myself for a whole evening? 

Edit: Some unrelated thoughts about the Writer's Strike, in which I am apparently once again at odds with fandom at large and may enrage you.

I'm sorry I deleted my initial thoughts on the subject in favor of trying to ignore it, because the more people defend/support their actions, the more my blood boils.  I may have a revised post up at some point, but basically, I am an Evil Overlord in training and my happiness > fairness for all.  Actually, I really don't care which side caves as long as it happens soon; I don't want my happy TV world disrupted for any reason, and that's that.  However, my principles feel no sympathy for the great hardship the writers are supposedly enduring.  You are currently being paid enough not to starve or be homeless.  No one is cutting your salary, they're just not paying you an extra bonus.  That's ridiculous. 

(supposedly it's all about royalties; I find this silly.  I can't accept the comparison to book authors, because authors write and then sell the finished product. Scriptwriters are hired for their labor, expected to produce X amount of writing, so as far as I'm concerned their connection ends when a script is filmed)

On the bright side, after hearing mutterings about boycotting, I am now taking a perverse glee in watching streamed shows online.  In fact, I may even have to start playing shows in the background every time I'm at the computer, just to provide them with hits.  It's my small way of striking back.  I do this in order to combat the horrible, sinking, desperate realization that the news of this strike is basically equivalent to all my shows being canceled at once. 
Tags: harry potter, writer's strike

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