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God help me if I figure out what song plays over the Miami previews this time, because I’ve already got the damn thing in my head.  I don’t need the actual audio file.  My head is also full to EXPLODING, with delights and taunts and promises of so many treats that I think it is even more exciting than "Rampage," and as we all remember, that episode twisted me into all kinds of hyper for a month before and three weeks after, and when I watched it again this week I still cried/punched things at Marisol’s death/cheered at the sight of blood on Horatio’s knuckles (which I only realized was there just last week. summaries are good for something, wow!)

 Okay.  Even though I am so excited I’m squealing, with all my spoilers and pics and preview clips, I fear it’s going to be like what I said about Standoff, where in the end you realize you had the whole plot mapped out in your head.

 Just for fun, let’s see if we can map out the timeline!  Ready?  And…GO!


Rio: Predictions

 I don’t know what happens in the lab, back in Miami, so I think maybe they won’t touch that place until episode 5x02.  *has sudden explosion of giddiness* Oh God, an episode without forensics montages??  Too good to be true.  Forget I said anything.  I just won't include any of those in my timeline prediction.

 Opening sequence: Sunglasses of Justice, Pose of Justice, all that good stuff.  On the steps of a giant and easily recognizable landmark, the statue of Christ the Redeemer, which is all kinds of symbolic in ways I refuse to dissect yet.  (Some people think this will be the closing shot rather than the opening one, and it’s entirely possible, but it’s a 50/50 split and I chose opening.)

 Next: Riaz strolling casually down the steps of the...whatever passes for a PD here, a free man.  Horatio’s waiting for him.  They have their casual "Go home, Caine/As soon as this is over/You don’t know how this is going to end/I know exactly how this is going to end BECAUSE I AM GOD" chat, and then Horatio sees his extremely stupid nephew strolling off in the company of Riaz, which sends alarm bells dinging in all directions.

 We’re off to see Yelina!  And find out things like how this family is involved in undercover drug rings, again, some more, because THAT’S TOTALLY NOT THE REASON ALL THEIR LIVES GOT F**** UP IN THE FIRST PLACE.  Except for it is.  F(*&%! 

 So, back to Eric, and exploring the neighborhood.  The first line is verbatim from previews; the rest are, shockingly enough, merely speculative.  "...this was the site of some activity earlier."  "Okay.  Eric, you hunt down Riaz.  I gotta go see about my brother."  "Wait, you take Marisol out of my life, get married after three months without even telling my parents, and now you’ve forgotten about her?!" "No, damn it, I really did love your sister!  But this is my brother!  Who has a wife!  And a kid!  And I swore on his (ultimately fake) grave to protect them from all harm forever!" "“Whatever, H.  I’m smacking you with the stick when we get to that scene.  Oh, here it is."

 Thugs on bikes surround them.  Actual lines – random shouter: "You don’t understand!"  H: "I do understand!" What the hell is that about?  And thus my timeline predictions grow sketchy.

 However, I assume that Horatio and Raymond won’t actually get to speak in this episode, but that Horatio will arrive at...wherever...just in time to find his brother covered in blood and struggling to breathe.  Cue scene from previews where Horatio gently lowers someone to the ground.  He will then kneel beside him and pull his patented grief face, which is where he will ask "Who did this to you?" Ray Sr. will make some kind of raspy comment about Ray Jr., which is where he’ll respond "I want you to let me worry about Ray Jr."  Ray Sr. may or may not have some kind of profound dying words, and then he will die.  Boom, commercial.  This is either the halfway point or the three-quarters mark.  I should probably choose one or the other, because it’s obviously not part of the first quarter, and obviously not the last scene, but too bad.     

 Skipping over Yelina for now, we’ll be back to hunt Riaz because Horatio is uber pissed at him now.  Ummm...filler filler filler, and now I don’t know which will come first, the knife fight or Ray Jr. with a gun.  Well, one of the two:

A)    Riaz gets the jump on Eric and attempts to stabbity-stab him to death; Horatio hauls him off, insert "complicated fight sequence," and 50 bucks says Riaz meets death at Horatio’s hands.  Voice bets the same amount of money that Eric gets the final revenge.  Muse thinks they’ll kill him together so neither can be blamed.  We’re all in harmonious agreement that Antonio Riaz does not live to see episode 99.  Harmonious agreement usually comes back to bite me in the ass, but whatever.        

B)     The scene with Ray, hands shaking, leveling a gun at some random guy, whose significance I don’t know but I assume he’s responsible for Ray Sr.’s death, as Jr is shouting "He deserves to die!"  Would now like to remind the world that as soon as I read the first spoilers back in July, I said "Ray Jr. will, at some point, stick a gun in someone’s face (and Horatio will have to talk him out of it)."  Horatio, having arrived in the nick of time (as evidenced by the fact that he’s standing beside the Hummer.  Wait, why is he still driving a Hummer in Brazil?!) will negotiate for a while, and then previews show that Random Guy suddenly gets blown away by a shot from somewhere.

 Now, in a perfect world, I would take that to mean that Ray Jr. would have killed him, except Horatio did it first to spare his nephew doing something he’d regret for the rest of his life.  (Because Ray apparently does not remember how horrible he felt 2 years ago when his buddies scared that old guy to death on Halloween, or as fans know it, Hell Night.  And also, Horatio wants to add as much guilt to his soul as possible.) 

 HOWEVER, in this world, the angle is really weird, and it looks like the shot comes from somewhere on the right, like a third party.  But that doesn’t make sense, so maybe my eyes are wrong, and Horatio kills him after all. 

 The only thing I’m not sure of is how it’s going to end.  Will there be closure?  Or is it gonna be a semi-cliff hanger?  I know Death Pool 100 (actual title) sees everyone back in Miami, but is episode 99 still in Brazil?  That would be awesome.  Even 50% in Brazil would still be awesome.   

 If not, I’m now taking bets on whether there will be some kind of mention of Marisol (prefereably in discussion with Eric), or whether he’ll have sufficiently moved on enough to end on a reunion between Yelina and Ray Jr.  That second idea seems very familiar to me, for some reason.  Oh, wait.  That’s because THAT’S HOW 10-7 ENDED.  With Jr in danger, and just barely getting home to Mama (who had no part in his rescue…seriously, Yelina is not going to have a role in this storyline either), and then she looks sad because it turns out Ray Sr. is dead "for real."
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