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Thursday Dramas

Question - did my Numb3rs etc. post show up on your friend's page at approximately 4 hours before this one?  I can't figure out if I save a privatized post at 8 AM, then publicize it some 14 hours later and edit the timestamp to reflect this, if it shows up in the queue according to the first time I hit "post" or according to the new timestamp.  It would be helpful for me to know this.

The CSI/Without a Trace Super-Duper Double Feature: 
Shockingly, it was not all it was hyped it up to be.  Or rather, it had a promising premise, and the case was fairly well-written and engaging, but it was all sort of eclipsed by the two pressing issues of 1) not caring about anything except how well (or not so well) they were utilizing Sara's last scraps of screen time, and 2) how Jack Malone inserts his dominating presence into almost every scene, and subsequently makes them damn near unwatchable.

A) The Who and the What
Season 7?  Where did you go?  Why have you forsaken me in the desolate wasteland of season the 8th?  I don't understand it...the first couple of episodes were good, and then it took a nosedive.  I can barely bring myself to sit through the show anymore, and my finger is quick on the fast-forward button.  I was interested in exactly twoscenes, and they both involved Sara.

Actually, to be honest, all I cared about was knowing whether or not Grissom & Sara happened to get married offscreen yet.  I tried to force myself to wait to watch the crossover until after ER, but I'd wanted to go to bed at 7:30; there was no way I was going to have the energy to stay up an additional hour and 20 minutes to finish all my dramas in one night.  Plus sitting through Scrubs was most agonizing, and I only lasted 13 minutes before I cracked and hit the message boards to start checking, and that led to...staying on the boards throughout the evening, rapidly losing control of my willpower and reading about all the decidedly-non-marriage-involving GSR scenes, which took away the urgency of seeing the episode for myself, so I kept putting it off.  And then the recaps went up at The Recapist, and because I adore Annie's take on things, I read that, thus taking away the suspense of the plot.  Then I thought, if there's GSR stuff, perhaps there's ship stuff on Without a Trace?  (false) So I skimmed that recap, and, well, by the time I got around to cuing up the tape I was one disinterested viewer.  Except for the following scenes: 

1. Jack/Grissom showdown in Grissom's "office" (quote marks courtesy of Jack).  The snark and smirkiness from both parties there was awesome.  I hate to admit it, but that part of the scene was actually better than when Sara came in and not just because I'm totally bitter that my team has been defeated in the Gil vs. Grissom war, thus destroying my awesome personal canon about how she fell in love with Grissom, and the way she says it carries its own particular intimacy. It destroyed all kinds of personal canon.  For example, the dog finally being given a name, which turns out to be...Hank.  Okay, first of all I insist that the dog is named Rocky, and failing that, Bruno.  But failing that, any name that is not the name of Sara's loser ex-boyfriend, because it's not that funny.  So, yes, I will be ignoring this particular crumb of information.  

It also destroyed my utter conviction that they are living together if she "picked [Rocky] up" to take him to the sitter.  I am ill-pleased with this information, although I am happy that at least their dog (and I'm still convinced it is their dog, not just his, even if it likes him more) is being very well looked after.  Aside from those two destructive revelations, though, it was good.  I liked seeing her smile, and I'm in love with the very covert wink and ghost of a smile he sends back.  And I love the fact that Jack is totally clueless as to what's going on between them, mistaking it for hints of UST (honey, if you could have seen the real thing...).  Grissom seems highly bemused by his authoritative air, apparently taking delight in knowing how wildly off the mark he is.

Only, one more thing: Oh, Jack.  JAAAAAACK.  You do not have experience with dating in the workplace.  You have experience sneaking around with a trampy agent, CHEATING ON YOUR WIFE and setting up emotional damage for your daughters.  Do not even try to compare your dirty affair with Office Slut Barbie to Geek Love (now with 100% more engagement factor). 

2. Grissom's "Are you okay?" after a teary-eyed Sara abruptly leaves the crime scene.  Tone of voice was perfect, even though it was heartbreaking to see her pull away uncomforted and disappear for the rest of the episode.  

B) The Where and the Why 
By this point, I just gave up.  I watched a few minutes, then started fast-forwarding.  I stopped for a couple of scenes with Grissom along the way (OK, it was kind of amusing when Jack sent Elena to deal with the pesky CSI), but I really didn't care about the case anymore and I just went through out of habit.  Which is how I saw a preview for next week's episode of CSI, which...okay, actually, I'd already seen it on YouTube, but I hadn't had sound at the time.  So it was almost like seeing it for the first time. 
--About That Preview:
NEXT WEEK, Y'ALL.  NEXT WEEK IS SARA'S LAST APPEARANCE.  And is it at least going to be emotionally resonating and ultimately satisfying like "Dead Doll"?  

HAHAHA!  Not according to the preview, which pisses me off all kinds of ways.  Is Sara really going to leave him?  Like, she can't just take an extended vacation to collect herself and recuperate - she's going to break up with him?  That's the only explanation I can give for why that kiss looks so final, and why they both look devastated afterwards.  (speaking of which, I want to paraphrase a YTDAW poster - OH MY GOD, we waited years and years for a Grissom/Sara kiss - years of teasing and torture! - and then they blow it in a preview?!)  
That's not allowed; they're meant to be together.  They belong together on the same fundamental level as Mulder and Scully.  Please tell me that I am being misdirected, and that what I think is happening is not actually happening.  I NEED TO BELIEVE THIS WILL END WELL.  PLEASE.  It so does not help that they're playing Sarah McLachlan's "I Will Remember You," which was pretty much my theme song at the end of middle school and into high school, because it is like the definitive sad song about the end of happy times, and I still cannot hear it without wanting to bawl my eyes out.
I'm in a bad mood now.  Think I'll go watch Grey's Anatomy.  
'Grey's Anatomy: Physical Attraction, Chemical Reaction
I almost missed this episode, not knowing it was a new one this week.  Then once I got my hands on it, I was going to do a rantview, but I could only come up with 31 points.  Most of those were extremely brief and not particularly enlightening, so I'm switching back to sections-by-topic.


And they weren't even actually having sex at that point; they were just lying in bed afterwards.  But they were...glistening, and I decided that gross enough.  Also, in regards to their confusion about why the sex wasn't ZOMG MIND-BLOWINGLY AWESOME: "Gizzie, you see what happens when you go about sleeping with people before you say I love you?"  And then I paused and realized they have said I love you.  They've shown all outward signs of being friends who've fallen in love, romantic love, and then...still no physical chemistry?  What?  How is this possible?  They cursed it with their drunken one night stand, obviously, but the past few weeks should have been enough to override that.  I am confused.  I don't want to have to see it either way, but they shouldn't be uncomfortable with one another. 

It only got worse as the episode went on.  The Atmosphere of Awkward Anticipation at every moment was almost more torturous to watch than their initial counter (HAH!  JUST KIDDING!  Nothing could ever be quite so horrible as [*interrupts self*] THAT THING WHICH TOTALLY NEVER HAPPENED).  And it seemed so pointless.   Look, if you're this nervous about it, then just go back to not sleeping together.  Pursue your relationship like teenagers - you know, the good kind of teenagers - and take sex out of the equation.  I'm positive that if you're really in love, which I'd like to believe you are since I've seen romantic fuzzies, then there will come a moment where things will suddenly click and you'll feel it.  Enjoy the buildup to that moment, and stop feeling like you have to do this thing to be a legitimate couple.   

They are SO my new secret slash OTP.  For example, I just know that the first thought in Richard's mind when he walked in on naked!couple had nothing to do with the squick factor of Mer being like his surrogate daughter, and everything to do with "Oh my God, Derek, you cheating bastard!"

That aside, however, Chief makes me sad with his final words: ""I married Adele 2 years out of college.  There's a lot I need to learn to do for myself."  Indeed.  Step 1: RECONCILE WITH YOUR WIFE FOR GOOD.

Bleh.  I don't even have words for this mess tonight.  I shall ignore it. 

People I Wanted to Stab
I found myself constantly muttering this desire, so I decided to make a list of all the people it applied to.  Turns out that if I had my way, there would be a surprising amount of bloodshed:
1. Erica Hahn (twice - once for being uppity with the Cristina hate, and once for not saving the woman she was operating on)
2. Alex (being a frat boy and banging Lexie despite her obvious emotional fragility)
3. The guy whining about how much he enjoyed going to the bathroom and wanted to be able to do it again (obvious reasons)
4. Lexie (twice - once for sleeping with Alex, again for trying to convince the dad to bond with the adopted baby - more on this later)
5. Thatcher (existing)
6. Bailey...whom I didn't want to stab, exactly, but would have smacked with a rolled-up newspaper for telling Cristina to find another specialty.  Find another specialty? Cardio is her heart and soul and lifeblood.  Which she knows already; I don't think she needs to explore other professions to come to that conclusion.   I think Bailey needs to lay her famous Nazi smackdown on the uppity heart surgeon. 

The Case of the Adopted Baby and Her Parents
The woman I am not so affectionately referring to as Baby Momma is the worst actress ever.  Not only was she unconvincing in the way she screamed about needing help for her baby, by halfway through the episode I thought the story was going to come out that she had actually had some fit of resentment and dropped her baby down the stairs deliberately, then felt guilty and tried to cover it up.  It was rather left-field when it turned out to be the dad who didn't really want the baby - er, no, that's not true.  He wanted the baby with his wife, but he wasn't feeling particularly attached to their adopted baby on her own, and can I just point something out here?

THAT IS A PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE RESPONSE.  This is an adopted baby whom they have known for one week.  On the other hand, there's the woman he loves and married, going into surgery in critical condition and wavering between life and death.  Do you maybe see how he might be a little more concerned about her?  It reminds me of a fantastic article I read once - did I mention this before? - where a woman unashamedly admitted that she loved her kids, but she was in love with her husband and he was more important to her than them. For not only saying that but articulating it in such a logical manner, that woman is basically my hero.

Anyway, his comment that "She's not mine.  She's just 'a baby'" made brilliant sense to me, and I thought it was stupid of Lexie to try and force him to bond with said basically random baby.  I hated that he came around in the end, and I really hope that he and his daughter grow up with a strained and distant relationship.   Either way, you just know that when she's going through her Emo Teenager phase, she's going to scream things like "WHY DIDN'T YOU GIVE ME BACK SO I COULD GROW UP IN A NORMAL FAMILY WITH A MOTHER?!"

I couldn't believe that Baby Momma died.  I thought for sure she was going to live; the music during her surgery montage actually seemed fairly optimistic; it was nothing like that haunting Kendall Payne song that I still cannot listen to without crying my eyes out.  And then suddenly she was bubbling and the monitors were beeping themselves nuts and...yeah, I was mad. 

I've gone from wanting to hug her to wanting to take her by the shoulders and shake her, hard.  WAKE UP, YOU IDIOT.  Stop sleeping with Alex.  I don't know how you formed a crush on him in the first place, but you need to...not be your sister and have inappropriate, meaningless sex dates.  Especially when the guy doesn't even care about you.  For claiming to not be the girl that sleeps around, you're doing a pretty good impression of it.  No, you don't get to use your newly alcoholic father as an excuse for your behavior. 

Also, in response to Alex telling Meredith "You say she's not your sister.  You say you don't want to know her.  So why the hell do you care so much?" I'm confused.  Didn't he just answer his own question?  She doesn't want to know her - meaning she doesn't want to see Lexie everywhere she goes, i.e. showing up to the house and hanging out with Alex. 

However, I will grudgingly award her points for the attempt to bond with Meredith with "Five Things You Don't Know About Me."  It was fanfic on the screen!  I love when they have poetic stuff like that...I mean, not that it sounded like fanfic, because that's usually a bad connotation, but that it was something that you just know would look as good written out in prose as it does in spoken dialogue.

Frankly, I think that Mark/Erica is a perfect pairing.  They're both such horrible and unpleasant people, they're made for each other.

On the other hand...Mark: REJECTED!  Awesome.  You're not getting out of your stabbing, though, Hahn; I still hate you.

I'm glad Bailey finally got the job she always should have had, although I think her bursting into tears and hugging the Chief over it was a little weird. 

Wow, Callie, it really sucks that you got dumped by your husband and fired all in one month.  I bet it makes you want to move elsewhere and work at a different hospital, doesn't it?
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