RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

So, I just watched CSI.

I thought I could post about all of Thursday's TV in one post, but it turns out I have to talk about CSI, just a little bit, right now.  (and in good conscience, I feel I must warn you that this cut-link is better clicked on in an empty room Fine, the text is slightly smaller now.)

OH. MY. GOD.  Oh my GOD OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCKING HELL WAS THAT?!  WHAT THE FUCK?  She's leaving to - that's not even a reason!  That is not a reason to leave, with no forwarding address, your good-as-husband and your dog and your - oh my God, she actually said home, didn't she?! WITH THAT LETTER,  YOU NOT ONLY RIPPED MY HEART TO PIECES, BUT STOMPED ON THEM, SMEARED THEM INTO THE DIRT, AND THEN PUT THEM IN A BLENDER SET TO "PUREE."

I know I should be commenting on your posts, but I can't bear to have the bad news repeated for me, so...I'll get to that later.  Let me have my own place of venting first.

[Edit: Okay,'s an hour later, and I'm still twitchy and achy and generally sick feeling.  Basically, it's exactly the same feeling I had thanks to Harry Potter, which means I'm in for one ugly week.  And that's assuming people have started writing soothing fanfic patches and/or AUs already.  PEOPLE.  BRING ME THE SOOTHING, CALMING FIC BEFORE I GO INSANE.]

[Double Edit: CHAMPION #1! "Stepping Up", by summer_of_gsr, whom I'm officially declaring my definitive go-to author for GSR.]

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